Racist jokes anyone?

So my school is a very interesting place....my patients either a)take off some of their clothing for me to take their blood pressure...story in a minute. b)tell me racist or perverted jokes. Or my faculty shares politically incorrect stereotypes (especially good while in a sensitivity training course).
So why am I so irresistible that people strip around me? Well...because the lady is crazy. I went to take her BP and she asked me to pull the cuff of her sweater. She warned me that there were 2 sleeves (inner and outer layer for the freezing weather here), so I grabbed what I THOUGHT was just 1 sleeve. I turned my back to grab the BP cuff and when I turned around, she had slipped out of both sleeves and had half her shirt pulled up. WHAT????? (let me tell you, this was not a body that anyone wanted to see!). I finally understand the phrase "eyes as big as saucers" since that's what happened to mine. I averted my eyes and stammered "I c-c-c-could have worked thru the sleeves." She said no, you can't get an accurate reading...gross!
My next patient looked like a beat puppy dog, so when he tried to tell me a joke, I didn't want to shoot him down. Unfortunately the joke went like this "How many Mexicans does it take to screw in a light bulb? A million because they can't read English." Now....where to start with that one? Not funny because it doesn't even make sense? Or maybe not funny because it's racist? Or maybe...what in the heck do you need to speak/read English for to screw in a light bulb? Ugh! It got even more awkward when he started making jokes about erectile dysfunction.
My teacher (who should be educated enough...but is a raging "B" so I'll use that as her excuse) said that...and I quote..."orientals get drunk faster than other races." Ok, oriental is a rug...not a race. Today, she told us that "Hispanic children are well-behaved." Now...I've met some good hispanic children...I've also met some bad hispanic children. Same goes for all the races....but since we had "a lot of hispanic sounding names" on the schedule, she wanted to tell us that hispanic people are nice/polite...c'mon lady! Really? Way to stereotype (but, hey, at least she didn't tell us that all 30 people in the waiting room rode together in a pick-up truck!!)

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Nicole said...

That reminds me of last week's episode of 30 Rock when Alec Baldwin asks his girlfriend, "What do you call yourself?" "Puerto Rican," she says. "Sure, YOU can call yourself that, but what do *I* call you?" And for the rest of the episode, any time someone says "Puerto Rican," he acts like they're saying something totally offensive. So funny.