Merry Christmas!

As my gift to all of you, I'm giving you the chance to hear my absolute favorite Christmas song ever. EVER! It's really hard to locate it and apparently this guy has a little too much extra time...and it's dedicated to his mom, which is a little weird based on the song....but whatever! So close your eyes and enjoy. Seriously...don't look at this guy. He's kinda creepy.

and if you really really love it and want to go in search of it, it's Xmas Blues by Big Tyme.


Bah Humbug!

So I was working at my retail job tonight. The mall closes at 8 on Sundays for the holiday season. At 8:07 (the gate was still open, waiting for people to leave) 2 women wander in. At 8:15 they asked what time we closed. I politely explained 8. They asked what time it was. I lied and said, I'm not really sure. The one woman looked at her watch and said "Oh it's 8:16." *giggle giggle* "you guys are closed already." They proceeded to stay in the store until 8:48 pm! They did not hurry. They took their sweet time. Then as they are finally moseying on up to the register, the one says "Did we miss any sales?" NO! GET OUT OF THE STORE SO I CAN GO HOME!

That Kind of Day

Today is definitely a lay in bed all day and watch a marathon of How I Met Your Mother kind of day....and I can't wait!


I'll take one please!

This is like The View....but better!!!

Christmas time!



stringy meat

Me: Have you been experiencing any pain, discomfort, or sensitivity?
Pt: No, but it does feel like there is some food stuck up there in the upper left.
Me: Ok, how long have you noticed it up there?
Pt: I don't know, maybe about 2 months or so. I think it may be some meat because it's stringy feeling...



So I had a message the other day from a mumbler but I could make out the words "Chloe from Peninsula Grill". I was thinking, I don't know anyone named Chloe and I did not call the Peninsula Grill (a super fancy but super delicious 4 star restaurant). For whatever reason, I returned the phone call - if for no other reason than to say I did not know why they were calling me. The girl who answered the phone said they were calling to confirm my reservation. Now the normal person's train of thought would probably go like this: "I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number. I don't have a reservation." My train of thought - not normal: "What if someone decided to ask me on a date and called a really super nice place and made reservations and this is their way of asking me out???" I awkwardly tell the person that I don't think I have a reservation but she can check. (seemed like the right thing to say...after all, she called me!) So she is looking through the list and comes back on and says "I'm sorry, it must have been a wrong number." ugh! bitches! you tricked me....



not fair! *said my whiniest voice*

So, we all know that my dream office has become my dreamcrusher office. They stomped on my heart and left me out on the cold, icy sidewalk to bleed to death. They really really let me down (in case that point has not been made yet). I got a phone call Tuesday. Do I want to come in and work the next day? NO! I don't! Well...I said no, I couldn't because I had to work at my real job. You know, that one I was going to quit so I could come work for you? Yeah...I'm still working there. Ok, I didn't say all that. I just said that first part about having to work. Apparently, new oh-so-dependable girl they hired in my place let them know the day before that she was obligated to work elsewhere. Nice hiring choice there.
They called again today! They need to me to work tomorrow. They know I'm off on Fridays. I couldn't say no. So what did I do? I said sure, let me rearrange my schedule for you because even though you don't want to hire me, I'll still do anything I can to make you happy. Ugh...story of my life. You don't want me all the time but you sure do want me around when it's convenient.



Here It is....

Good News/Bad News!

Good News: I didn't run anyone over on the drive home today.
Bad News: I didn't have a monster truck to crunch over people in their cars and hear their bones crackle and snap.


It's That Time...

The long trek home is about to begin. If I get home before midnight, I'll post more...but since I have no idea how bad traffic will be, this is a precautionary post. Stay tuned for my new weekly edition of Good News/Bad News!


I was an odd kid...

So my mom made me go through some of my old stuff from growing up since my aunt is moving and is cleaning out her attic and my mom doesn't have room in her place. I found some old papers that I had to write for school and they made me laugh. Seriously...what kind of imagination did I have?

How Hershey Chocolate Syrup Came To Be
After a long dya, Susie came home and poured herself a tall glass of milk. Afterwards, she had an awful aftertaste, so she searched and searched for something to make it taste better. After looking for more than 30 minutes, her mind was exhausted. She had tried 27 different concoctions, but the one that tasted best was mixing in a bar of Hershey's chocolate. However, no matter how hard she tried, it wouldn't mix all the way. There were little chunks of unmixed chocolate everywhere.
Baffled, she went to her grandma, and begged her to help with the problem. After Susie had gone to school the next day, her grandma was eating one of the extra Hershey bars. When she was savoring the taste on her tongue, out popped her dentures! Embarrased, she spit the chewed up chocolate into a nearbyy glass of milk. The chocolate mixed right into the milk! Amazed, she left her dentures out and gummed up some more chocolate. It worked! All day long, the grandma gummed and spit, gummed and spit. When Susie got home, she had at least 17 bottles of syrup.
Now, there are factories full of toothless old people, mixing up syrup for a tall refreshing glass of chocolate milk.


Happy Eating!

Happy Thanksgiving all you lovely readers. Hope you had some delicious turkey/stuffing/sweet potatoes/mashed potatoes/green jello marshmallow salad/whatever else you may eat!
There is always next week to start rehab :)

AND because everyone loves a good turkey story:

Woman Seeks Donations for Turkey Eye Surgery
Posted Nov 26th 2009 2:00PM by Sandy Maple

Filed under: Weird

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Jerry the turkey can't see to fly. Photo: jeniphur99/Flickr
While most of us are busy planning the seasonings, stuffings, and sides we will enjoy with our turkeys, a Massachusetts woman is making plans of a different kind for her turkey. Lyndsey Medeiros of Rehoboth has posted an ad on Craigslist seeking cash donations to help save her pet turkey, Jerry, reports The Providence Journal's projo.com.

Jerry, a three-year-old Narraganset Turkey, was recently evaluated by a veterinary ophthalmologist at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists, who determined that the bird is most likely blind. To improve the bird's quality of life, the doctor recommended cataract surgery -- a procedure that, according to Medeiros, costs "upwards of $2600."

You might assume that someone willing to go to all this trouble to raise this kind money for a turkey is quite attached to her pet. In reality, Jerry has been a member of the Medeiros family only for about a week. He and his companion Penelope were adopted by Medeiros and her husband via a Craigslist ad posted by a woman in a nearby town whose own health prevented her from caring for the birds.

Lyndsey Medeiros is no stranger to animals in need. She and her husband own a hobby farm where, in addition to breeding Nigerian Dwarf Goats, they care for other animals with health problems.

Not surprisingly, Medeiros says she has received a lot of negative feedback from her Craigslist posting. While she understands the reaction -- especially this close to Thanksgiving -- she is asking for a little compassion for her non-traditional pet. She believes that if Jerry were a dog, a cat, or even a horse, people would respond differently. Some people, however, have responded differently: As of Monday, she has received about $200 in donations to save Jerry's eyesight.


Getting In The Zone...

I'm carbing up for my run tomorrow morning. My carbs have included:
-peppermint chocolate chip milkshake
-stromboli (my mom's...it's the best!)

What do you mean those are the wrong type of carbs???


Get Crunk

Rehab isn't going so well. I ate 4 doughnuts today. Not the mini powdered doughnuts either. Full size, fully glazed Krispy Kreme Hot-And-Now Doughnuts. They melted in my mouth. So I put another one in. It melted too. So I repeated the process. And then again. I was going to eat another one but everyone knows that it's unlucky to eat an uneven number of doughnuts and there was only one left. All this took place in approximately 22 minutes. I think I'm going to need inpatient rehab.


Hope Renewed

Just when I'd given up hope that nice people actually existed (perhaps a slight exaggeration...), people go and surprise me with kindness. Between the hours of about...6 and 8 pm on Saturday, people pretty much sucked. I did not so much care that you were canceling plans with me but I did care that you made no attempt to reschedule because you know what? I wasn't excited about the pizza or the hanging out at your place or whatever...I was excited because I got to hang out with you and that's what I was really looking forward to. And you stomped on my hope. Just like Dr. Not-So-Dreamy-Anymore's office did. You are all a bunch of dreamcrushers. And that's not nice. I was just starting to think "Boy, that's what I get for actually looking forward to something."
Luckily, I encountered 2 really good groups of people today and made me realize that niceness is still in existence. (Not to say that some of you others are not nice, I just didn't get to experience your niceness today)
1. I really like the people I work with. Even if some things work my nerves, overall they are very nice. I think the 3/4 bag of cheddar & sour cream potato chips and coke may have helped, but they made today bearable when it didn't seem to be heading in that direction.
2. My neighbors rock. They invited me over for a delicious (and not at all healthy!) meal of yummy brown rice, creamy chicken and croissants. Then, they are letting me borrow their dog crate since mine is monstrously huge and a pain to get in/out of my car. That smaller crate will help make my trip so much easier.
So, thank you to both groups of people for reinstilling my hope and faith in people.


I do not feel like blogging anymore this month. Maybe next month will be NaDoPoBloMo


I do not like you...

I do not like people. I have had so many people disappoint me or upset me or cancel plans on me in the past...oh...5 hours. I want to curl up in my bed and stay there for the next 3 days until I can leave town and forget all about you people.

Absolutely Positively No Willpower

I have none. So far today (it's 5:04) I have consumed:
-one original glazed doughnut
-one glazed doughnut with chocolate icing and fall colored sprinkles
-a coke
-2 yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing

How am I not 702 pounds?

