She's Here!

The fat kid is here. She's sitting in my bed eating mini Reese's (yum!) And drinking milk. I really need her to go away!I can see how people get fat overnight.

Cool V. Uncool

I got an email today from the head of the cheer program with a picture of one of our 14(maybe 15) year old girls drinking a beer. Now...she tried to hide it but really? Blue can? White stripe down the side with a tiny red stripe beside it? I know she put it in a coozie but really? Everyone knows whats in the can... I'm shocked that this girl was the one in the picture (there were a couple other cheerleaders in the pic...who actually didn't have a beer up and showing which is shocking although I'm just happy they didn't have crack in the picture. Drinking would be the least of what I would worry about with them) because she is a good girl but I think a little bit of a follower. Then again, what 14 year old girl isn't?
I briefly thought about telling her mom except - I wouldn't be surprised if her mom knew (after all the pics were on her facebook page) and I know her mom has been super stressed out and don't want to add to it. Plus it's not like I caught her in the act. Eh...I'm so disappointed in her though.


I Hate Paris in the Springtime...

French Kiss is on. I love that movie. I got it for Christmas but still haven't watched it. Lucky for me it's on tv so I don't even have to go downstairs to get the dvd. besides, I'm busy being the fat kid and laying in bed having milk and cookies. I'm so good at being the fat kid.



I almost called Early tonight. Almost. I stopped myself. I realized how awkward the convo would have been. it's been nearly a month since I've talked to him. yes I miss him but what would I say? I could say that much plus a little more but then what? I would need more. I couldn't just say "I miss you" bc that wouldn't be enough. I need more and I guess I'm not prepared to say more. I don't think I could say enough to change his mind. Instead I buried myself in dental info and researching the foaming agent in toothpaste. Sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium n-lauryl sucinate in case you were wondering. Dental information is always nice & comforting. It can't mislead you. It only gives you facts and let's you interpret them.
Now if only I could make my neighbors (not a and w) quiet down so I could get some sleep and get Early out of my head before I convince myself to call him and make a fool out of myself.


Deduce This!

I'm beginning to think I'm not feeling well. Things that lead me to think this:
- my ear hurts every so often, like a quick throb and then it's gone. But it still makes me wince.
- I want to vomit.
- I don't want to eat. This could be because I want to vomit. I tried to eat my cure-all tonight - french fries and sprite but wasn't hungry.
- I'm moody. This is normal but I'm more moody than normal.
- Baby Got Back came on the radio and I wasn't tempted to dance. Sing? Yes. Dance? no :(


Good V. Evil

I should really learn to not watch Extreme Home Makeover...it makes me cry every single time. Seriously. Where do they find these incredibly good people in such crumbly homes? It's so sad but so happy. It makes me want to be a better person ...At least it's followed by Desperate Housewives so I can go back to feeling evil afterwards.

Update: DH is a repeat tonight. Unfortunately that leaves me with that warm fuzzy feeling tonight. I did tune into Worst Cooks In America for the first time and I'm inspired to make a delicious burger now! Except i don't have a grill. I do have a grill pan. Plus it's cold so I'm not so sure I would want to grill outside anyways.


Duh duh duh

Those Were the dreaded duhs. Not good ones. I tried to blog on the way to my date about how I just really hoped he wasn't ugly. I realize how shallow that is but maybe I'm a little on the shallow side. Who isn't? Well the good news, he wasn't ugly. I don't know if I'd go as far as to say super cute...but not ugly. The bad news? He was a douche. Actually an uber douche. Ugh. Why is it so hard to date? This is lame. This should not be so hard.

Lunch Blog

I have an extra long lunch today...so I figured I'd take 2 seconds to blog - I have a date tonight but I can't seem to get stupid Early out of my head. Seriously - it's been over a month. Get out of my head! I should probably not go on a date while thinking about someone else...but eh...
I also just got off match.com. I was waiting for my subscription to run out (which it does in 3 days) and had every intention of getting off there regardless of my relationship status. Now...I am super off there. Officially cancelled.
Thirdly, I want to get another dog. I'd like to name it Jean Valjean. It should be a french dog of some sort because with a name like jean valjean, it can't be a big goofy dog. The name doesn't fit. Plus Jean Valjean (who, initially at least, will be referred to by his full name) would give Evie someone to play with. They'd have so much fun. I'm not actually going to get another dog but I like the idea.


I Want...

I want an afro puff. Seriously. I'm not lying. My patient had a super cute one and yes, she was black & yes she rocked it...but I could rock it too. The black part, I can't do much about. But white girls can have afro puffs, right? She had this super cool 70's earthy feel about her...all because of her hair. It did make it difficult to clean her teeth though because I couldn't get close enough. The hair was in the way.


