fries, frosties and a little place in hell

A viewback to last year...I thought this was really funny:

So Ed and I were coming back from our awesome weekend in Greenville and we decided to stop at a Wendy's right outside of Columbia. He's been after me to try fries and frosties (which sounds downright disgusting), so off to Wendy's we go. We were waiting in the slowest moving line ever and there was what appeared to be a group of church-goers in front of us. Normal, seeing as how it was Sunday afternoon and all. All of a sudden, a group of 3 13-ish year old boys look at each other, give a little nod and burst into song. Like, pop, boy band song. Harmonizing and all. It was like I met DJ all over again (sorry Jess). Then, to make it worse, another 2 kids walked in, one of the originals gave THEM the nod, and they went into a Christmas song. Now I usually like Christmas and all, but this was just too much. This continued the whole time we were in line...about 10 minutes. I really wanted to go up to these boys and tell them about DJ and what their life would end up like...but instead we just made fun of them.



So I just got home from MD...been gone for a week. Decided to drive on through so I could get stuff done tomorrow before Dr. Joe came over for dinner. Now I was already contemplating cancelling...claiming I was sick or something. After all, my throat is kinda hurting. Ok, not really but it COULD BE by tomorrow. Anyways, I walk in and say...hmmm. What's that odor? My genius roommate left food not very well covered in the fridge. Now my house smells like his food that tasted good a week ago. Doesn't leave such a great odor though. Now I have even more reason to cancel. I refuse to clean up after my lazy roommate.


Fun Fact Friday

8 Favorite TV Shows:
1. How I Met Your Mother
2. Big Bang Theory
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Private Practice
5. Survivor: Gabon
6. The Biggest Loser
7. Brookhaven Obesity Clinic
8. CSI: Miami

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
1. I tried O'Boyle stuffing.
2. I did the majority of this year's Christmas puzzle.
3. Evie finally peed.
4. Jeff and Lauren came over for dinner.
5. I took a nice 2 hour nap.
6. I walked on the treadmill on an incline.
7. Uncle Art walked Evie in his pajamas.
8. My mom walked Evie in her pajamas.

8 Favorite Places to Eat
1. Weiner Works
2. BBQ Hut
3. Micasita's
4. The Wilkie's House
5. Papa John's
6. Fondue places
7. Bocci's
8. Bojangles

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:
1. Passing pharmacology
2. Being done with classes
3. my work Christmas party
4. Another date with GI Joe
5. Getting back home to a clean house
6. Leaving Evie at Uncle Art and Aunt Molly's :)
7. Being able to run a 5k
8. Wearing my rockin' cowboy boots

8 Things On My Wish List:
1. Guitar Hero World Tour
2. Playstation 3
3. How I Met your Mother seasons 1 & 2
4. Pillows for my bed and my guest bed
5. A set of full size sheets for the guest bed
6. A new computer
7. Money to pay for my national/regional boards, assuming I pass pharmacology
8. Britney Spears new CD

8 People I Tag:
1. Nicole
2. Lauren
3. Heather
4. Emily
5. Mother
6. Katie
7. Kevin
8. Auntie C

new phone

I got a new phone...and I am still getting used to it but I think I like it. The only thing is I'm having trouble texting on it...and we all know I can't live without that! I'm on the phone with Verizon now...so please help me figure it out Verizon techs!!!

Update: Kinana figured it out...yippee for her!


Thesaurus-lacking Thought-provoking Thanksgiving Thursday Thirteen

Fayetteville always brings back good (but scary) memories...so here goes: If I still lived in Fayetteville, what would my life be like?