Update: (10:04p)
-coke. Lots of coke.
-mushroom soup
-the better part of 2 8" pizzas



I think I'm an addict. I can't stop consuming sugary things. I try to not get soda...but my mind says "water!"...my mouth says "coke!" Now I'm craving a yellow cupcake with chocolate icing. Seriously...I've been thinking about said cupcake for approximately 3 hours now. And I say I want just one, but if I had 6 in front of me, I'm pretty sure I would eat all 6. And still want more. I need to go to rehab.


*Puff Puff* PASS!

Smokers annoy me. Seriously...you stink! I try to avoid them when I can, but when I'm at work that's not always an option. When I'm cleaning someone's teeth, I'm all up in their personal space and they are in mine. So, when you come in smelling like you spritzed smoke all over yourself as though it were perfume...I smell it! And when your teeth look like you swished with tobacco, I get to clean that off. And, while I certainly earn my pay when I have a smoker in my chair, it still makes me mad. Give it up already...it's bad for you, it's bad for me, it's bad for everyone. Stop being gross.


Jump, Then Fall

So I went on a faux date last night...sadly it was way better than any real dates that I've gone on recently.
-He sat on the same side of the booth as me (something I normally would dislike with my personal space issues but for some reason it worked for him)
-He gave me a head massage (again, normally not a fan of being touched...)
-He held my hand (again with the touching....)
-It was fun and relaxed and there was no forced conversation or oversharing of stuff like (and yes...this really was said to me on a date) "Well I broke up with my last girlfriend because she was Russian and when it came time to do the deed, she didn't want me to wear any, um, you know..."
-He shaved his legs for me! (ok...maybe not for me, but I'll think that it was)

Too bad it was all for play....

Things to Keep to Yourself....

So as a hygienist, people will tell you some crazy stuff. They think of you as their therapist. I don't feel the information train should go two ways. I prefer to not tell them every little detail of my life...
Some information I have heard mentioned that should not have crossed another hygienist's lips:
My chin hairs are long enough to braid. I need to remember to pluck them.
My period just started. I need to run to the bathroom.

I'm sure there will be more to add to that list as you never know what's going to pass through her lips.


I'm a Finger Rubber

So I had a really good post tonight but my dog decided that she needed a 30 minute walk before she could pee...and now I'm tired. So I'll have to wait until tomorrow to tell you about my faux-date. Try not to hold your breath waiting on it!


A sad day....

I found out I didn't get the job that I was so excited about and so sure that I would get. I mean, they knew how much I wanted to work with them. They knew that they were my dream job. Why would they toy with me like this? Why call me up (that's right, they called me!) and say "Hey, when are you available to work? We're getting rid of Laura."? Why play with my emotions? If you knew you were looking at one other person, why not just figure out who you're going to hire and not even mention it to me if you decide on her? I get their reasoning and it makes sense but I still don't like their decision. She has assisting experience and I don't. This doesn't mean I have to like their decision. They are no longer my dream office because dream offices don't stomp hearts.


*scratch, scratch, scratch*

I went to dinner with a friend tonight....and he scratched his balls. At the table. I mean, it was Mexican...so it's not THAT inappropriate. But, really buddy...you shouldn't scratch your balls at the table. It's kinda inappropriate. Especially when you reach into the chip basket afterwards.

*side note* That's just how he is, I am in no way, shape, or form complaining because that's just how he is. Not trying to change ya buddy because you rock the way you are(even if that does include public ball scratching).


Let's Have A Word...

Let's talk about Mom Jeans. At what point in your life do you have that turning point where you think it is ok to wear mom jeans? Everyone knows what I'm talking about...pants up at least an inch above your belly button, pulled up too high, showing off your camel toe. At least a 7 inch zipper. And always in that horrid wash. Do you really think that mom jeans hide your baby pooch? Because it doesn't.

Is it Thanksgiving yet?

I am really craving some stuffing...and pumpkin pie. Mmmmmmmm



NaBloPoMo...I got this. Last year, you were difficult, I had to search for things to talk about. But this year, I feel like things are good. Each day is a new adventure so I have plenty to discuss. Like, I know what I want to be when I grow up. I'm done with dental hygiene. But no more school for me! I want to be an MMA fighter. Yeah, that's right. I want to beat people up for a living.

Oh...and I got a pretty new ring that I like! I don't normally wear rings, but I really like this one.

Let Me Eat Cake!

Happy Birthday Casey! Hope it's a great one...I'll eat some cake since you're probably dieting and can't!

(side note: Isn't this a really good picture of me??? I rarely say that about pictures so please don't think I'm being full of myself!)


I'm Right

Stuffing is inside the bird Dressing is outside the bird even though they are the same thing.


Phase 1: check!

Went over to EVO for pizza tonight, completing Phase 1 of PizzaQuest '09. It was awesome! First off, I love the atmosphere there, it's a small place in downtown North Charleston (who knew that existed!) with lots of charm. The crust was a little floppy but the taste of the pizza more than made up for the sogginess. They achieved a nice balance between the saltiness of the crust and the sweetness of the sauce. The pizza is topped with the perfect amount of cheese, where other places have problems with either too little or too much. The wait staff was nice, and very helpful but towards the end of the night seemed to be hovering, urging us out of the door. At the end of Phase 1 the standings are:
1. Mia Pomodori
3. EVO
4. Famulari's
5. D'Allesandro's
6. Al di La
7. Mellow Mushroom
8. Andolini's



Fat Guy Diary This is one of my patients, I would not have recognized him as the guy in the picture!



How did BBB AND the guy from Saturday night pop back up?
In other news, I am completely unable to hold an intelligent conversation with Neighbor Boy. He is certainly not that good looking. It doesn't help that when I run into him, I seem to be wearing my retainer and glasses. and not wearing a bra. and have crazy hair. The latest snafu:
Him: (rolling hose out) Morning
Me: Hey, you about to wash your car?
Him: (looking at car, clearly parked in garage) No.

In my defense, he was about to wash his house. And who washes their house with a garden hose?

Caption This...

Sorry buddy but I can't resist making fun of this one. You know I love and adore you...but really?


Catch Up Time

So Pizza Quest '09 has not been abandoned. I've just been lazy and not posting.
Mellow Mushroom: I was a little disappointed. Mellow Mushroom is one of my favorite pizza places. They have crazy pizzas, with Funky Q Chicken, The Caesar!, and Magical Mystery Tour topping my list of favorites. Unfortunately, I had to toss the tasty memory of cheesy deliciousness from my mind. This was based solely on the cheese pizza. The pizza was...eh. The cheese tasted kinda waxy. The crust is delicious, made from spring water dough. (whatever that means, it equals goodness!) The staff at Mellow never seems thrilled to be there and like you coming in to order pizza is an inconvenience. The pizza was fairly inexpensive at $12 and it was definitely big enough for us to have leftovers.
Must go watch Desperate Housewives and get to bed...so tomorrow, will tell you all about Famulari's and Al Di La, saving the best for last: Monza.


Dating is lame...

So I'm back from my date that I did not want to go on. Not a love match. Not even a friend match. But I tried. I went out, I was my nice, charming, usual self...and it sucked.

So tired!

I'm so tired! Woke up at 6:30 am (it's a Saturday...anyone see a problem?) to go to a pancake breakfast with 16 kids. 16. Between the ages of 8-12. They wear me out! They were good but just running around, trying to keep track of them...whew! I'm sleepy.

I also miss my friend, Bumblebee. Haven't talked to him in like 2 weeks. Not sure why we aren't talking. Don't know what happened there...


Don't make me!

I have a date tomorrow night. I do not want to go. I know that I'm going into it with the wrong attitude but it's not about the guy. It's about dating in general. Right at the moment, I'm just feeling it's not worth it. I mean, what do you get out of dating? You date for a while, you break up....a bunch of hassle and pretty much for nothing. Even if BB (different from BBB) asked if I wanted to go out, I'd feel the same way. And I would have given my left foot to date him a couple months ago. Now, I just have a feeling of dread and the slight taste of vomit in my throat.


It's pizza time!

So I really need to do a PizzaQuest '09 update...I have 4 places to report on since my last post! But I'm really really tired so they will have to wait for tomorrow. I will tell you the standings though:

1. (tied) Mia Pomodori
3. Famulari's
4. D'Allesandro
5. Al Di La
6. Mellow Mushroom
7. Andolini's

There is one more to try, then on to Round 2. I'm ready to start eating something other than a margherita pizza!



huh? Bad idea!

Who would sign up for this? Doesn't this seem like a bad thing to investigate?

Dear Volunteer:

I am conducting a clinical research study at Coastal Carolina Research Center in Goose Creek to evaluate the effectiveness of an investigational oral contraceptive.
To be considered for participation in this research study, you must be between the ages of 18 and 40, (if you smoke up to the age of 35) and be willing to take the study contraceptive as your primary method of birth control and be otherwise generally healthy. Medical staff at my site and I will review additional criteria with you to determine if you’re eligible.

If you are eligible and decide to participate, you can expect 10 office visits over approximately 14 months. You will be asked to maintain a study diary. All qualified participants will receive, at no cost, all study-related:

* Study contraceptive
* Physical Exams
* Lab work

Monetary compensation up to $380 will be provided if you qualify. We appreciate your spirit of volunteerism and would welcome you to share this study opportunity with any of your friends.

If you are interested, know someone who may be interested in this study, or have general questions about clinical research, please contact the Coastal Carolina Research Center at 843/856-3784, or check out our new website www.coastalcarolinaresearch.com and sign up for the study online under the Volunteer Section in the link called “Current Studies”.


