Hot Dog!

So I went to Jack's Cosmic Dog today...it was decent but no Wiener Works. I'd like to go back and customize my dog a little more...less chili, more cheese and more slaw, less onions and maybe try regular mustard instead of spicy. The fries were really good though and I forgot to get a Root Beer float...so I think another trip is going to be necessary before I can make a final decision.
I also would like to go on a hot dog tour...I'll get a hot dog with ketchup every hot dog place I visit. When you add in all the other toppings, there are too many variables. Perhaps I can go across the country doing this tasting.
Other than a hot dog...well I got a good laugh watching a friend trying to hang some shelves. And yes, I just watched...it wouldn't have been nearly as amusing if I actually helped. It would have been nice to play some Skipbo or Phase 10...maybe even Farkle...but alas, I don't have anyone to play with here.


Kevin said...

Ketchup is unnacceptable. The quality of the chili and mustard are what separates a great hot dog place from the ordinary. That, an6d the quality of the dog and bun. A Vienna all beef dog is good, but best with weird Chicago glow in the dark relish, sport peppers, pickle, tomato, cucumbers, celery salt, mustard and onions. Koegl's dogs are best with coney sauce, mustard and onion. The strangely bright red North Carolina dogs go with chili, mustard, onion and slaw.
The best plain hot dog, if that is what you want, is a tie between Nathan's and Vienna, both of which can be found in a grocery store.

Heto said...

Our intent is to stage the Great Toledo Chili Dog Taste-Off when your family is here next month. I think you should attend!

And while I agree with Kevin, I do think that ketchup is a perfectly legitimate hot dog topping. If that were not the case, a dog with ketchup would not be in the hot dog derby at ballparks across the nation!

I hope that when you do go on your Nation-wide Hot Dog Tour, you'll create a blog to follow your adventures. You might even be able to get a book deal out of it!