1. I would have a grill. (and no not the kind you cook burgers on)
2. I would still drink Mad Dog 20/20 and St. Ides.
3. I would not be married. (ok...so no changes there)
4. I would have 3 kids...and pregnant with the 4th & 5th.
5. They would all be by different guys.
6. I would work as a cashier at the Dollar Store.
7. I would work part time at Bojangles.
8. I would have to weigh 500+ lbs in order to work at Bojangles.
9. I would live down the screet from the Wilkies and eat scrawberries and go scraight to the score. (for those of you who can't figure that out...it's down the STreet from the Wilkie's and eat STrawberries and go STraight to the STore.)
10. I would have a different guy from the 4 baby daddy's living in my trailer with me...and he wouldn't pay rent and he would beat me and my kids.
11. My electricity would get turned off every month.
12. I would sit in a lawn chair in my front "yard" with a Budweiser and think how awesome my life would be.
13. I wouldn't be able to blog because I couldn't afford the internet.

Good thing I moved away! But it's always nice to go back and visit :)


oh my gosh...stop hitting your brakes!

Yes Emily...BBQ Hut. It's down the road from Video Hut. There's also Sunglass Hut in the mall. We like huts in Fayetteville. I also got some yummy Weiner Works today. It definitely went downhill though because the girl who was working there was NOT 300+ lbs and didn't squish the hot dog into the bun...ah but I still loved my hot dog.
Oh and to the F-er on the motorcycle who cut me off and then proceeded to drive 60 in a 70 mph alongside your buddy...I hate you. That's why I cut you off.


Scrawberries and French Fries

So I came back to Fayetteville today...here's how I knew I was back: I had stopped in at BBQ Hut (good stuff...in fact scrumdidilyumptious stuff)and I dropped the money as I handed it to the cashier. I apologized and she said "Nah, you're straight" Actually she may have said I was scraight but I'm so accustomed to the st sound being replaced with the sc sound that I didn't notice. Ahhh...only in Fayetteville.
Then we had spaghetti for dinner and it was AWESOME (said in a sing-song awesome voice). I love the Wilkie's cooking. I also love the Wilkie's...I forget how much I miss them when I'm away. Then I come home and remember how awesome they are. Lil J is cute as ever. Dylan and Christopher are getting super big. Dylan is as tall as I am and Christopher is missing like 7 teeth!
Oh and a joke from Christopher:
Q: Why did Tigger go into the bathroom?
A: To find Pooh....get it...poo...Pooh...haha, ah the humor of a 7 year old!


What came first: the chicken nugget or the egg mcmuffin?

Not much has happened today and my computer is going painfully slow. I wish it was the end of November and I could stop blogging every day



So I ran out to Linen' & Things (hoping for some good sales on sheets,no such luck)...and oh my gosh don't people have control over their children? They were sitting in the carts just screaming. Not crying, not screaming like a fit...just screaming. Seriously...shut your kid up or I will. Ok...well I won't but I'll think about all the ways that I could shut your kid up.
I think no more going to shopping centers for me until after Christmas.



C: I want a personal trainer for Christmas
Me: Oh...good idea, do you belong to a gym?
C: Goals
Me: Oh...do you have one in mind?
C: Goals
Me: Yeah...I know...so which one do you want to join?
C: Ummm.... *this is where the really annoyed look comes in*
Me: I get it, your goal is to join a gym....now which one?
C: *bursting into laughter* No, GOLDS! Not goals...Gold's gym.
Me: Ohhhhhhhh

And for the rest of the night I need to avoid my big brother's phone call since NC State stomped on Carolina. Ugh! I didn't see that one coming. Oh well...there's always basketball season to gloat.



I actually got to work a full 8 hours today...it was very exciting. I know...weird to be excited to work but I usually like my job so long as the drama is at a low for the day. It's crazy how much drama goes on there and a little annoying. But today was a low drama day, Keri, Sheri, AND Joey were all in a good mood...their moods never coincide!
I'm looking forward to other days when I can work a full day...not to mention that I also get paid which is always a plus.


I'm back!