Cynthia B. Strout, MD
Medical Director


November 30 yet???

So I have some potentially good news that would seriously make me the happiest girl in the whole wide world but I have to wait for tomorrow for the news to be confirmed. If this came true...I might pee myself a little bit. It would be beyond exciting.


Little things :)

Little things make me smile in my new place. I like my ice. I have super cool ice trays shaped like fish, flowers, and stars...and it rocks!


20 and counting...

I have pretty much decided it's not worth it to deal with BBB. Not because I'm worried about hurting his feelings/using him. I'm ok with that part of it. But he's a little too clingy for my tastes. For the past 3 days I have heard from him 5-10 times a day. He just wants to talk...no you don't, I know what you want and I'm not interested. That's why I keep blowing you off and/or not answering your constant calls/texts. Not sure if he'd get to the point of driving by my house (don't think so, he didn't do it before...but he wasn't quite as clingy in the past either)...but I'm not really up for a stalker.
So he called yesterday and said if I wanted to drop by BB they would be slow and we could talk. I, of course, didn't answer the phone and haven't heard from him since which is really good news.


I'm Ready For You!

NaBloPoMo I'm so ready! I wish it was midnight already so I could post...but I don't want to waste a good one so I will wait.


Me! Me! Not You!

So I went by BB to check out a bigger tv and thought it was a safe, neutral zone in which to see BBB (Best Buy Boy). I went straight to the tv section and was looking around. As I was leaving, I ran into BBB. So he decides to show off his own knowledge of the tv. His advice was: none! He had no advice. This tv is better. It just is. So I started chatting with him about how I need a new tv and don't really want to spend a ton of money. Think I may wait until holiday sales...blah blah, the usual. I casually slip in "Unless of course, you wanted to buy the tv for me..." He bites! kinda...more nibbles. He said we could talk about that later. Then he says something about it depends if he buys a new tv or new ink. He wants some new ink (gross). He's got 3...thinking about getting more (not attracting me here...). I am not sure this is going to be worth it...


Let Me Rethink this...

Ok, I know I should not be thinking this BUT: Is it wrong to date Stupid because he gets a discount and can possibly get me a cheaper tv? I think I could put up with him for a little while...I mean, I'll just always be really busy and not able to hang out much or return his texts.
I'm thinking if he gets 30% or more...it's worth it..probably...right?


why why why???

Why do I have to date dumb boys? Seriously...let's take a quick look at this boy: 25, works at Best Buy (at least he's a manager), cannot hold a conversation (seriously...better conversations could be had with my dog. She would respond more intelligently, I promise.), lives with his dad...actually moved out of state, moved back in with his dad, and they just recently moved again...together.
He's cute...but dumb as a rock.
Our latest conversation:
Stupid: Hey it is Stupid
Me: Hey
Stupid: So what's going on?
*no response from me for 101 minutes*
Stupid: What's going on?
Me: Not much. Was working out. (not really...was at my ninja class, will tell more on that during NaBloPoMo!)
Stupid: Not bad yeah so how have you been?
Me: Good. You?
Stupid: Good.
Stupid: So you still at your old place?
Me: No I moved.
Stupid: You still in Charleston?
Me: yeah
Stupid: Well maybe we can hang out again
Me: Sure

Stupid stupid stupid me! Why did I say sure? I do not want to hang out with this boy. I'd rather slam my head against a wall then try to talk to the wall. Anyways, lucky me, then later receives a text pic from Stupid, just in case I'd forgotten what he looked like. No buddy, I remember but unfortunately I also remember how dumb you were.


I did it!

I did it! I killed my very first roach! I am terrified of them...for those of you unfamiliar with the pterodactyls we have down here - they are ginormous! Seriously. They could probably rival a small sparrow. I was really really scared and it took about 10 minutes of shoe throwing and jumping around but I finally manned up and smashed him. Unfortunately I am too scared to pick the remaining half of his body up...think I can get the movers to do it for me tomorrow?


I should be doing anything but surfing the internet. I have lots and lots of packing/unpacking/moving to be doing. Instead, I'm playing Scrabble and Pathwords on Facebook.


All By Myself...Don't want to be...

Well I do want to be all by myself but I don't want to be moving all by myself. But that is what is happening. I can't seem to find anyone willing to help me move my stuff...so somehow or other I'm going to do it alone. We'll see how tonight goes but I"m hoping to get all the small stuff done between tonight and tomorrow night.


Shaping our future

One of my patients came in today, 13 minutes late...but who's counting? I asked her if she was coming from work and she said she was. I asked what she did.
Her: "I'm a middle school teacher."
Me: "Oh. What do you teach?"
Her: "Music"
Me: "Oh. That's nice. Where do you teach at?"
Her: "Johns Island and West Ashley"
Me: "Oh. Do you go to one school a couple days and the other the other days?"
Her: "No. I be at Johns Island in the morning. I be at West Ashley in the afternoons."
Me: "Oh...at least you don't teach English" (ok...thought that last part to myself)

Question: Who be hiring these teachers with bad grammar? Want to know what's even worse about the situation? She has her masters! Didn't she have to be writing papers in school?


Big Butts & Broken Hearts

Wouldn't that make a great country song? I started it out:

He called her perfect, love comes in any size
Five years later, too many donuts gone to her thighs
He looked away, found a new girl to fill her part
Now she's left with a big butt and a broken heart

I'm putting myself on a diet. I have been eating a monstrous amount these past few days, er...weeks...ok, months. I'm a hungry girl! Twice within a week, the wait staff has made fun of me and put all the plates for the table in front of me. I mean, ok...once, funny. Twice? I'm going to punch you.
So I'm setting a goal: By November 30th, I'm going to lose 5 pounds. That's not an impossible goal. I could probably do it just by cutting out sodas. But, I like sodas...so I'm not giving them up all together. Just limiting myself to 2 a week. I'm also going to discover a good time to go to the gym. I don't think I'll be good at waking up early to go and when I get home from work I'm exhausted and don't want to go. I'm not sure when that means I'm going to create a gym time, but I'm going to find a time...some time.


So full!

Pizza Quest '09 has continued. Went to D' Allesandro's today with 2 friends. So I know that this place is off St. Phillip's Street and it's a pizza place...so that would lead me to believe it is by the college but wrong! It's at the opposite end, used to be seedy but now undergoing gentrification so it's getting nicer down there. Right when you feel you must have missed it, this little beacon of light shines down on 229 letting you know you are in the right place.
We got there at 7:30 on a Thursday night (tonight actually) and it was packed! I got lucky and snagged the last table. For the next hour, the tables stayed full. It had a great college atmosphere: scruffy (but clean) guys working in the kitchen, local artists' hanging on the wall (their work, not the people themselves), cafeteria style table/bench combos. I think it maybe would fit about 35 people in there. The wait staff was super nice and super informative. When I asked about a beer they had on tap, he offered to bring me a sample.
While waiting for our third friend, the feasting began. We started things off with some cheesy garlic bread - definitely my weakness! There were big, tasty chunks of garlic with just melted cheese on toasty bread, served with a side of tomato sauce. YUMMM! The menu had a wide variety of pizzas but we settled on the Margherita and a Big Cheesy (a delicious blend of Mozzarella, ricotta, provolone, feta, parmesan, garlic, and oregano - but unimportant now since the judging is only on the Margherita). The crust was nice and crispy after being cooked in their rotating oven. The fresh mozzarella was melted to perfection and there was a plethora of basil. The one thing I did not like was that the tomato was cut into big hunks. Something about them just didn't taste right.
Despite being so crowded, the wait staff did not try to rush us off after eating. The pizza was very inexpensive, at a measly $12 for a 12" pizza. The beer was also reasonably priced at only $3.25. Also a plus: lots of cute guys there! Interestingly enough, the scene changed at about 9:15 from a mostly college kids crowd to a...hmmm...politically correct way to put this?....locals from before all the rich people moved into the neighborhood crowd. Not bad, but nice to know!
So far, I rank D'Allesandro's at #2 on my list.


pizza pizza!

So week 2 of PizzaQuest '09 has gone by and I tried Andolini's. Now I've been to Andolini's before but never ordered a whole pizza because they are ginormous and as much as I like pizza, I just can't handle it! Now, to be fair to all the pizza places, PizzaQuest '09 will go like this:
1) The same type of pizza must be ordered at all places. Because I started with a margherita pizza, something similar must be tried at all places.
2) The top 3 places will then be revisited and a pizza of my choosing will be tried.

ok...so those are the only rules.
So my friend Beth (who was not a completely willing participant) and I ordered a cheese pizza and it was huge! Bigger than I remembered, definitely not a pizza for just 2 people. Now Andolini's has a college-y atmosphere: you order at the counter, grab a seat, they bring you a pizza. Vinyl booths with duct tape covering the holes. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, with the outdoor being a covered patio and heated! (year round: sometimes by the big giant sun in the sky, sometimes by space heaters) I was very surprised to learn they do have a wine selection. Not a very big selection, but I had no idea they even had it! They also have a beer selection but nothing too impressive.
We settled into our duct-taped booth with a coke and a water and waited for our pizza. The staff was polite but not overly friendly. Our giant pie arrived and some of those yummy cheese bubbles on top. Beth was not impressed, saying that the cheese bubbles were a waste of good pizza space, but I like them. My crust was soggy and I couldn't pick up the slice without it flopping. Beth's was a little too crispy, so there was some uneven heating going on in their oven. They were very generous with the cheese, which was nice, but a little stingy with their sauce.
From my previous Andolini's experience, I can say that if you want a cheap, decent cheese pizza, Andolini's is a good place to go. If you want toppings on it, move on to bigger and better pizza joints!


