YES!!! er...no....

The other day, as I was leaving my house, I went to go open my garage door. I was just opening the door to my car to jump in as the door was going up and I noticed a car behind my garage. As the door continued to rise, it revealed a black Ford F150...could it be??? Then I saw a Florida Gator license plate (which I thought was weird...but possible...). I was SO excited. I thought something had changed Casey's mind and he was in town and my prayers had been answered. I thought he stopped by to see me. Then...an old man stepped out of the truck. It was my stupid neighbor's stupid boss visiting their stupid house and he parked behind the wrong stupid house. Can you tell I'm a little bitter?
Then, the other night, I got a text from Casey that said he was ready to talk to me again!!! Sweet!! Finally!! I missed you so much!! But then I woke up...and it was just a dream.



I don't think Old Dude gets it - you can't change your mind about BBQ. You can't turn back! I had my heart and my hopes up about BBQ and he decided we should go eat with his brother and sister-in-law at the Kickin' Chicken to watch the USC game. Wait, don't get confused by USC, I meant Carolina. Oh wait, still confused??? Not North Carolina like the rest of the country thinks...the University of South Carolina, yeah...the one no one cares about?!?!? Anyways, I was not pissy about going out with the brother and sister-in-law - I like them!! But I would have been a much happier girl if we'd gone to BBQ then met up with them..or if they came with us and then we went to watch the game that I didn't care a thing about. I was also pretty hungry which didn't help my mood. After I got some food in me I did become a little less pissy...now if I could get BBQ in me I'd be the happiest girl in the whole wide world.



I think I've found it - the best hot dog in Charleston!! I know, that's a pretty bold statement but Johnny's was really really good. I really think it's going to come down to Perfectly Frank's and Johnny's but there are still a few places left to check out. Johnny's is a window beside a hardware store - they have limited hours (7am-3pm) and are always busy! I got my hot dog at 10:45 today and there was a good sized crowd already gathered. My hot dog came out in a bun that was steamed to perfection - I knew the bun was important but I think this has been the only place that steamed it and boy, did that make a difference! The hot dog was also juicy and delicious and they didn't skimp on the ketchup. I got the hot dog, a bag of chips and a bottle of Cheerwine for only $4!! Hot dogs should be cheap, after all! I'm curious to see how this place stands up when I start piling on the toppings but for a basic dog?? I think Johnny's is going to be the place to go!
Oh and the standings so far?
1. Johnny's
2. Perfectly Franks
3. Skoogie's
4. Five Guys
5. Jack's Cosmic Dogs
6. Sesame Burger
7. Halo
Starvation is starting to set in - Old Dude and I (I guess he wasn't trying to blow me off...he was sick but whatever, that's not an excuse...I should still be a priority!) are heading to try this BBQ place that I have heard it is legend...wait for it...it's gonna be so good and I can't wait, hopefully it'll be like NC BBQ which is what I've heard...dary! The place is called Moose's and it's WAAAAAYYYY out in Monck's Corner somewhere. I've been working on cutting down portion sizes so I can try to get my weight back under control...unfortunately that's left me starving and it's only been 2 days!! I think it's ok to make an exception for BBQ though - after all, it's fat free....isn't it???



No, that's not a new superhero - that's Halo's version of the hot dog. I really like the idea of a hot dog wrapped in pretzel dough...but it wasn't a hot dog!! It was more of a sausage dog - totally different and not that tasty. The pretzel part was really good though!! I'm going to have to place Halo at the bottom of my list because 1)it was was expensive!! $8 for a hot dog, chips and a soda...seriously!?!?!? I can't afford to keep up that hot dog habit!! Also, 2) there isn't any room for variation. It was a sausage dog, wrapped in a pretzel. You could dip it in ketchup or mustard or whatever...but you can't make it much different!! No room for slaw, chili, onions...no thanks!
The hot dog cart on Ashley Ave is also out - turns out I was mistaken. It's a Chinese food cart...which leads me to think I made up that I heard it was really delicious. I guess I assumed that because it was a hot dog from a cart it had to be good. But no hot dog? no good!
I also made it over to Skoogie's in Mt. Pleasant. I liked the idea behind this place (though I hate their hours!! Who closes at 4pm???). There was a couple picnic tables and a long bar to eat the dogs at. There were articles on the wall from local newspapers about how great the hot dogs were at Skoogie's. As I ordered my hot dog from the counter, the guy rang a cow bell everytime someone tipped them - there was A LOT of cow bell! You can never have enough cow bell though, right? Oh wait...you can...The meal was cheap though, at only $5 for a hot dog, fries and a drink. They had milkshakes that sounded pretty good but I'll save that for the next visit. The hot dog came on a bun with poppy seeds which I thought was an interesting touch. The dog was nice and juicy with just the right amount of ketchup. I'm going to put these guys in second place - cooler atmosphere and tastier dog than Five Guys but not nearly as good as Perfectly Franks. Next up...Johnny's and the hot dog cart on George Street - this hot dog cart is real so no worries!


