It's a New Dawn, A New Day...

and I'm feeling good...and I'm quoting Michael Buble songs. That needs to stop! Bear with me, this post is going to be full of randomness

1. I'm not starting the new year off as a vegetarian. Bacon & hashbrowns for breakfast. Pork & sauerkraut & collards for dinner. But I am cooking at home a lot more, which has been fun, minus all the leftovers.

2. I was brushing my teeth last night and found myself staring at a picture on my bathroom wall. Why do I still have a picture of C & I, and 2 other friends, hanging on my wall? He won't speak to me. I'm just prolonging my torture. So the picture came down. And, you know what? If people (yes there are multiples - crazy, I know) don't want to speak to me, fine, don't. I tried to talk to all of you, but it's your loss. I'm done pining away for a phone call or text. I've got better things to do and I'll find friends who do want to talk to me. Bump you.

3. I'm rethinking my Chicago move. I mean, I really want to go but I think Evie would be miserable. Is it weird to consider what I think my dog would want? She hates the cold! I was thinking about leaving her with my dad for a year while I got settled in and decided if I wanted to stay there...but a whole year without her? I'd be lost! Who would I go on a walk with in the mornings? Who would I talk to around the house? Who would snuggle up on the couch with me?

4. Which brings me to my next thought: My most used Christmas presents this year? My snuggie & the blankets my aunt made Evie and I. Evie's blanket has given her couch priveledges, which she loves. And mine, I'm curled up under if I don't have the Snuggie on.

5. I used my Kindle to read a book for the first time last night. I definitely need to invest in a cover. It hurts my wrist to hold it. My wrist is at a weird angle. Also, I hit the "next page" button too early and always have to flip back. It's going to take some getting used to.

Ok...that's it for randomness today. I'm off to take a shower & then head to the gym. I know, that's backwards but I'll shower after the gym too.


Heto said...

Aww, you really love Evie! I knew it!

Amy said...

There was so much I wanted to comment on, I had to open the post in another window! HA!

Maybe I should just walk over :-)

1. I thought you wrote I'm starting off as a veg, I about died and thought oh shit this crap again.

2. We can go find you another man that wears makeup, I like drag shows...

3. Gee who makes big life decisions based on a silly animal? I would never let some shelter mutt decide my fate. (YAY! Evie I knew you could do it)

...opps busted you just walked over, tee hee

4. "Given" Evie couch privileges like she wasn't there when you weren't home? She's a smart cookie!

5. Should we go to B&N tomorrow, you said nook covers fit right?

Yummy! Collard greens, can't wait for those! That means that money tree will start producing right?

Debbie said...

yes Kristin, please go find new friends who will talk to you! some of your old friends would love to talk to you!

Amy said...

Oh and FB is your friend...I'm really tired of having to repeat myself just because you and my 89 year old grandma don't have it!

I just finished off all the collards for breakfast! (See I could have posted that on your wall)