Our Father, who what?????

So I'm babysitting J. tonight and can I just say that I adore this kid? He is super sweet, funny, smart, cute...if only I were 11 years younger and he were 11 years older, he'd be the perfect guy for me! After all, he did bring me flowers once :)
Anyways, after an exciting night of pizza and Tigger, Pooh and You Too...or something like that, he went to go to bed. We brushed teeth, he told me he wanted me to work for his dad again, I read him a chapter of his book and told him good night. Before I could sneak out of the room, he said, "Wait! Ms. Kristin, we need to say prayers." crappers....right....about those.
So I kneeled beside the bed and told him to go for it. Not gonna fly, he said he wanted to hear mine. So I attempted to make him happy by saying a quick prayer, thankful for the good day and that his parents have fun tonight...you know. Not gonna fly either...he wanted the "Our Father one" Oh gosh, I have to dig way back in my memory for that. I know, it's horrible, I should know it. So I start out and here's how it went: "Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Your Kingdom come, as well be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread...."crap that's not right. hmmm....So I thought quickly and said, "ok you finish!" He didn't know it....so I went for "Amen! That's the end. Now you have to get to bed." Next time, I'll make sure to learn my prayers so I don't feel like a fool in front of a 5 year old!


Bipolar Kristin?

So listen to this great new song they've recently started playing on the radio here. Gabriella Cilmi is the artist. She's supposedly super big in Australia and this is her debut song in the US. I like it.

So why Bipolar Kristin you ask? I swear I don't know who's going to be in my body from day to day. Yesterday, I cried 3 times. Over anything important? No...$5 parking, my unit not magically disinfecting itself at school, and American Idol. Yes, that's right I cried during American Idol. Today...I was in a good mood and happy. Joking around...all that good stuff. Unfortunately these mood swings have been going on for about a week.
I have barely spoken to any of my friends because I get upset so easily that I'm angry at the majority of them. Ugh...how am I supposed to keep this up for another month? One week of psycho behavior has me at my wit's end. I have a feeling by March 6 (36 days) I will have alienated everyone that I care about and taken out stock in Kleenex.
I guess I should apologize in advance: I'm sorry for being such a moody bitch...It was selfish of me to not take your feelings into consideration before I ______ you (please fill in: yelled at, ignored, hit, cut, bit, spit at...). What can I do to make it better? (Don't expect me to actually do it until after March 6.)


boo-hoo...poor Kristin

So I'm going to whine for a minute...I'm going to go ahead and warn you because if you don't want to hear/read me whining, stop reading now!
I really wanted to go to the Boone Hall Oyster Roast. We've (me and K) have gone for the past 3 years, I've been telling her how excited I've been about it. This year we also invited SB but she had to work. I asked a couple other friends too but they don't like oysters and don't think that an oyster roast sounds fun. Now for those of you who don't know, what is the Boone Hall Oyster Roast? They have 65,000 lbs of oysters and it's at an old plantation. They have bands, vendors, oyster eating contests, oyster shucking contests, and well, they just have a fun event! So, anyways, back to my whininess (I'm not sure that's a word so I'll just spell that however I want):

I asked K if she wanted to go a couple weeks back and she said sure. Now K is a prissy kind of girl, though she will deny that for about an hour if you tell her that. Then, 2 days ago I call her and say, "Hey why don't you see if you can locate a chair to bring? I am borrowing one from someone but they only have 1. This way we don't have to stand the whole time." I get a voicemail back that says "I spoke to N. and she said it's supposed to rain all day Sunday and be like 35 out. Do you really want to go?" Now....ok I've been so excited about this for like 3 months, yes I really want to go...but obviously based on your tone of voice, you do NOT really want to go. So I get a text last night that says "Do you still want to go? They raised the price." Ugh! So I tell her that I do still really want to go but it's pretty obvious that she does not, so I guess that means we are not going. So now, it's the day of the oyster roast and it's cloudy but not rainy (the weather said it would be misting) and it's cold (45 deg) but not insanely cold (35 deg).
I just don't want to go by myself...it's a festival and I won't feel very festive if I'm out there all alone. And before you crazies go and suggest that I'll meet people out there, no I won't! I will have my "I dont' want to talk to you" look on my face and no one will approach me. So now I am sad...and will be until I have yummy warm oysters in my mouth.


Racist jokes anyone?