What happened??!?

Today started out SO well - I had a really great brunch second date with E with the hopes of a third date, bought a super cool new pair of Pumas. Seriously, they are so cool! Bright green with white details and they are slip on sneakers! I don't have to tie my shoes anymore!! Then a really good cheer practice - how did everything go so wrong so quickly?
Apparently it's my fault that Friend A is no longer friends with Friend B...not sure how that's my fault but apparently it is. Then, I get called a bad friend to Friend A because I no longer make an effort to hang out with them - um, hello!! I made so many attempts to hang out but they were ALWAYS busy. I got tired of being told no...remember, I'm not a fan of it? Then, it's somehow my fault that Friend B broke up with his girlfriend or is having trouble or I don't even know because Friend B won't speak to me...but it's my fault that they are having issues, like I wanted that or something. I didn't, for the record. I wanted Friend B to talk to me again. Then, I'm really getting the impression that Old Dude is trying to blow me off. He hasn't come straight out and said that...but I'm wary. Eh, he is the first guy I've introduced to any of the Wilkie's in 8 years...I should have known better!! That's what I get for thinking he's a nice guy...
Also, I have absolutely zero desire to go to work tomorrow. I wish I got sick days, I would totally take one tomorrow!! I need a day to sit around and pout about how wrong things seem to be going.


Dog-gone it!

Hot Dog 2010 continued tonight. I went to Sesame Burger and was expecting something amazing. After all, they grind their own meat, make their own ketchup...this was gonna be good! Except it wasn't. It was a store bought hot dog that tasted like a store bought hot dog. I asked if they grinded (ground?) their own meat and they said no that they used to but switched over to Hebrew National Dogs. Disappointment! The dog was of the fat variety, which I know most people like but I prefer the skinny ones. The ketchup was good but didn't have a very strong flavor - I had to put a TON on to taste it. I think I have to put these guys in last place so far, which saddens me but I won't not go there anymore - I just won't get a hot dog there! So far, the standings are:
1. Perfectly Franks
2. Five Guys
3. Jack's Cosmic Dogs
4. Sesame Burger

In other news, WTF is Ninja Johnny doing back in the picture??? I "moved" back to NC (as far as Pivotal knows anyways) and hadn't heard from him much anyways. Now I used to have a giant crush and mischievous intentions with him - he was hot (in my mind anyways...more to do with him being part ninja than actually being cute) and had a rocking body. But boy, was he dumb! He might have been worse than Best Buy Boy in the brains department...well, maybe not. They were probably tied. Now, out of nowhere, he's asking if I want a private ninja lesson...I do not think he has the ninja kind of rolling around in mind. I'm gonna have to turn him down. Not to mention he has an on-again, off-again girlfriend...douche.



I do not like being told no. I know, I'm 28 - I should be used to it by now. But I'm not. If I want something, I want it then. I don't want to be told no or to wait. I don't take kindly to it.


I Should Leave My House More Often

I've gotten hooked on Minute to Win It - you know, that awesome tv show where they play crazy games/feats for 1 minute and win money? I'm a little too lazy (surprise!!) to set up most of the games but there is one that is so easy and so fun! From a sitting position, you place an oreo on your forehead. You can try to get the oreo from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands. It's harder than you would think - go on, try it! You know you want to...I was able to do it the first day I tried it. Yes, I've tried it a couple different days - today I'm not having any luck! And I have Oreo crumbs in my eye.