Ok the test is done....I can now relax and stop stressing. Hopefully my eye twitch will start to go away because it is really starting to piss me off....as it goes off again. I swear thinking about my eye twitch stresses me out so it twitches...and I stress...and it twitches. Evil, evil cycle!
I also need to learn to shut my mouth about my blog. I was talking to one of the adjunct faculty about my blog and she asked for the address. I started to give it to her but actually stopped to think before speaking. Here were my thoughts: "If I give her the address, she can read it and hopefully laugh. Maybe she'll think I'm funny...I like her, I don't mind if I amuse her. What if she then comes and tells Mrs. Stewart or Ankerson or WORSE Gottsman about the blog? What if they read it...I have probably written some things that they would not approve of...like calling Ms. G a raging B! (which she is, I call them like I see them) This could go very badly..."
I told her it was on blogspot but not sure if she'll be able to find it or not...

Oh and speaking of V-Gotti being a raging B...she gave me a 0 on "conveys an understanding of principles previously learned" because I accidently wrote Roger Dr and it should have been Koger Dr...so I just wrote a K over the R. I did the same on the zip code, still completely legible and it was to go in the mail to a patients house. Obviously I didn't learn the fact that that is wrong last semester. I did learn how much I hate her though.

Good times...

So NOT when one should think of their presidential candidate:



Brit Brit!

13 more days!!!!! That's all I have time to say. Must go study. Boo...after tomorrow I get a 2 week break with nothing to do.



I got an A in my anesthesia class so if anyone wants to feel like they got punched in the face..I can do it!
I also got an A on my perio test!
But now I have to study for my pharmacology test...so blogs will be short until Thursday because I have to study. Ugh!


Help Wanted!

Ok so part of what is liked about me is that I can come up with random but fun things to do...I didn't know I had this capability. I'm drawing a blank here on what the next random but fun activity should be.
We had talked about walking around in his fave area of town but it's supposed to be freakishly cold this week and I'm a wus.
Walking the bridge also came up but again...cold...wus.
I thought about trivia but you really need a group of people to play that and I don't know that I"m ready for him to meet my friends.
We could go to Barnes & Noble but that's not a very interactive date.
So...here's been the deal so far: 1st date...my fave pizza place and a walk downtown. 2nd date: Charleston Museum (oldest one in the nation! and leatherback turtles eat jellyfish). 3rd date: his house for dinner and HIMYM. 4th date:..........Any suggestions????

The date

So I had absolutely no reason to be nervous last night...I have a tendency of freaking myself out over nothing. He's made roast, baked potatoes and veggies...everything was good. We walked his sister's dog...he made a comment about walking in a dark shadowy area of the condos as romantic...I pointed out that murderers could be lurking behind the trees (I know...kinda killed that moment, hehe!)...my boots were awesome, even though I accidentally left the price tag on the bottom of the shoe and based on his reaction I think he thought I overpaid....he's wrong though, they were so worth the money. I almost put them on with my awesome new PJ pants instead of slippers this morning. I would have taken a picture of that for you Heather :)

Test this morning...ugh! What in the heck does the muscle that keeps food on the occlusal surface of the posterior teeth have to do with anesthesia? You answer that for me Ms. Gottsman and...well, I'll still think it was crap to have that question on the test. And, no don't ask me what the answer is because I guessed the massetter muscle but I really am not sure.


blah blah

Nothing exciting has happened today...I went shopping with Prego Beth which was fun. I got some new pajamas :) I also found footie pj's at Target which are super cute...the feet look like monkey heads. I want them! I also got a really cute pair of cowboy-looking boots from Nine West on a super good sale...been wanting those for a while so the purchase is justified.
Tonight I have a 3rd date with GI Joe...I"m going to his house and he's making pot roast. We're going to watch How I Met Your Mother...should be a nice evening. Ok seriously though I'm really nervous, though I have absolutely no reason to be and I"m freaking out over nothing...but still! Ugh! I'm sure it will be fine though...I'm going to wear my new cowboy boots which I"m sure will just make the evening perfect! Updates tomorrow.


Oh no!