So my school is a very interesting place....my patients either a)take off some of their clothing for me to take their blood pressure...story in a minute. b)tell me racist or perverted jokes. Or my faculty shares politically incorrect stereotypes (especially good while in a sensitivity training course).
So why am I so irresistible that people strip around me? Well...because the lady is crazy. I went to take her BP and she asked me to pull the cuff of her sweater. She warned me that there were 2 sleeves (inner and outer layer for the freezing weather here), so I grabbed what I THOUGHT was just 1 sleeve. I turned my back to grab the BP cuff and when I turned around, she had slipped out of both sleeves and had half her shirt pulled up. WHAT????? (let me tell you, this was not a body that anyone wanted to see!). I finally understand the phrase "eyes as big as saucers" since that's what happened to mine. I averted my eyes and stammered "I c-c-c-could have worked thru the sleeves." She said no, you can't get an accurate reading...gross!
My next patient looked like a beat puppy dog, so when he tried to tell me a joke, I didn't want to shoot him down. Unfortunately the joke went like this "How many Mexicans does it take to screw in a light bulb? A million because they can't read English." Now....where to start with that one? Not funny because it doesn't even make sense? Or maybe not funny because it's racist? Or maybe...what in the heck do you need to speak/read English for to screw in a light bulb? Ugh! It got even more awkward when he started making jokes about erectile dysfunction.
My teacher (who should be educated enough...but is a raging "B" so I'll use that as her excuse) said that...and I quote..."orientals get drunk faster than other races." Ok, oriental is a rug...not a race. Today, she told us that "Hispanic children are well-behaved." Now...I've met some good hispanic children...I've also met some bad hispanic children. Same goes for all the races....but since we had "a lot of hispanic sounding names" on the schedule, she wanted to tell us that hispanic people are nice/polite...c'mon lady! Really? Way to stereotype (but, hey, at least she didn't tell us that all 30 people in the waiting room rode together in a pick-up truck!!)


I miss....

my pink hair. If anyone is thinking to themselves, "Boy, Kristin graduates in May and I'd really like to do something special for her. What is it that she would like very much and would make her so very happy?" Well...there are a lot of answers to that actually: a new computer, a new car (without payments), a job...but the easiest and least expensive out of all of those would be a gift certificate to the salon to get my pink hair again :)



So I'm sitting next to M. when he pulls out his phone to write an email. That's fine, I don't care...but then as I"m reading over his shoulder as he types this email he refers to me as his "friend". He actually used "these" with the word "friend." That's worse than just saying friend! Now I'm not sure what term I wanted him to use but "friend" was not it! I didn't need girlfriend...I mean, we're not seeing each other people but still, I'm not sure that I"m ready to refer to him as my boyfriend. But I sure as heck wouldn't say "friend". I can put "words" in quotation marks too. See how he "likes" that. I'll "show" him. "ugh" I don't "need" this right "now"....I have "other" things to worry about.
Oh and his "steak" (ok well it really was steak, so not "steak" but really just steak) was dry! How do you like "that", "M"?????

46 Days Until D-Day

I did it. In 46 days, the course of my life will be determined. March 6, 2009. 8:00 am. I sit down to take my national boards. The review this weekend went very well and I feel fairly well prepared. They also gave us an awesome review book which will become my best friend over the next 6 1/2 weeks.
The good news, you ask? You have to have a 75% to pass. But that's a 75% RAW score. Which translates to about a 55% normal score. I should be able to that without studying at all! (pharmacology, anyone?)
Oh...and I would watch for me to get progressively meaner until that day :) Lots to look forward to!


Old people and the Dollar Tree

Has anyone ever seen that show "Primetime: What Would You Do?" I love it! It puts actors in situations and then sees how the people around them react. For instance, they put 2 Americans in Paris...and made them THE MOST annoying people ever. Then the recorded the reactions of the Parisians and other American tourists. The French didn't seem to mind the tourists that much but the other Americans were mortified. Anyways, that scenario has nothing to do with this post. So last night, one of the situations was if someone came and asked to cut in front of you in the Express Line at the grocery store and only had 2 items. Well they cut in, and then a second actor comes in with a cart full of groceries. So the tried it with an elderly woman cutting in vs. a young pregnant woman cutting in. (They also tried it with men, but again, irrelevant for this post). The young pregnant woman went up to an elderly man and asked if she could cut in front of him. He asked "For what?" She replied that she wasn't feeling well and just needed to pay for some medicine and go home. He ignored her and moved his cart up.
Jump to today: I'm at the Dollar Tree to pick up a ginormous toothbrush (doesn't everyone need one of those?). It's like senior citizen central at 1:00! So I have this 1 item and my dollar is out and this older gentleman in front of me has a cart FULL of items. Now I am in no way pregnant...but I am young. All I could picture was me asking if I could go ahead of him (I was on a time crunch...so I could get home to type up this blog before school)...and him flipping out on me. THEN! He offered to let his friend go ahead of him...who also had a cart full of items. Grrrr....


I love NPH!

Ok so I figured out who my celebrity crush is: Neil Patrick Harris. I know, I know...he's gay. I'm only setting myself up for disappointment...but I heart him! Oh and in this clip, you have to wait for him...but he's there and he's so cute!


*suck suck* *slurp* *chew* Yummy Wings and Ranch!

I'm having a hard time sticking to my New Year's Resolution. I know...we're 9 days in. How could it be so difficult already? For those who don't know, I have vowed to eat out less than 4 times each week. Now that sounds easy and all...but I am used to eating lunch out every day. And dinner out at least 3-4 times each week. My body is starting to miss the grease and deliciousness!
I brought my lunch to work today and this lady came in with wings from Zaxby's. Now ordinarily I don't really like the chicken from Zaxby's...but these wings. Oh they smelled so good! So spicy, so flavorful. I could taste the ranch as she sucked it off the wing. *sigh*
We all know that I have no will power....I don't know how I will do it. I am determined though to make it through the first month at least! It's better for me plus I save money. I can do this....right?


Does anyone know who this is????

Always a great morning when you wake up to find this on tv. And no, while it is his hair, that is not Brian Austin Green.