Hot DOG!

Hot Dog TwentyTen continued today - I kinda broke the rules (not really...I make up the rules!) and got my dog to go this time. I was headed over to this dude's house and going over there sounded WAY better than sitting at Five Guys by myself...for a couple different reasons. More on the dude later, if he's still relevant when I'm ready to discuss him...kinda hoping he is but we all know my track record on that subject! Back to the dog - Five Guys always smells SOOO good. You walk in and the aroma of fresh cut fries smacks you in the face. I always have such high hopes. The guy at the counter was chatty in an annoying sort of way. After a wait of what seemed like forever, I finally got my order - a burger for Old Dude (no he's not old...that's just what I call everyone), a hot dog...ketchup only! for me, and 2 orders of fries. I couldn't decide between the cajun and regular - cajun was definitely the better choice!
Now here's where it all went wrong. On my way over to Old Dude's house (I know...I need to think of a better nickname but Bald Dude is already taken and don't need any reminders of THAT one!) I got pulled over. I think I have lost all of my charm. I don't understand it. I used to be able to get out of tickets all the time...now, nope, nothing! Go ahead and write me a couple of tickets each time, please! Anyways I was a little (or a lot) pissy about the ticket so I wasn't exactly starving when I got over there. The hot dog was ok...it was cut in half (length wise) which was kinda weird and the ketchup was on the bun, not on top of the dog. Plus there wasn't enough. I did like that it was a regular hot dog bun...and the hot dog was juicy and had good flavor. Perfectly Franks is definitely better (plus a cooler atmosphere...Five Guys is so chain-like!) but Five Guys is better than Cosmic Jack's. I don't think they'll hold up against the other places but maybe I'll be surprised. The fries were mediocre but they were cold due to the police officer taking his sweet time writing me the ticket. I even offered him some fries...but NOOOO...he was too busy writing tickets to eat. Butthole.


I Will Never Tell...

anyone to watch "The Backup Plan." It is a really really bad movie. I mean, I know that I should have known that since it was starring Jennifer Lopez but I gave it a chance anyways. It's got the woman who's tired of waiting on "The One" so she decides to get inseminated and have a baby on her own. There's the best friend who has 4 kids already and hates motherhood, trying to convince her not to have a baby. There is the guy who she hates at first and then decides that despite her hatred for him, she'll hang out with him and finally agree to a date. They went on their date, which was over-the-top romantic in a way that would never happen in real life - candle lit dinner in a private garden..which of course goes awry when he leans over the table to kiss her and spills wine on her new dress and knocks over candles and lights the table on fire. Then she grabs a hose to put the fire out (tripping clumsily on the way) and sprays him in the process of putting the fire out. That, of course!, leads to their first kiss. Oh...did I mention she took a pregnancy test before she went on this date but her dog ate it so she didn't know if she was knocked up or not? But...clearly her dog would throw up the pregnancy test as soon as she got home from her date. Yes, of course she was pregnant! Why would you guess otherwise?!?!?
She is now on their second date and as she is pulling up to his farm, he's riding a tractor shirtless. Obviously, she got distracted by his ripped, muscular, sweaty body (because of course he looks like that, doesn't everyone!!) and she crashes into a tree. Can this get any worse? Why am I still watching? Why are you still reading?? Well, you made it this far, might as well keep on. Oh did I mention her handicapped dog that she bought from a breeder. It basically fell apart due to the inbreeding so it now uses a doggy wheelchair...wheelcart...
Oh right, and they just had sex for the first time (on their second date, mind you!) and she threw up immediately afterwards. Then tells him she's pregnant. He freaks out (a normal reaction, if you ask me) and when she tries to leave, he gets upset that she's leaving because there is more to say on the subject and suddenly he's not upset about her being pregnant anymore. Ok...I won't bore you with this horrid movie anymore. I'm going to continue to torture myself with it but I am going to go out on a limb and say they reconcile, live happily ever after on his farm, raising her sperm baby....just a guess though! You'll have to watch yourself to find out for sure.

Why Am I Awake????