So nice!

You know how sometimes you get in those moods where you want to be around people (that you actually like) but you really don't want to talk to anyone. I'm so glad I have a friend who understands that and realizes that some days, I just don't want to be sociable. Minimum conversation. It was so nice, definitely destressed me. Thanks buddy!

PS. It makes me miss my other buddy, Boulder, that could understand that. People who get that talking is not always necessary are so hard to come across.


Yum Yum Yum

So I started PizzaQuest '09 today. Went to Mia Pomodori and LOVED it! So you walk in to this remodeled house that is now a restaurant and encounter no tables, just a drink cooler and a counter. The only seating is the patio out back. We ordered a margherita pizza and a bottle of red wine. The owner was more than helpful with the wine selection, stating which was her favorite but all were good (they only had 4 options). We decided to go with her recommendation and got the Rimbaldi Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, she was right! It was delicious!
The seating outside was a little on the dark side, with no lighting, only mosquito candles (need those in SC!). But once your eyes adjusted, the candlelight provided a nice ambiance.
The pizza arrived, looking as delicious as the website led me to believe. The crust looked like it should have been floppy and soggy but it was crispy and did not require the fork & knife that the owner/server brought out. It was nice that both owners (Paul & Tiffany) were on site and more than happy to answer any and all questions that we had. My friend even asked if the wine was available at Total Wine, and Tiffany said that in her experience, she was able to get the bottle cheaper than Total Wine and if we wanted a case or even a half case, to just ask her and she'd be happy to order it for us.
All in all...I'd give it about an 8. Delicious pizza, good wine, good service, good atmosphere - not an overly huge selection, but they had the basics and what more could you want!



I just had the HOTTEST guy in my chair! I mean, really. I was in love the second I looked at him. He had the longest prettiest eyelashes, dark brown eyes, tall, muscular but not in a gross overly muscle-y way. Oh and did I mentioned he was married? Oh wait...not a good thing? Yeah so he's off limits. He told me he was from Ohio so if that's what they look like in Ohio then I'm moving up there!



Mouth Carolina Dentistry

referring to anything as a "super-chic mullet" Mullets are never super-chic. They are sloppy, messy, greasy (even if freshly washed) and gross.


Stop it already!

So I had a patient today ask me if I was 20 years old. Wow! Thanks! But no...just a teensy bit older than that. So when she found out I am 27, she asked if I was married. Nope. Did I have kids? Nope, none of those either. So I have a boyfriend? Nope. I have a special friend who will one day become my boyfriend? Nope...But there is a boy that I like? OH MY GOSH! No! Stop! I politely explained that I just graduated fairly recently, am new to the work force and am just enjoying working and adjusting to that, I was not looking for anyone to date/marry/procreate with. She just could not wrap her head around that.


8 weeks. 8 pizzas. Who will win?

So my 6 day work week is finally over. It got a little long in the middle there and was very tiring! But, I made it through and am really going to enjoy the 2 extra paychecks!
So the local City Paper put out an article covering the best pizza places in Charleston. Anyone who has spent more than a week (or an hour) with me knows that I LOVE pizza. So far, my favorite pizza place is Monza but I'm always looking for new and delicious cheesy pieces of heaven. So I'm off to try all the great pizza places over the next few weeks. Will Monza remain my favorite or will a new contender claim a victory?
Andolini's Pizza
Mia Pomodori
Al Di La
Mellow Mushroom


But I want it!

Scenario: Drive thru window at Hardee's at 9:00pm. Starving. Near death.

Drive-thru window person: Welcome to Hardee's. Would you like to try our *mumblemumblemumble*?
Me: Ummmm...no. Ummm...do you guys have a chicken strip combo?
Drive-thru window person: Yes
Me: Oh...ok. Ummm...do you guys have a Roast beef sandwich combo?
Drive-thru window person: No
Me: Oh. Ummm...do you guys have a roast beef sandwich?
Drive-thru window person: (clearly annoyed at this point) No
Me: Oh. Ummm...I guess I'll take that chicken strip combo then.


If I had a gun....

I am so done with this conversation. I keep saying "mmhmm" but yet it goes on and on. Each time I think it's winding up, it starts over. If I had a gun, I might really shoot myself just to make it end. In the foot...but "oops, I just shot myself in the foot. Gotta go!" is a pretty good excuse to get off the phone without sounding rude.


How did I miss it???

Oh no! I missed it. Now I have to wait a whole year for this day to roll back around. Yesterday was National Real Hair Day. And. I. Missed. It.

Other news:

Fatal Food Dispute: A 62-year-old man was stabbed to death May 25 at his Melvindale, Mich., home during an argument with his 42-year-old adult daughter over dinner rolls. The daughter, Ava Maria Gordon, was arrested as a suspect in the death.

Sword Fight Death: Christopher O. Rondeau, 39, shown in 2002, was arrested on a preliminary charge of attempted murder April 9 in connection with a sword fight that left his grandmother dead. Police said Franziska Stegbauer, 77, was fatally stabbed when she tried to intervene in a fight between Rondeau and another relative.

Odd Agreement: Ex-cultist Ria Ramkissoon pleaded guilty March 30 in the starvation death of her 1-year-old son, Javon Thompson. Officials said cult members stopped feeding the boy when he refused to say "Amen" after a meal. In an unusual deal, prosecutors agreed to drop the charges if the boy comes back to life.

Eye-Gouging Inmate: Authorities said Jan. 9 that a Texas death row inmate gouged out his only good eye and ate it, leaving him blind. Andre Thomas, who has a history of mental problems, plucked out his right eye before his 2004 conviction on murdering an infant. Here, he is seen following the first incident.

not a Jesus coin!

One of the patients at the office today was walking out and kept saying "God bless. God bless." I didn't think anything of it and continued on with what I was doing. Then he spied me. He exclaimed, "Oh I don't want you to feel left out!" Then he started rummaging. I'm thinking...oh crappers. Here comes a Jesus coin. (you know, something that people give you, because it's supposed to convince you that now that you have this coin, you can finally know Jesus. But instead, it gets shoved in your pocket until you "accidently" throw it away.)

Side note: I'm not saying that it's stupid for people to be concerned about you suffering eternal damnation but giving me a Jesus coin isn't going to make me turn around and start going to church. But thank you for being concerned with my soul. End side note.

But then he gave me a real coin!


pole beans & collard greens

So I'm reading this book. It's about healthy eating, the effect of being overweight on your body, blah blah...stuff like that. There is a part in there about inflammation. They say that if one part of your body is inflammed (chronically, don't think it works the same if you have, say, a sprained ankle) then it's a pretty good indicator that there is inflammation going on elsewhere in your body. So, isn't that kinda like fleas? You don't just have one. I'm not sure why that example is what popped into my head...but inflammation is like fleas. So if your gums are inflamed (for all you non-flossers out there!) then it's a pretty good sign that your arteries could be inflamed as well. Which is why they say that a healthy mouth = a healthy body. Or that oral health is a good indicator of your overall health. So start flossing!

In other healthy eating news, I went to this complete unknown diner in Sumerton to meet Jeanette, Chris, and Lil J for dinner. The website said amazing sweet tea...ok, true. The waitress said amazing onion rings...not true. My biggest complaint? If it is a Southern food restaurant, you should not have to add salt! I had to add salt to everything! I don't normally add salt...but it was necessary tonight. The banana pudding was pretty darn good though!



So the fish fry w/Dr. Joe went ok tonight. He did not hit on me, which was very exciting. Maybe he was just showing off for his friends? I did realize he's kinda a dick though. I mean, if someone says "Thank you"...you respond, right? You say "You're welcome....mmmmhmmm...no problem....my pleasure..." something! Nope...."thank you" "bye"
Now it's time for an exciting evening consisting of me and my book. :)


I'm very excited about something...but I don't want to tell anyone what I'm very excited about but I'm nervous and excited and apprehensive and ready to find out more!

What I am not excited about is that Dr. Joe just called and asked if I wanted to go swimming before we went to the fish fry. In the pool or the ocean, he's always up for swimming. I just don't know what to think but what I am thinking is going on is not good. So so so so so not interested!


*smack smack*

So, maybe I'm an AC nazi....but I told my roomie a few weeks ago that it shouldn't go below 78. I'm tired of having an almost $300 electric bill because he wants to keep it freezing cold in here. Now, I know...we live in the South, it's the middle of summer, it's a little bit warm and humid outside. PUT ON SOME SHORTS! Seriously, stop wearing jeans in the house, turn on your fan...you will survive. Now the last time the air got turned down to 72, he said he didn't do it. Well.....I didn't do it, and he didn't do it. Perhaps Evie? (That's my dog....my super powered robot dog, apparently)
So I see the following as my options since I've already spoken to him about it: a)Punch him (won't accomplish anything but I'll feel a lot better!)
b)Suck it up and just be pissy about paying too much
c)Tell him he has to pay 2/3 of the electric bill if he wants to keep the air below 75.

See....I'm nice. I said below 78 at first, but if it's too hot, he can come speak to me and say "I'm hot." I will compromise and say 75. But NOOOO....he just does his own thing then denies it.