Katie made me nervous tonight...we got on to the topic of guys with facial hair, which then put us onto the topic of kissing guys with facial hair. That then turned into kissing new guys...and people who are bad kissers. Sigh...things that a girl has to worry about nowadays.
As you can tell I have nothing else to blog about...this is going to be a rough last half of the month unless some exciting things happen. Oh yeah and thanks to the waiter who got me my brussel sprouts tonight. No thanks to the $5 you charged for them.


Best Buy Stalking

So I went to Best Buy tonight to check out the prices on How I Met Your Mother seasons 1 & 2. (they will be on my Christmas list...if I get presents this year) I haven't been in that store since I started avoiding Sexy Lexy. I was really worried that I would run into him (which would only start a new onslaught of phone calls/texts). Once I got there though I was hoping to see him from afar without him actually seeing me. For those of you who don't know: Sexy Lexy was nice to look at but if you actually talked to him you wanted to beat your head against a wall. I just wanted to check if he was as cute as I remember or if I was just delusional back then. I definitely didn't want to talk to him!
It was safe...he wasn't there. I guess I can resume my BB shopping now without fear. And yes, I know...why am I picking up employees at BB? He was at least a manager though...does that make it better?


So I read this on 100 Emails, 20 Dates and found this list of qualities she was looking for in a guy. I totally loved it and agreed mostly with her...so I stole it :) and amended it :)

--Smart: curious, open-minded, intellectually challenges me while letting his own ideas be challenged by me
--Funny: clever and/or slightly absurd sense of humor, slightly inappropriate sense of humor is preferable
--Conspiratorial: I want a partner in crime, someone to snicker in a corner with or run off and plan a practical joke on someone together
--Emotionally steady: More than someone to pour my heart out to when I’m upset, I need someone who can help ground me, be my emotional anchor
--Laughs at my jokes, even the inappropriate ones (P. once told me, “You make every joke inappropriate.” That was one of my favorite compliments)
--Has a job, or at least plans to get one and has some ambition in life.
--Celebrates birthdays, meaning mine
--Says “yes” or “maybe” to new things more often than “no”
--Physically affectionate: gives good hugs, preferably someone who can sleep all snuggled up
--Friendly/Sociable: someone who can get along with, or at least pretend to get along with, my friends.
--Lusts after me (and I lust after him) — you know, not every minute or even every day, but you want to be with someone you want
--Extra credit: someone who wants to try to help me finish the NY Times crossword puzzle every Sunday over breakfast


Excuse me Aunt Molly!

I heard a rumor...that we are having O'Boyle stuffing. Not that O'Boyle stuffing is bad. Some people really like O'Boyle stuffing and in their mind O'Boyle stuffing is delicious. I just grew up with Staus stuffing and that is my preference.
I think that we may just need to have 2 oven-baked turkeys (I'll give up the fried one) so that we can all be happy...or you can sacrifice your happiness for me :)


Pizza Pizza!

So my date tonight went much better than with Poodlehead. I think because a) Poodlehead was the first guy I went out with since Him Who We Do Not Speak Of and b)Poodlehead is much more shy and quiet than GI Joe. Also, some of the things I wasn't such a fan of with Him Who We Do Not Speak Of would not be an issue with GI Joe.
Things went well...he said I was funny and I keep him on his toes. Not sure if keeping him on his toes is a good thing or not???
Also, you know how people usually put the absolute best picture they have up so you think they are really super cute. Then you see them in person and are like, "Who is this troll and where is the guy in the picture?" Well he didn't have BAD pictures up...but he looked like he did in the pictures but cuter.
So we shall see if there is a 2nd date and go from there. Without giving away my whole game plan, I kinda hope we will go out again.



-to me thinking I was completely prepared for the test today.
-to there not being a road connecting the gas station and Hardee's
-to Hardee's chicken strips not being as delicious as I had hoped!
-to Ms. Gottsman for just being herself
-to my patient's calculus being still on her teeth
-to me for not getting it off
-to Ms. Simmons for realizing I did not get it off
-to Evie for being scared of all the other dogs at the dog park
-to all the other dogs at the dog park who wanted to hump Evie
-to it not being time for me to go to bed so I can stop yelling ARRRRRRRGH at everything.

