Shoes on!

So I went on a date last night and he took his shoes off in the movie theater. Now I'm all about getting comfy in the theater...prop your feet up on the back of the chair in front of you, slouch down, toss on a sweatshirt...but keep your shoes on!
In other news...I guess I dropped popcorn down my shirt last night because when I took off the tank top, there it was. Mashed into my skin. Lovely, huh? Oh and no, I didn't eat it. I considered it, but I threw it away instead.


Heto said...

Ditch him. Any guy who takes off his shoes on the first date is trying to get too familiar, too soon.

What movie did you see, anyway?

Heto said...

I also forgot to say, next he'll be expecting you to provide him with clean socks.

Besides, what kinds of people take off their shoes in a movie theater, anyway?! I used to work in a movie theater and I know those floors are GROSS. I don't know how often they're mopped, but I am sure they aren't swept between each movie.

Kristin said...

It was the 2nd date but yeah, not appropriate at all! And yes I'm sure the floors were gross. We saw Role Models. Funny parts (and more than just in the trailer) but just parts were funny, not the whole movie.

Kristi said...

Randomized my way to you from NaBloPoMo. That's a little weird - who takes their shoes off in the movie theater?! What was he even trying to say with that statement..."Hey, my feet are SO BIG that my shoes are uncomfortable! Here, look! You know what they say about big feet, har har!"

I was on a 2nd date once with a guy who, no shit, started spitting on the floor of the restaurant. WTH???!! Needless, to say that date ended quickly.

Good luck - with the date, and November NaBloPoMo.

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when I read this. I always drop popcorn down my shirt when I go to a movie and am horrified at myself when I discover it as I'm changing later on.