Thesaurus-lacking Thought-provoking Thanksgiving Thursday Thirteen

Fayetteville always brings back good (but scary) memories...so here goes: If I still lived in Fayetteville, what would my life be like?

1. I would have a grill. (and no not the kind you cook burgers on)
2. I would still drink Mad Dog 20/20 and St. Ides.
3. I would not be married. (ok...so no changes there)
4. I would have 3 kids...and pregnant with the 4th & 5th.
5. They would all be by different guys.
6. I would work as a cashier at the Dollar Store.
7. I would work part time at Bojangles.
8. I would have to weigh 500+ lbs in order to work at Bojangles.
9. I would live down the screet from the Wilkies and eat scrawberries and go scraight to the score. (for those of you who can't figure that out...it's down the STreet from the Wilkie's and eat STrawberries and go STraight to the STore.)
10. I would have a different guy from the 4 baby daddy's living in my trailer with me...and he wouldn't pay rent and he would beat me and my kids.
11. My electricity would get turned off every month.
12. I would sit in a lawn chair in my front "yard" with a Budweiser and think how awesome my life would be.
13. I wouldn't be able to blog because I couldn't afford the internet.

Good thing I moved away! But it's always nice to go back and visit :)

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Nicole said...

I love the "I would be pregnant with the 4th and 5th" and "They would all be by different guys." Twins by two different fathers!

A friend sent me the link to www.bumwine.com. I never knew until then that Mad Dog 20/20 wasn't really called Mad Dog.