Wedding Daze

This weekend, a very good friend of mine got married. I'm so excited for her & was very happy to be invited to support her in the beginning of this new chapter of her life. The wedding was so much fun - perhaps one of the most fun weddings I've been to! At first I was all sad-like because I didn't have a date...but I took A since she is also friends with the bride and she was a much more fun date than any boy! I didn't have to worry about keeping her entertained and that she was having fun. No, I did not have a built in dance partner but A and I did shag a couple times...or tried. A had to be the boy and I was the mostly clueless girl - but by the end, we were either drunk enough to think we looked good doing it or we really did look like we knew what we were doing. Either way it was fun.
Plus, another girl wasn't able to make it to the wedding (sad face) but her boyfriend did come so I adopted him as my dance partner - he wasn't exactly willing...but I dragged him into it!
It was a wedding filled weekend - next weekend is going to seem quite tame.


You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For...

BACON! We finally won food trivia! It's been five months of trying but we finally did it. I'm going to be riding this high for like a month! I'm so glad I decided to go. And hopefully my other effort from tonight will have paid off as well but I'll have to wait on that....oh and the prize? A pound of bacon & a $10 gift certificate to e.v.o.


They're Gonna Make Me Go To Rehab

I fell off the wagon. I didn't just fall off. The wagon then ran me over. I spent the past 5 days moping around my house as much as possible. I feel a little like Linus (I think...) from the Peanuts, carrying my blanket around with me.
I just finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett and I'm pretty sure the character of Skeeter is based on me. I mean, minus the whole part about writing a book about interracial relations. And the part about doing something important & helpful with their life. But the part about having the boyfriend who wants to take "space" as though the relationship was physics and not a human relationship. Sounds so freaking familiar. At least her's decides that he does actually like her - mine? Not so much. Oh well. It happens. I'm taking Skeeter's stance and am trying not to feel sorry for myself every minute of the day. It hasn't been going so well thus far but there's always tomorrow. I know I need to keep myself busy and find things to do. I even made a list. It's finding the energy & desire to do them so I can stop moping.
I have a date supposedly later on this week. An official time has not been set but the offer has been made. I didn't much want to but I said yes because it doesn't make sense to wait on Early to change his mind. That's not going to happen. I'd like it to though. *sigh*


Dear Y102.5,
Please stop playing sappy ass music that applies to my life. You generally don't have a great playlist to begin with but when you play songs like "i can't make you love me", "don't speak", and"i will survive", I begin to think it is intentional. Why don't you just put "duke of earl" on repeat in case there is any chance of me forgetting about him for 2 minutes.

Also I'd like to send a shout out to the lady who works at Bojangles: Bitch, if I want extra seasoning on my fries, then just do it. Don't tell me they are already in the bag.

Your forcefully loyal listener,



It's a New Dawn, A New Day...

and I'm feeling good...and I'm quoting Michael Buble songs. That needs to stop! Bear with me, this post is going to be full of randomness

1. I'm not starting the new year off as a vegetarian. Bacon & hashbrowns for breakfast. Pork & sauerkraut & collards for dinner. But I am cooking at home a lot more, which has been fun, minus all the leftovers.

2. I was brushing my teeth last night and found myself staring at a picture on my bathroom wall. Why do I still have a picture of C & I, and 2 other friends, hanging on my wall? He won't speak to me. I'm just prolonging my torture. So the picture came down. And, you know what? If people (yes there are multiples - crazy, I know) don't want to speak to me, fine, don't. I tried to talk to all of you, but it's your loss. I'm done pining away for a phone call or text. I've got better things to do and I'll find friends who do want to talk to me. Bump you.

3. I'm rethinking my Chicago move. I mean, I really want to go but I think Evie would be miserable. Is it weird to consider what I think my dog would want? She hates the cold! I was thinking about leaving her with my dad for a year while I got settled in and decided if I wanted to stay there...but a whole year without her? I'd be lost! Who would I go on a walk with in the mornings? Who would I talk to around the house? Who would snuggle up on the couch with me?

4. Which brings me to my next thought: My most used Christmas presents this year? My snuggie & the blankets my aunt made Evie and I. Evie's blanket has given her couch priveledges, which she loves. And mine, I'm curled up under if I don't have the Snuggie on.

5. I used my Kindle to read a book for the first time last night. I definitely need to invest in a cover. It hurts my wrist to hold it. My wrist is at a weird angle. Also, I hit the "next page" button too early and always have to flip back. It's going to take some getting used to.

Ok...that's it for randomness today. I'm off to take a shower & then head to the gym. I know, that's backwards but I'll shower after the gym too.