So I went to a baseball game w/Dr. Joe tonight....seemed like a good idea, it had been awhile since we hung out and like 6 months since we dated (briefly). He broke things off with me because I seemed like more of a friend than anything else. Cool deal, he was more of a distraction from Voldemort than anything else and he was better than nothing. So, we go to the baseball game. Timon hooked us up with free tickets. So Dr. Joe felt like since I provided the tickets, he should provide me with dinner. I explained I didn't pay for them, but he insisted...so I let him. Then the awkwardness started. He asked how I liked my jobs. If I wanted to go home with him. How my dog was. Then he said I should come meet his dog. I said I would in a few days (going to a fish fry) and he said, no I should tonight. I said "ohhhh...I have to get up really early." To add to the awkwardness, his friends all thought we were out together. Together, together, not just hanging out together. At the end of the night, he said he was just kidding...but I couldn't tell if he really was just kidding (sure hope so!) or saying he was just kidding because I kept brushing him off.
Ohhhh....and his friends were there with a guy I might just be in love with. He looked kinda like David Boreanz (sp?)dark hair/dark eyes, hottest combo EVER! ...but is it acceptable to say "Hey Dr. Joe, I know you may or may not have been hitting on me the other night but who was that guy with your friends?"

Chefin' it up

So I decided to put my cooking skills to use last night. I was pretty impressed although I wish I had cored a little more out of the tomatoes and that the stuffing got crispier. But, overall...not bad. The menu was:
jalapeno pear glazed pork tenderloin (actually turned out just spicy enough to add a kick, but not so bad you had to gulp a bucket of water...and not sweet at all)
brown rice (which apparently was very delicious, though I explained...it's just rice, water, salt...nothing special)
Stuffed tomatoes (very delicious!)

Next week will be a new and different culinary creation...I just don't know what yet. Any suggestions? I'm thinking fish is going to be my key ingredient.

(and no, I do not consider myself a chef....but apparently, my rice cooking and frozen pizza skills qualify me as such.)


I miss you.....

I miss Dr. Dreamy's office. I mean, today, as far as work goes was by no means a bad day. Not at all. My patients were nice, they had clean mouths...what more could I want? But I miss having a receptionist who does not throw away all latex in the office because it could give her an allergy attack. It's a skin allergy woman...don't touch it, no attack. I miss having people who want to help and contribute to the team atmosphere instead of sitting and playing solitaire while I do all the work. I miss working for a cute doctor that I like to stare creepily at (ok I don't do that...or maybe I do). I really wish I could get a job with them....wish wish wish wish.
In other grown up news, I went and gave my notice at the dental office that gave me first job today. It was not as hard as I thought it would be! It actually went pretty smoothily. So in 2 weeks, I start at my new place (not Dr. Dreamy's) and there will be teamwork.


hurray hurray!

I just finished a 3-day work spree at my dream job...oh I wish one of their hygienist would leave! I know that he is a dream employer (and dreamy!) so they wouldn't leave because they are unhappy there. So my only hopes are: injury, pregnancy or moving. I hate wishing that someone would get injured (the reason that I got to work with them the past 3 days), so I'm hoping and praying that L (unmarried, unattached and unlikely) will get pregnant and then won't come back afterwards! K is married (I know...she should be the one to get prego if anyone would) so maybe her husband will get transferred and will have to move. I can only continue to hope...but a good sign is that Dr. Dreamy asked if I would be with them the rest of the week, but sadly I had to say no I wouldn't. Stupid permanent jobs...they get in the way of my dream job! I'm totally on a dream job high right now!


*cough cough cough* help

So I went on a little culinary adventure tonight. I decided to try my hand at roast pork tenderloin with a jalapeno pear glaze. Let me rephrase that...with a spicy jalapeno pear glaze. Perhaps that's not quite accurate either...you-might-seriously-die-when-you-eat-this jalapeno pear glaze.
I was standing over the glaze, pureeing it with my hand mixer..when I started coughing. (but don't worry, I didn't cough into the glaze!) Hmmm...why is that? Then I realized that the glaze was SO spicy that I could not breathe the fumes in. So I finished mixing then I tasted it....owwww! Now I like spicy food...but I don't like to see my life flash before my eyes. I mean, I don't normally eat jalapenos (it's a texture thing) so I don't know how spicy they actually are. Apparently I used too many.


Always ask Uncle Barney!

Dear Uncle Barney:

I think I'm in love. Every time I'm around this girl, my heart goes a mile a minute. And it's possible that she might have feelings for me too. And the thought of that scares me half to death, because who knows where this could lead? What if this is the real thing? But what if it isn't and she breaks my heart? Is this worth pursuing?

Jack Package, New York

Dear Jack,

It's not worth pursuing. I say forget it

Can't wait!

I totally feel ya on this one Barney!

Dream a little dream for me

I love when you have one of those dreams that you think is real. Had a really really good one last night that would be a dream come true (ha!) if it were real...but then I woke up and realized it was not real. Sadness.


Try Again!

I am trying SO SO hard not to be mean...but it is SO not working. Mean thoughts just keep popping through my head.


A Fair Trade

So I don't understand why I get trash duty every day and the receptionist gets solitaire duty. I mean, don't we ever get to trade off? My favorite is when she asks if I'll be done soon because she is ready to go. Well, Delores...if you stopped playing solitaire and helped out with the things YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING ANYWAYS, we could have been done 5 minutes ago.


Seriously? Really?

Ok...so 3 dates, right? They've been going mostly good. I mean, there is the slight problem that I'm not really all that interested in Bubba...but that's minor. I could learn to like him. Maybe. What? I could! Then...today. *sigh* What in the heck happened today??? So I get there and he asks if I wouldn't mind paying for the movie, and he'll get the food....ok, not a great sign. But, as I like to make excuses for people: he is in school and he does only work part-time. While I'm not rolling in the dough, I at least am working full-time. And he paid for the first 2 dates on his part-time salary. So...ok, we can get past that.
THEN, we're in the movie. Things seem to be going ok, but nope, didn't even try to hold my hand. Again, not really a good sign. And don't say I maybe had my hands in an awkward position. It was there. It was ready to be held. Sitting there...just waiting. So we leave...and I get a one-armed hug. One arm! That is NEVER a good sign. Ugh. I hate dating. I mean, not a giant deal since, like I said...not all that interested in him. But him not liking me is NOT going along with my plan. So now I have to do some major damage control and fix things. Because I don't have a valid reason to not like him. He seems to be a nice guy (though we all know I am a terrible judge of character!)...if only there was some sort of spark. But it's like hanging out with...Josh Wilkie. Kinda like my brother, but NOT my brother, so if something did develop it wouldn't be uber-gross or illegal but at the same time it's absolutely impossible to imagine anything ever developing because he's more like a brother to me than a real guy. And liking your brother is gross.
Seriously? 3 dates? At least none of them have ended in a nice firm handshake.

Get this

So I have this theory...it's my dating theory. So most people, when they start dating, they try to be the nicest, sweetest person they can possibly be, right? Because you want to put your best foot forward, win the person over, whatever. But then...in 3 months or so...the real person comes out and you realize they pretty much suck. So here's my plan...well...it's what I do and it's worked thus far...kinda sorta...But at least I'm not wasting time, energy, or effort on undeserving people. There are 4 levels:

Level 1 - I'm nice. That's about all you get from me. I'm not overly gushy/try to talk to you more than necessary/hang out with you/be overly clingy. Niceness. You get treated how I treat my friends...I'm nice to you. Big deal, you say? Well...it is. I'm not nice to everyone. I could be mean. I could bring Grumpy Kristin out. But I don't. This is the level that Bubba is at.

Level 2 - I'm nice AND I begin to show little signs of affection. I bring you little gifts occasionally (mostly centered around food but I REALLY like food!). I'll talk to you more than absolutely necessary, see if you're having a good day, you know, stuff like that. Nothing major...but nice with some bonuses.

Level 3 - Not many people make it to this level. I cook for you (not often...but sometimes). I'll help with MINOR household chores IF I'm around and I feel like it. That means folding laundry, dishes...you know, easy stuff. I'll sit around and watch sports with you (and not ask 10 million questions).

Level 4 - Well...I can't say I've liked anyone enough to get to Level 4. So I don't really know what will go on at this level. I'm sure I'd do just about anything that the person wanted and I'd go out of my way to make them happy...but it's going to take a really really special person for that. And so far, that person does not exist. Voldemort was close...but, well, I wasn't made of weed so I wasn't quite what he was looking for.

So, see...my theory is that I'm nice in the beginning, but I only get nicer with time. And if someone is worth it, they'll get to stick around to see how nice (and unselfish) I could possibly get.


Do We Really Still Live In A World Like This????

So I was asked by one of my jobs if I knew of anyone willing to come in and help on a day when I was not available. I said sure and called a girl I went to school with. This girl is incredibly nice and professional. She just so happens to be black and has a name that sounds...less than traditional. I explained to the office that Blah-blah would be coming in to help and that she would be there at 8:15. They said "Oh...Blah-blah. Is she foreign?" That question definitely threw me off so I said no....but she is black. Whatever...crazy people. Well! Turns out that's a problem. Not with them, the staff, but supposedly some of the patients wouldn't like a black girl working on them. Seriously? I know I live in the south...but we are just slightly past the 1960's. Segregation has been out for a long long time. I just couldn't believe that race would seriously be an issue.
It was with a sad, sad heart that I called Blah-blah and lied to her, saying the schedule had fallen apart and she wouldn't be needed that day after all. I hate that people are so ignorant! She is a person, who cares what color her skin is? If she's nice and professional, that should be all that matters...You aren't going to turn black if she touches you. You won't get a disease.