But thank you to:
-my patient for showing up today
-Hardee's for having good fries
-Ms. Simmons for understanding that it was just a rough day
-Evie for not being an easy dog and allowing the other dogs to hump her.
-my second random blog commenter. And any other randomers out there who want to say they like my blog
-GI Joe and all the other soldiers/veterans who defend our country.
-my friends (and their moms) for making me feel better after my rotten day


Brit Brit

Britney Spears new CD comes out December 2!!! I'm well aware that SOME of you might not think that is good news. I think it is great news! 22 more days!


Oh Oh!

I got my first comment from a random person! Yippee! haha...this shouldnt' be so exciting should it? Anywho, thanks for reading Kristi...maybe we can be blog friends?

Peeing in the Yard

Oysters are yummy! Beer is yummy! Oysters and beer are yummy! Meeting a dad after 3 dates is NOT so yummy.


Shoes on!

So I went on a date last night and he took his shoes off in the movie theater. Now I'm all about getting comfy in the theater...prop your feet up on the back of the chair in front of you, slouch down, toss on a sweatshirt...but keep your shoes on!
In other news...I guess I dropped popcorn down my shirt last night because when I took off the tank top, there it was. Mashed into my skin. Lovely, huh? Oh and no, I didn't eat it. I considered it, but I threw it away instead.


I feel like I got punched in the face

We practiced maxillary injections on each other today. The anesthesia is supposed to last 1-2 hours. I'm on hour 2 now. Not such a fan of this feeling, though since only half my lip moves, I can do a mean Elvis lip!


I really hate school

For the past 2 days I have had this urge to just start drinking. I actually went by a restaurant with plans to get a margarita (or 2) at lunch and then go to the nursing home. Unfortunately they were closed so no drinks for me. I really really really need a break from school. The next month cannot pass quickly enough. And seriously classmates...stop asking me for money! SADHA dues here...bake sale there...luncheon everywhere...stop it already! What little money I do have, I need to spend on drinking to cope with you all.


Oh no! They can't take away my wine!

According to an article I just read many wines have metal in them in unsafe levels. They raise warnings for "THQ" levels above 1 for seafood...and some of these wines have 50-200 per glass! According to the article: "The levels of vanadium, copper and manganese had the highest impact on THQ measures, researchers said. Excess intake of metal ions has been linked to neurological problems like Parkinson's disease." The scientists deemed wines from Brazil, Italy and Argentina to be safe. If I were to get Parkinson's disease I'd have trouble holding my wine glass :(

I don't want to grow up!

Well maybe not so much grow up but rather grow old. We went to the nursing home today to see patients and I really don't want to end up in somewhere like that. It was a nice place and seemed pretty clean but still...it was pretty depressing. Most of our patients had pretty moderate deposits on their teeth (that's plaque and calculus...it was like caked on, gross!) and were unable to brush on their own. The ones who had dentures didnt' take them out so they never got cleaned. A classmate said that the nurses' aides changed people's diapers right in front of them. It would just make me sad. I hope that when I get to that age I'm still mobile and if I did have to go live in a nursing home that I would be around people like me that could still participate in and enjoy life. If I'm not mobile, I can only hope that my kids will come brush my teeth for me and make sure I still have a little bit of dignity.
Now I am making no promises to my own parents not to hole them up in a place like that and never come visit, I just don't want it for myself! Just kidding...I'll come see you once a month :) Or at least on holidays :)


Oh really?

Horrible...just horrible. I will give 1 more chance but let me just say this: No more personality...no more chances. But really cute :)


Daylight Savings

I went to let Evie out this morning and glanced at the clock in the kitchen. It said 8:30 so I thought to myself, "yeah! Another 30 min of sleep!"...I had forgotten to change that clock so thought it was really 7:30. Nope...I had changed the clock late last night so it was really 8:30 and I should have been up 30 minutes ago. Oopsy! So now, most of my clocks are right but I don't know how to change the one in my car. Surely I can't be the only one confused by what time it really is.


