To Shave or Not To Shave?

So if you are a man, it's normal to grow a beard - most men can. Some can carry it well, others not so much. But what happens if you are a woman? Why do women grow beards? I mean, not all do! I do not. I'd like to make that very clear early on. I do not have a beard, nor do I intend to grow one. Now that that misconception is out of the way...
I seem to get my fair share of female patients with a beard. How do I know this, you ask? Well, because when I grab their chin to turn their head...ack! Why did your chin stab me? Oh...what's all this? 10 o'clock stubble? Hmmmm...It's not like it's 1 or 2 stray hairs - I get that (though I still think some effort should be made to control those wily little hairs). It's a whole patch that would put an 18 year old boy to shame! Now most of these patients are bigger women - do they have more testosterone running through their body? Sometimes they are on medications, but often times, they aren't.
Secondly: WHY WOULD YOU THINK SHAVING IS A GOOD IDEA??? It is a HORRIBLE idea. Absolutely horrible. Wax it, pluck it, put some cream on it. DO. NOT. SHAVE. YOUR. FACE.
Yes, I do feel better now.

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