I had a 79 year old patient tell me today that he told his girlfriend...and yes, these were his exact words and no, I had NO idea what to say. And yes, I did throw up in my mouth a little bit. And no, it's never appropriate to say that to someone but especially not when it is a stranger and especially especially not when they are 50 years younger than you and trying to protect the whole idea that old people do NOT have sex. It stops once you have kids. No more. It's done.

"I have an enlarged prostate so I can't have sex but I told her you're never too old to lick the candy jar." and then he waggled his tongue at me...


It's Friday Night and I just got paid!

So it's a Friday night and I spent the evening playing plumber. No, I did walk around with my butt crack hanging out. It started with me cleaning my bathroom...yes, those were my Friday night plans...and I got frustrated at my clogged up sink. So I took the little screw on part that you can use to plug up the sink off to clean that. But it was dirty underneath that. So I tried to pull that part out. Not sure if that part pulls out but it wasn't happening. Trust me, I worked on it for about 15 minutes. It felt like it kept getting caught up in hair. So I decided to go from the other end. Off I went to get a bucket. I took the U-pipe (??) off but I still couldn't reach the clog. So I took another pipe off. And I got it unclogged! I won't enthrall you with what came out...
Oh and the best news of it all? I got it back together!


What's going on?

Ok I know, it's been awhile! I've been a busy girl...ok, maybe not. I've been a lazy girl. So last time anyone heard from me, I was in Ohio, going to Cedar Point (awesome!), drinking kool-aid with fish-shaped ice cubes....and that's about it. So to fill you in on the last month:
-Cedar Point was great, we rode 14 out of 17 coasters in 1 day. A very productive day and lots of fun with my family!
-Went on a hot dog taste test of Toledo (actually only 2 places) and the hot dogs were delicious.
-Ate lots of ice cream and played lots of Wii Fit (they cancel each other out, right?)
-Got a job, lost the job before I started working there (stupid people! hate them!)
-Working at a popular clothing store with a target market of 15-25 year old's...guess it's time for me to stop shopping there. Knew I'd have to grow up some day.
-Temped at an office for 2 days and got hired on to work for them 2 days a week. Love working! Especially the making money part but I also love interacting with the patients! I never thought it would be easy to talk to a stranger...but it kinda is!
-Working a couple extra days at offices in the area if they need a hygienist.
-Have an interview to work 2 days a week at a second office so we'll see how it goes!
-Birthday dinner is on Saturday and I am super excited. Little nervous because I keep my groups of friends separate from each other and they will all be mixed together...but it's my birthday and I don't have to care if they get along or not...because it's my birthday! Have I mentioned it's almost my birthday?

And a couple thoughts for you to ponder: Can vampires get in the tanning bed? Sunlight is supposed to kill them but what about simulated sunlight? Also, couldn't they just put on self-tanning lotion to appear a little less vampire-y? Or does that not absorb into their skin?


mmmm, mmmm, good!

I just came back from a delicious 2 1/2 hour dinner celebrating my newly employed status. Others left there uncomfortably full, but me, with my superior eating ability, said bring it on...I can eat more. It was awesome.


*ahhhh* refreshing!

Fish shaped ice makes kool-aid delicious!

Yes We Are THAT Type of Family...

So I'm up in Ohio, we are having a mini family reunion of sorts. Tomorrow my brother, his girlfriend, my mom, aunt and uncle (and me!) will go to Cedar Point to man up (most of us...ahem, no name's mentioned Kevin) and ride some awesome roller coasters! I'm excited...K, H and I went 2 years ago and only made it through half the park. It was so much fun, I'm excited to try the other half plus re-ride some of the ones we already rode!
Today...so far I have finished my crappy crappy horrible historical romance "The Wicked Lover"....yeah it really was as bad as it sounded. I can now say that I've read a romance novel and am not a fan of them! I also learned about "the neighborhood" which includes: the med students, a stripper, domestic violence couple, Ed, and verbal abuse couple. Sounds like an interesting place! My bro is out mowing the grass and soon we will head to Meijer, the mid-west equivalant of a not-so-evil Wal-Mart. Later on is a Toledo MudHens game where we will meet The Incredible Hulk and have the chance for a free hair cut AND an offer for a credit card that comes with a free hat...tempting stuff! If only we had time to fit in a trip to the Beef Jerky Superstore...


an interesting eventful day...

So as some of you may know I am in search of a job...things are getting just a little desperate over here so I'm branching out from just the dental hygiene jobs. I went to the mall today, sure that I could get a job...after all I'm 26 and bound to be more dependable than the teenagers looking for summer jobs. I swear if I heard one more time "we're accepting applications" I was going to punch somebody...in their bad eye! Seriously, I asked if you were hiring, not if you were taking applications. It does not help me to waste my time filling out an application if you are not hiring for another couple months. So I finally got an interview at Dilliards...ok, fair enough. They were willing to break their hiring freeze for the right person. That's me, right? Or so I thought until they asked "Who's your favorite designer?" F*ck! I don't even know. (No that was not my answer...well, it was my answer, minus the F word)...blew that one. Feeling quite beaten down and discouraged that I couldn't even land a mall job I decided to subject myself to yet more torture and drop off some resumes at dental offices.
The first one I went in search of was on Egret Lane...hmmm, ok not a main road but I'll go search it out. It was a neighborhood. They directed me to a dentist house. I should have walked up to the door and said my little spiel...but I thought that might get the cops called on me so I kept driving.
The next one I went to had someone sitting in a chair and swiveled so I could only see the side of their face. They were leaned back (not towards the computer) with their arms crossed in front of them...they appeared to be sleeping...or dead...hmmm. Not the type of office I want to work in if you can sleep (or die) in the reception area.
Onward I went...one place said "Oh maybe he can use you one day a week" (sweet, it's better than the no days a week I'm working now). They said they'll call. The next place said "Oh we received like 5 of these just today. But no we aren't hiring right now. However all of our hygienists are pregnant, plus one assistant, plus the doctor's wife...so maybe in a few months" (ummm...not sure I want to work there if you end up pregnant. Definitely not drinking their water!) Finally at the last place I went, I knew the receptionist so I bullied my way into an interview....hopefully that will pan out but I'm not too hopeful because I don't think they'll pay me but half of what I should be making (and yes, I know that's still more than what I'm making now but I said the range I was looking for...so we'll see if they counter-offer). But at least the last few places I went didn't have dead/sleeping people in the waiting area so that's an improvement.



Fox is starting a new reality series "More To Love" featuring a large and lovable single guy who is looking for love (and ready to star on a new prime time relationship show). Supposedly the show is about "embracing and loving yourself no matter your shape or size." Well Fox...let me tell you, it doesn't sound like you are embracing my size or shape because a requirement for dating this guy is that you have to be curvy! I am not curvy but why should that stop me from dating a big guy? Hmmmm???? Also, why do all of the questions on the application ask about if weight has been an issue...why are you making weight such an issue? Hmmmm????
And yes, of course I'm going to tune in. Don't be silly...I've already written you into my planner! But I'll be sitting on my couch shoveling in popcorn and ice cream so I can get on next season...


An Eventful Evening

So I headed out with a friend in search of a peach milkshake. First stop: Hardee's....now I SWEAR that when I went by Hardee's in Fayetteville there was a big ol' sign that said "Try our Peach milkshake" Well, this one in Charleston has Orange Cream. I think they didn't get the memo from corporate that it's supposed to be peach. But whatever. Onward to Chick-Fil-A..."Welcome to Chick-Fil-A. Can I take your order?" "Yes, I'd like a #1 with no pickles, add cheese and on a wheat bun. And can I have a peach milkshake instead of a drink?" "Our ice cream machine is down..." What the! Don't make me start cussing at you woman...just the other day your grill was down, does anything work at your store? "Nevermind...forget the whole order" Onward to the next Chick-Fil-A...and there is the longest line EVER considering that it was 9:30 at night, seriously. Where were there 15 cars in the drive-thru? I counted...15, yeah...15! But the peach milkshake was worth the hour adventure...not sure if the friend agreed. Pretty sure he wanted to shoot me when I wouldn't get a milkshake at Hardee's...but he loves me so he let me have my way!



So MB considers me the crazy one...I normally am the one to blurt out things that I don't really mean and say things in anger. Never in my life have I ever said anything as hateful as either of these things!

-I hope he gets in an accident and you have to watch him die.
-I hope you get HIV and it develops into AIDS and you die a slow, humiliating, painful death.

Not a good thing to say to someone while you are trying to convince them date you again.... (and no, these were not said to me...I don't think anyone hates me that much!)



I have my license...well, not in hand, but according to online it has been issued which means it should be in the mail! I should have it within a week (I hope...)


A normal comparison

Bambi's mother is shot to death, leaving him stuck with his cold, absentee dad. You know who else that happened to? FIFTY CENT.



So Neighbor and I got into a conversation about the type of vibe I give off to guys. The only type of guys who are interested in me are dirty, loser druggies. Now that is not the type of guy I would like to date...I'd be perfectly satisfied with a nice guy but nice guys just don't like me. Thinking back over the years....every nice guy since high school that I have liked has not liked me. Why is that? What kind of vibe do I give off that says "Nice guys stay away. Losers only!" Is there a post-it note on my back with that printed on it? Who stuck it there and when can I beat them up? Neighbor said that I do not give off a skanky vibe...but she's a girl, can she really sense that? So I'm going to badger her husband today and make him tell me...do I give off a skanky vibe? I surely don't try! I'd like to give off the "i'm a nice, sweet girl...but I'm lots of fun to hang out with" vibe. That's what Neighbor gets from me, but again, she's a girl, what does she know? Seriously...I don't go over the top with my makeup, clothes are never skin-tight/painted-on look, I gave up the Mariah Carey jeans years ago (Neighbor thinks that was drug-induced and I'll admit it was NOT a good look) my haircut is cute and slightly stylish, I don't get overly drunk very often, i've never gone home from the bar with a guy, I don't own clothes with words printed across my butt...so where is this skank vibe coming from?


