Help Wanted!

Ok so part of what is liked about me is that I can come up with random but fun things to do...I didn't know I had this capability. I'm drawing a blank here on what the next random but fun activity should be.
We had talked about walking around in his fave area of town but it's supposed to be freakishly cold this week and I'm a wus.
Walking the bridge also came up but again...cold...wus.
I thought about trivia but you really need a group of people to play that and I don't know that I"m ready for him to meet my friends.
We could go to Barnes & Noble but that's not a very interactive date.
So...here's been the deal so far: 1st date...my fave pizza place and a walk downtown. 2nd date: Charleston Museum (oldest one in the nation! and leatherback turtles eat jellyfish). 3rd date: his house for dinner and HIMYM. 4th date:..........Any suggestions????


Mom said...

Scrabble is a good game for two people! But stop being a wus.... you better get used to the cold if you are coming to Maryland for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

Heto said...

Cold is what, 50? Put on a sweatshirt! Fifty is not cold... stop being a wuss!

and I agree with your mom; Scrabble is fun. OR what if you made dinner together? That could be fun! Too bad there aren't any cornmazes in Charleston :)

Nicole said...

Trivia with just the two of you could be fun. I keep thinking of asking a guy I know to trivia. I think it would be a good way of seeing how he thinks (and how we both deal with it when we're each convinced we're right).

Nicole said...

Oh, and I agree, 50 is cold. I live in San Francisco, and people start pulling out the winter coats at 50. They also sunbathe at about 65 degrees. We're wimps here.