Save 90 A Day

Did you know that if you leave the water running while you brush your teeth, you waste about 90 glasses of water a day? So brushes up and water off!

I am committed to my oral health and to the health of our planet.
I agree to follow the advice of my dental professionals to brush my teeth twice a day and conserve ninety glasses of water every day by:

(1) Wetting my toothbrush under the water

(2) Turning off the tap

(3) Applying toothpaste

(4) Brushing my teeth for 2 minutes

(5) Filling a small glass with water

(6) Rinsing and swishing with water from the glass.

(7) Smiling!

I'm proud to "Save 90 A Day!"

Save 90 A Day



Ugh! I chickened out. I had this really good speech ready for Dr. Joe about how I didn't really want to be seeing other people (that also means I don't really like the idea of him seeing other people). And I chickened out. One day....


I feel old....

So I went out with a group of soccer girls tonight. The original plan was to go get sushi....which is what I went for. They were going out drinking afterwards. For whatever reason, I didn't foresee this. I looked ok for dinner...to tell you the truth, if I'd known we were going to a bar right afterwards, I would probably have worn the same thing. Jeans, long sleeve layered tee, and flats. These girls were in tight, short, minidresses and HIGH heels...ok so I would never have the guts to wear that outfit in the first place. But then we get to the bar and they're slamming back drinks and shimmying around pool sticks, and shimmying on each other....my roommate was salivating as I told him this story.
I remember those days...like 4 years ago. Maybe minus the tight, short, minidresses...but jeans and heels...shimmying...drinking, sign me up! Those were fun days...wonder why I don't act like that anymore. I think it's because I'm old.


I wish it would rain....

So I'm talking to this guy who I'm supposed to be going out with tomorrow and I really don't want to. My suggestion was to go to happy hour. It's cheap, has a time limit and I can always drink to make him more entertaining. He wants to go walk the bridge. That means I'm stuck with him for probably at least an hour. Now he wants to know where I live...somehow I think that he thinks it means I will ride with him. I will NOT ride with him. There are a couple reasons: 1) he might be crazy and try to murder me. 2) I have a feeling that afterwards I'm going to need to call someone to say, gross this guy was HORRIBLE! 3)I don't want him to know where I live.
This does not seem like it's going to be a good date. Then there's another guy I was emailing today and he's already on my nerves. Going on a date with him would also not be a good idea....

***Update:*** For those of you wondering, I went the chickenshit route and decided to not answer any of his crazy stalker phone calls or his IMs. So far, for today, he was stopped calling. Hopefully it won't resume tomorrow!


What a day, What a day!

So I'm a little down because I dont' have much going on right now. No job (or at least not one that gives me hours), no school, no one to talk to during the day...pretty much I'm bored!
I went downtown today to finish up some Christmas shopping and guess what totally cheered my day up? Some lady gave me a $10 off coupon for some jewelry because it was going to expire, and she wasn't going to use it...so I got it! And yes, I had already picked up some stuff to buy from there. And no, it wasn't for me. Ok well some of it was...but most of it was not.
THEN! I was feeling generous, I had seen Santa Claus, got this coupon, I was in a good mood! I decided to roll over to Kaminsky's (a yummy yummy bakery) to pass on the generousity and buy Dr. Joe a piece of cheesecake. Well, I couldn't decide for myself so I got pumpkin cheesecake, oreo cream pie, and blueberry pie. I figured that I could give the 3rd piece to his sister. Actually I was thinking I might eat 2 pieces, but giving it to his sister sounds a lot nicer. Well the guy ringing it up said that the Oreo pie was on him and he hoped it was delicious!
Now that's some nice Christmas spirit that's going on down here!


224 486284!

In case you aren't sure...that spells Bah Humbug in text! And I send that out to the grumpy old usher at the Sottile Theater. I went to go see A Christmas Carol at the theater tonight (yes, a real theater with a stage and actors...not a movie theater). During the intermission I spotted this really sweet holiday tie. Now for those of you who don't know: I'm not a fan of holiday ties...or holiday sweaters...or holiday jewelry. I love the holidays, I just don't feel the need to wear clothes that express this love. So since I guilted Dr. Joe into not wearing his holiday tie to a party the other night (hehehe...I know), I decided to take a picture of this usher's sweet tie and send it to Matt. I thought it might make him laugh. I tried to do it from afar so the guy wouldn't even know, but the camera phone doesn't zoom in. I decided to go up and ask him if I could please take a picture of his lovely holiday tie. I should have lied and said holiday ties made someone far far away who meant so very much to me very happy...but I didn't, just asked if I could take a picture. The grump said no! Then he grumbled on about cell phones and how he didn't know where the picture would end up. I offered to block his face out...but there was no persuading him. I even used my puppy dog eyes and pouty lip...no such luck.
So off I sulked back to my friends. I was explaining what he said, with my big pouty eyes and big pouty lip...and over he walks. He then proceeds to exclaim that someone was in the theater texting: Could we believe such a thing? Yes, I would believe it but it wasn't me. I didn't touch my phone during the whole performance. He also told us about a group of teenage girls who texted and took pictures during a whole hockey game and didn't even pay attention. Well, lookie here old man! I am not a teenage girl, and if they want to pay money to go sit in a cold ice rink and text, then get over it. If they weren't taking pictures with their cell phones, they would have done it with a regular camera. So get over yourself. I didn't walk up to you while you were in your car and start going off on how old people can't drive.
He then suggested the phone companies raise the prices of texting so that we are forced to call someone instead of text. Well I can't very well call Katie from class to tell her about V-Gotti wearing bedroom slippers. I need to text. Or if I'm in a crowded place and don't want to bother everyone with my conversation: I can send a text! Or if I just need a quick question answered and dont' want to be bothered with niceties...I can text.
I wanted to walk near him texting after the play and "accidently" run into him while texting and say "Oops! I was too busy texting to see you old grumpy scrooge-Usher"...but we went out a side door so I couldn't do just a little more to upset him.




Ok so I know I don't have to post every day now....but if you can imagine it: I'm screaming like a little girl. AOL has the free preview of the new Britney Spears CD Circus and it's soooo good! I wish I didn't have to go back to work so I could jam out the rest of the day. Oh well..it will be mine tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!