Drum Roll Please!

So here it is, the long awaited story written by yours truly. I was cleaning up and came across it and remembered that people (my ma) had been after me to post it on here. If ya really like it, I could bring my puppets and do it in person...it's much better with sound effects!

Once upon a time there was a boy named Phillip. In Phillip's mouth, he had 3 little molars. The first molar liked to eat candy, cake & chips. The second little molar loved to drink soda & Kool-Aid. The third molar was very into organic food and he preferred apples, carrots, and broccoli. He also loved to drink water.

One day, a big bad bacteria bug got into Phillip's mouth. He went to the first molar and said "Molar, Molar give me some sugar!" The molar was very frightened and said "N-n-n-no!" But since the molar was so weak from only eating candy, cake & chips, the bacteria took all his sugar and left the molar with a big hole.

Next the bacteria went to the second molar and said "Molar, Molar give me some sugar!" The second molar was very frightened and said "N-n-n-no!" But the molar was so weak from only drinking soda & Kool-Aid that the bacteria took all his sugar and left the molar with a big hole.

Finally the bacteria went to the third molar and said "Molar, Molar give me some sugar!" The third molar was very brave and said "No bacteria! Get out of here!" He was very strong from eating the apples, carrots, broccoli and water. This time it was the bacteria who was scared. The bacteria ran far, far away, right out of Phillip's mouth.

Since two of Phillip's molars had big holes in them, Phillip went to see his dentist. The dentist worked very hard and filled the holes. When they left the dentist, the molars were very clean and sparkly. The 2 molars who liked sugar so much decided to give fruits and vegetables a try. They found that they liked them just as much as the sugary food and the 3 little molars lived happily in Phillip's mouth forever!



So I just watched "He's Just Not That Into You." I'm just not into that movie. It was totally unrealistic. They talk about whether you are the exception or the rule...but why did 4/5 guys end up happy and in a relationship (or an implied relationship) by the end of the movie? That sure makes it seem like the rule. I thought it was crap. That's all I have to say about that.

Hi I'm Kristin and I'm addicted to Farmtown

So my friend got me started on this silly little game on Facebook called Farmtown. You get a farm and you have to plow fields, plant crops, harvest them, sell them...you can plant trees, get animals, beautify your farm. You do all this to earn money to do it some more. I do it for the experience points though...I want to get to level...well I don't know the highest level but I want to get there. Unfortunately you have to wait for your crops to grow so you can't rise to the top too quickly. (We've all seen child actors, rising to the top too quickly can only lead to drugs and drinking) Anyways, the fact that I woke up at 6 am and decided "I could go back to sleep...or I could go check on my crops, I bet some need harvested" Yeahhhhhhh....I've got a problem. I need a Farmtown intervention.


Imaginations running a little wild!

K: So the idea behind the golden birthday is you turn x years old on the xth day of the month...mine is this year.I'm 27 on the 27th
J: oooh neato sad...i already had mine....and i didnt know it
K: I know! And so it should be really special...yeah it is kinda sad for you
J: i should get a redo
K: ha...what's your redo?
J: lets celebrate my 16th bday next week! i will be one of the skanky girls that gets prego at 16 and then pretends to still be a normal teenager
K: or you could do it when you're 61 and pretend to be dyslexic!
J: i'll get dirty looks from old people
K: haha, ohhhh...that could be fun!
J: what could we do to celebrate
K: wait...your skanky redo or my real awesome one?
J: i guess your real one, i dont want to be a skanky 16 year old
K: lol...well I could tell you about my dream golden party...but it's very unrealistic
J: well tell me and then we can just pretend we did it and we will talk like.....hey remember taht time we did this? that was awesome! people will be so jealous even though it wasnt real
K: haha, ok that sounds like a great plan but do we have to wait until after the 27th to talk about it?
J: ok
K: so anyways, you guys (as in all wilkie's)and mary beth and casey and rock and beth and stephen and my bro and heather and my fam and Katie and Soccer beth and some other friends would all go out to this yummy restaurant in charleston called The Fat Hen
J: sounds good already
K: I don't know what would happen after that because in reality everyone would hate each other and all would be pissy
J: aww that is sad
K: I know, it is sad!
J: maybe we could pretend to like each other for your bday
K: So we need to come up with a better ending to my pretend-golden birthday. ok...so what will we do after we eat?
J: yeah...kinda lame
K: oh!go bowling...OR even better..play blongo ball and skipbo and phase 10
J: well i was thinking we would rent a yacht and head off the coast and drink champagne ( or ginger ale) and have fireworks but card games work too
K: ohhhh....we could play card games on the yacht
J: haha
K: and actually, why don't you guys buy me the yacht for my bday present?
J: now that would be fun
K: why rent when you can buy? we'll play blongo ball on the yacht too...so it'll need to be a big one
J: good point i hope one of your friends is rich
K: hmmmm....nope, I guess you guys will have to pool all your money together. Somebody may need to be sold on the black market. Im going with Net!
J: well then it is going to be a yacht for you bathtub! no miah needs net and we love miah...and net
K: hmmm...well I want to keep miah. so guess we have to keep net too. hmmm...your brother? I don't think he'd bring in a lot of money
J: no...cuz then we would have to raise the boys
K: maybe we'll arrange a marriage for your brother then sell his new wife into the black market
J: i like it
K: me too. Let's get him somebody real pretty so we can get a GIANT yacht
J: we will order her from russia
K: they should get married in Cambodia...probably easier to do human trafficking there. ok, send her from Russia to Cambodia. that's not suspicious at all...
J: nope
K: sweet, this is going to be an awesome golden birthday!
J: for everyone but josh's bride
K: well yeah...but we probably wouldn't like her anyways


growing up sucks...

J: hmmm......maybe not your best plan

K: nah, i'm not full of good plans nowadays
I'm no longer able to come up with devious plans...it's kinda sad

J: me neither...i think it is our age
it has dulled our wit and evil abilities

K: I think so too...remember when we could come up with plans to kill classmates/teachers and take over the world?
I don't think I could do that if I tried...

J: i know! so creative. now i struggle just to come up with a list of people i would want to kill
sad..but true

K: I personally prefer being slightly evil over this...unimaginative state I'm in now

J: it is because we are not using hte skill
dont use it...you lose it

K: I guess so....does that mean if we start again, we can regain it?

J: probably, but people may not be as forgiving since we are adults now and all

K: true....it's kinda scary if a grown up says they want to murder you

J: exactly

have you ever thought just maybe....


Hot Dog!

So I went to Jack's Cosmic Dog today...it was decent but no Wiener Works. I'd like to go back and customize my dog a little more...less chili, more cheese and more slaw, less onions and maybe try regular mustard instead of spicy. The fries were really good though and I forgot to get a Root Beer float...so I think another trip is going to be necessary before I can make a final decision.
I also would like to go on a hot dog tour...I'll get a hot dog with ketchup every hot dog place I visit. When you add in all the other toppings, there are too many variables. Perhaps I can go across the country doing this tasting.
Other than a hot dog...well I got a good laugh watching a friend trying to hang some shelves. And yes, I just watched...it wouldn't have been nearly as amusing if I actually helped. It would have been nice to play some Skipbo or Phase 10...maybe even Farkle...but alas, I don't have anyone to play with here.

More daydreaming

Kristin's Fantasy World: I'm at a cookout with my family (either mine or the Wilkie's will work) or some of my most favorite friends. The sun is shining. The air is warm and the breeze blowing through the trees provides a nice relief. The smell of delicious food is all around me. Hot dogs as they start to burn on the grill. Potato salad. If I'm with the Wilkie's, Mr. Wilkie has made some delicious chicken salad croissants...I don't even mind the pickles in them because they are so tasty. Deviled Eggs used to be on the table but I ate them all. There are lots of potato chips, somebody even brought Salt & Vinegar! Games are being played all around: Blongo ball in the front yard. Kickball in the cul-de-sac. When darkness falls, there will even be a round of hide-and-seek. The day has just begun but I can tell it's going to be a great one...
Reality: It's cloudy out. I'm by myself. There is no food in my house. If I'm lucky, my friend MIGHT go get a hot dog with me. There will be no games...unless I play solitaire or do a crossword on my computer. I'm going to spend as much of the day as I can in Kristin's Fantasy World...


Cue Daydream....

I was talking with a friend last night about if I really expected something to happen. Expecting something and wanting something are two very different things. You know on Scrubs when JD gets that starry look in his eyes and you know one of those awesome fantasy scenes is coming? I do those too. Sometimes they are weird and random, like with a unicorn coming and letting me go for a ride through the sky. Other times...well they are always weird and random and I'll just say include faux-hawks and some sweeping. Just once I wish that Kristin's Fantasy World would line up with Reality...but then if that happened it might not make Kristin's Fantasy World such an exciting place to be!


To Jump or Not To Jump...