I had such an exhausting day today - I went out on a boat/date, met a family, drank a couple beers and was out in the sun ALL DAY LONG. That being said, I should be exhausted! Well, I am exhausted...so I went to bed early, around 10:30 pm. Why am I suddenly wide awake at 2:30 am? I thought it was because I was hungry...so I made myself a taco but that didn't seem to fix the problem. Either problem. I'm still hungry and I'm still wide awake. I'm not used to being up these crazy hours!!


Uh oh...

What did I just do?? I got an email from a friend asking about the dynamics of my friendship with another friend and that he needed to determine how many of his friends lied to his face. I explained I didn't understand how the dynamics of my friendship with Friend B had to anything to do with him. He said it wasn't anything to do with he and I. Awkward situation!! So I explained I felt that was Friend B's business and he should speak to Friend B. I politely said I wasn't willing to burn the bridge between Friend B and I...just in case...ya know? I'm a hopeful person. Despite all the negative signs, I'm still hoping. I can't just give up. And by answering Friend A, I would have been just giving up. Friend A took that as my answer...and I'm pretty sure he'll go yell at Friend B (assuming he took it the way I think he did), who will then hate me all the more. *sigh* can I do nothing right to fix this big fat mess between Friend B and I? Pretty sure Friend A has written me off now too since I wouldn't tell him a straight forward answer to his question. Not that I'm missing out on much there though- he hasn't spoken to me in nearly 4 months so not much is changing there! All I want is Friend B back!! Fix my life, please!!



I am going to need the specialist offices (and Malinda) to consult with each other before they go sending goodies over to my office! Yesterday, Dr. Sparacino sent sugar cookies. They are the cheapest, grossest looking cookies but they melt in your mouth! They are so soft and sugar and awesome and I can't shovel them in fast enough! I was really happy when he sent them over....until today. Today, Malinda brought over a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. They are my weakness. Just ask Mrs. Beth about when she cursed me with big hips for eating too many donuts. I'm still mad at her for cursing me. Anyways, a dozen donuts quickly went down to 7 donuts. Yes, if you are good at math I did eat 5 donuts. They are just so good and they melt in your mouth and I can't help but shovel them in! I was talking to S with a donut in hand (and mouth) and picked up a second. I had half of it gone so quickly she thought it was the same donut. It's so cruel to put Krispy Kreme donuts around me!
If all that weren't bad enough, Dr. Long's office sent over bagels and cream cheese on the same day! How am I supposed to eat 5 donuts and 2 bagels in one day, after eating 3 cookies the day before?!!? I lead such a rough life...



I need an intervention. I'm addicted to Groupon. The deals are just so good that I can't pass them up! Today, I got a facial, scrub OR massage for only $35! That's up to an $80 value!! How could I pass that up? I don't know which one to choose - I wish I could do all 3!! I've also gotten great deals on boot camp, surf (or paddleboard) lessons, yoga, and house cleaning. It seems as though every day the deals get cooler and cooler and I can't say no! I blame my mother for this. If she'd never sent me this, I'd clean my own house and face!

To Shave or Not To Shave?

So if you are a man, it's normal to grow a beard - most men can. Some can carry it well, others not so much. But what happens if you are a woman? Why do women grow beards? I mean, not all do! I do not. I'd like to make that very clear early on. I do not have a beard, nor do I intend to grow one. Now that that misconception is out of the way...
I seem to get my fair share of female patients with a beard. How do I know this, you ask? Well, because when I grab their chin to turn their head...ack! Why did your chin stab me? Oh...what's all this? 10 o'clock stubble? Hmmmm...It's not like it's 1 or 2 stray hairs - I get that (though I still think some effort should be made to control those wily little hairs). It's a whole patch that would put an 18 year old boy to shame! Now most of these patients are bigger women - do they have more testosterone running through their body? Sometimes they are on medications, but often times, they aren't.
Secondly: WHY WOULD YOU THINK SHAVING IS A GOOD IDEA??? It is a HORRIBLE idea. Absolutely horrible. Wax it, pluck it, put some cream on it. DO. NOT. SHAVE. YOUR. FACE.
Yes, I do feel better now.