I accept your challenge

Heather, I accept your blog challenge. I will try to blog everyday for the month of November!


Trick or Treat!

Well the costume didn't turn out quite as great as I was hoping for...but it was lots of fun leaving a trail of "breading" everywhere I went...hehe. Sorry Beth for cornflaking you on the rickshaw! For those of you who didn't know...I was fried chicken :)

Boy Killed While Trick-or-Treating

Boy Killed While Trick-or-Treating
SUMTER, S.C. (Nov. 1) - A 12-year-old boy was shot to death while trick-or-treating with his family, struck with 30 rounds, shocking residents of a South Carolina neighborhood where most people know each other well.
A man in police custody confessed to the shooting, saying he emptied an AK-47 through his front door when he saw people with masks approaching, the Sumter Police Department said.
"I just hate it that that little kid got killed. It used to be the quietest place. I knew everybody and everybody knew me," Vivian Johnson, 81, said Saturday.
She has lived for decades two doors from the house where the boy was killed and his father and brother injured Friday night, but she said she does not know the people who live there now.
Police offered no motive and said it did not appear the family knew the people in the house, which is off a busy, two-lane road in Sumter, a city of about 40,000 people 45 miles east of Columbia. On Saturday, shattered glass still covered the front stoop and about 20 bullet holes peppered the front door and a front-window casement.
Quentin Patrick, 22, has been charged with murder and three counts of assault and battery with intent to kill. Police officers found AK-47 rounds had shot through the doors, walls and windows of the house, and they recovered that gun as well as a 9mm gun. He is a convicted felon who is not allowed to own firearms.
Police also arrested Ericka Patrice Pee, 19, who was in the house with her 2-year-old daughter. She tried to flee the home with Patrick and $7,500 in cash, police said. She is charged with obstructing justice.
More charges are expected against both suspects, police said.
"Most times you can find an explanation no matter how strange or twisted it is. Right now we have no explanation," said Mayor Joseph T. McElveen. "Sumter's certainly not a violent town but we're not isolated to having tragedies like this happen. It doesn't make it any better."
Police said the the boy, his parents and four children were returning from a city-sponsored event downtown where about 4,000 costumed children had celebrated Halloween when they stopped to collect candy at a home with a porch light on. The father, Freddie Grinnell, and three boys approached the house. The mother stayed in the car nearby with the toddler.
As the family waited, they thought they heard fireworks. Grinnell, T.J. Darrisaw, 12, and Ahmadre Darrisaw, 9, were hit by gunfire from inside the house. T.J., struck several times, died at a hospital, Coroner Verna Moore said. His father and brother were taken to a hospital, treated and released. The others were not hurt.
Sumter Police Chief Patty Patterson said there were other people inside during the shooting, but she didn't expect them to be charged.
There was no answer Saturday morning at the mobile home police listed as Patrick's address, although neighbor Larry Sigler said he thought Patrick's mother lived there.
Sigler said Patrick didn't seem like someone prone to violence.
A neighbor said he heard a loud noise about the time of the shooting and thought it was simply Halloween mischief.
"I thought, trick-or-treat night — pranks go down. Anything goes," said Lenwood Dixon, 49, who works at a hazardous waste and recycling company. "I heard a noise like maybe gunfire, then my daughter saw a bunch of lights flashing and saw some cops."
In his six years in the neighborhood, he said he wasn't aware of any violent crimes. He said a few trick-or-treaters had been on his block that night.
"I'm surprised. Since I was here, I'd never heard of anything like that happening. It's a quiet neighborhood," he said. "You don't see many children in the neighborhood. It's more elderly."
County Councilman Charles Edens said he lives just a few blocks away from where the shooting happened and passed the flashing lights of police cars on his way back from trick-or-treating with his 13-year-old daughter, who was upset at the news.
"It's going to put a dampening on Halloween," Eden said. "I would think twice about going to a door that we don't know who lives behind."