Imagine it's a hot summer day. The sun is shining, there's not a cloud in the sky and you are laying by the pool, looking all skinny and tan in your bikini. "Hmmmmm, I think I'm hot. I'd love to jump in the pool.," You think to yourself. So you saunter over to the pool and dip a toe in. Boy, it feels good: cold and refreshing. You know if you jump in though, it's going to be really really cold.
Do you jump in anyways and hope that despite the initial shock, your body will get used to the temperature and it will feel good?
Or do you stand there and wait for someone to come along and shove you in? After all, if it is freezing cold and you don't get used to it, at least you weren't stupid enough to jump in the water on your own. And if it feels good, then you thank the person and enjoy the water.
Or do you stand there in the sweltering heat because you are too afraid it MIGHT be cold, but maybe it won't be and you're missing out on a refreshing swim in the pool?

Here goes.....

Since Operation Thundercat is a no go because I am such a coward....I'm going to at least stand up for myself. Maybe then I can build up some courage. I woke up this morning to find: a dirty pot and cutting board. An empty cereal box and cheese wrappers. Apple peels all over the sink. A bowl of uneaten spaghetti next to the sink. A full glass of wine (white wine too...sheesh, doesn't even go with spaghetti) next to the bowl of spaghetti. Half of the cabinet doors left open. So it's time. Something's getting said. I am not cleaning up his mess anymore nor do I plan on getting bugs because someone wants to leave food laying around and be dirty. It's on! Wish me luck....because I'm terrified!


What must my roommate think???

- "You already sound crazy. You're the crazy one. I'm the mean one."
- "No, the other day I realized I'm the meanest person ever. Does this mean I'm crazy and mean?"
- "Yes because I'm not mean."
- "Great. Well run it by him and don't make me sound like the crazy chick. Let me know what he says."
- "K. I gotta go get my milkshake."

So super excited!

So I have 2 job interviews lined up. One I'm more stoked about than the other...but I'm going to both and will see how things play out. Interview #1 is out in Knightsville and would be a 30-45 minute commute. I don't know if it's FT or PT yet.
Interview #2 is the one I'm more excited about. It's in Hilton Head, about an hour and half commute BUT it would be for 3 consecutive days so hopefully I could find a room to rent for cheap since I would only be there for a few days a week. Then I could come back to Charleston and find a job to work just 1 day a week here. The pay would be better in Hilton Head than it would be here...but we'll see. I don't want to get my hopes up too much but it would be awesome to land that job. I've been doing that a lot lately...getting hopes up about things that I WANT to happen but may or may not happen...need to stop! I'm going to be crushed if everything crashes! Need to just take things one day at a time and stop my imagination from running wild!



Apparently it is another one of those years where I'll have a crapload of weddings to go to. I hate those kind of years! Oh well...hopefully this means I can go out shopping for yet another dress!


I hate when you go to the mall and you have to pretend to play deaf and blind in order to avoid the guys with the lotion who want to massage your hands. I mean, seriously, it's not enough to avoid eye contact with them...they run into your line of sight. If you just look the other direction, they yell until you acknowledge them. Guys...I know your job sucks but if I wanted you rubbing my hands, I'd come talk to you. Don't interrupt my phone call. Don't run in front of me. And definitely don't throw your lotion at me when I play deaf and blind and try to ignore you.


Barney & Robin

So on tomorrow night's HIMYM Barney is supposedly going to tell Robin how he feels about her. I don't know how I feel about that! On one hand, I really like the idea of Barney and Robin together. They are both awesome people and together would be even better. But on the other hand, that's scary territory! I mean, it will change the whole group dynamic. What if she's not interested? If she shoots him down, it will be awkward for both of them. If one of them left the show because it made things too awkward, well that would be horrible! What if she is interested? It's still going to change things! I mean, does this mean that Barney and Robin are going to be holding hands or kissing or whatever on the show? That's an odd change. But then again, Lily and Marshall are totally in favor of the union. So that would just make it possibly weird for Ted....but maybe he'll be happy for them too. But what if he's not happy for them? How would he fit into the situation? If Barney is dating Robin does that mean he'll stop being so...Barney-ish? That's what makes him so lovable! If Barney stopped being Barney then Robin might not be interested in him anymore, but if he keeps being Barney will she really want to date him?
Is it ever a good idea to develop feelings for a friend? Better, is it ever a good idea to voice those feelings? If you keep it inside, you just end up torturing yourself. But if you let it out, you risk changing everything. So what do you do? And yes...I really do have far too much time on my hands to over analyze a tv show to this extent. But what else am I supposed to do with my days?

good times

I was the only girl who could ever complete their obstacle course (pretty sure I was the only girl who wanted to complete it, I was an odd kid). I remember army-crawling through the creek and into the drain pipe that went under the road. Immanuel yelling at me. Running through the neighborhood in oversized Army pants and my red sports bra. Justin not letting me slow down. Climbing over giant drain pipes in a construction area. I was trying so hard to earn their approval and I did. Then they let me run people through it and it was so fun being mean and yelling at them, knowing they had to listen because they wanted to hang out with us. Somebody, probably Immanuel, put some sort of firecracker in Chance's pocket and lit it...he made him stand there even though Chance was totally about to pee on himself.


Geez I'm lazy

I gotta say I'm not a fan of not having a job and not being in school...I need something to fill my days! All my stupid friends have stupid jobs...
I have options: I could go to the gym...but it's so far away! I could clean...but I'm not quite that bored.
This is only the first week too. I have 3-4 more weeks until I get my license. I really hope I find a job to start immediately after that. I'm going out of my mind!


I should learn to listen....

I should learn to listen. When MB tells me "Run away Noodle (that's what she calls me). This is a horrible idea, don't do it." I should listen...but I don't. Instead I blaze my own path and later tell MB that she is right.
Fortunately she does the same thing. I told her "MB that is not just a booty call." And, as usual, I was right...it wasn't, he was totally looking for more. She should have listened to me.
Instead we tell each other the right thing to do and ignore each other, over and over again...when will we learn?


And the answer is....nobody!

So we were supposed to go out tonight. We were going to play a little game called "Who wants to be Kristin's Wedding Date?" Then Brian said he couldn't go, he'd forgotten he had plans to go out of town. Well...that's ok, I was only including him to be polite. Then Chris said he was in a bad mood and didn't want to go out...well that just leaves Katie and I'm not taking her to the wedding. Instead of going out with Katie and putting up with guys falling all over themselves for her (I just was not in the mood for that one tonight), I decided to go for a drive. Do some thinking. (now before the frantic phone calls start, I'm fine, thanks for your concern. I just wanted to think. If I wanted a phone call about everything I put on here...I'd call you. But instead I just want to type. And no. This is not about the lack of wedding date, that thought did not actually cross my mind while I was out and about) I got to I-95 and realized I should probably turn around. I really did not want to turn around. Is it normal to want to run away from your life once in a while?


Here goes nothing...

I had my first interview today. I dropped a resume off and the doctor said if I could wait a few minutes, he could go ahead and talk to me. I said "actually, I'm in a hurry. Peace out sucka" Ok...that's not what really happened. I said sure I'd be happy to wait. I chatted with him for a few minutes and he seemed genuinely interested in hiring me. Then came the question of my license...ugh! Why, oh why do these things take so long??? He said I'd be a great fit for the office and he was very interested but he thought they would hire someone sooner than the 3 weeks before I optimistically hope to have my license. NOOOO!!! But, it's ok. It means that there are jobs (or at least 1...make that there was 1 job) out there and I am hire-able (even if I have pink hair). It was an encouraging day.


what in the heck???

I do not know what in the heck Noam just made to drink but it smells like butt...mixed with coffee, then left to sit for 3 days.

tough times

I'm having a hard time here: Should I take a nap or go do morning cardio (which makes it sound like there's an afternoon cardio. I think there's supposed to be but usually there is not) and eat some breakfast?


moving on...up?

So I took my boards today. I was very nervous afterwards and felt like I did not have enough time. That is definitely a turnaround from a month ago, when I was so confident after attempt #1. The results will come in on Monday. I think I'll know how I truly feel about moving up to DC when I see those results. I've pretty much decided that if I pass, I am going to go up there. If I don't...well, I'm trying not to think about that! Will I be happy when I see the results? Or will my heart go down?
Here are my thoughts on the DC move thus far:

-it is a lot of money
-if Ed moves back to Charleston (likely), I won't have to run into him...I know it is a very poor reason for moving but they are my reasons and I get to pick them
-it snows in the DC area, and snow is pretty.
-I would be closer to my mom and family.
-Mary Beth is up that way and I miss the heck out of her!
-I'm not really happy in my living situation at the moment and this is an easy way to change it without having to evict anyone/break any leases.
-I don't have to deal with the fact that my hypothetical situation isn't going to happen and can live in denial. (again...crappy reason but it is mine!)

-It is not Charleston. I have been here for 8 years. I love it here. I love being able to wear flip flops 9-10 months out of the year. I love that I can go to the beach 7 months out of the year. I would have to start all over, getting to know a strange city: new hairdresser, new eyebrow person, new Mexican restaurant, new everything!
-It snows in DC and snow means cold. I don't like cold.
-I'd be missing out on my hypothetical situation (which I find very unlikely to happen and it seems to be on it's way out anyways)
-I'd be further from the Wilkie's and my pops.
-traffic sucks up that way!
-I'd miss my friends...I have some really good friends down here that I would truly and honestly miss. And yes, I know that good friends will stick with me no matter where I live but it definitely makes things easier when you can hang out with them and are not just dependent upon email/phone/text.

So my list of pros and cons are pretty much equal as far as the number of items on each list. Some things weigh more than others....I just don't know which list wins out. I guess I'll know for sure on Monday.