Hot DOG!

Hot Dog TwentyTen continued today - I kinda broke the rules (not really...I make up the rules!) and got my dog to go this time. I was headed over to this dude's house and going over there sounded WAY better than sitting at Five Guys by myself...for a couple different reasons. More on the dude later, if he's still relevant when I'm ready to discuss him...kinda hoping he is but we all know my track record on that subject! Back to the dog - Five Guys always smells SOOO good. You walk in and the aroma of fresh cut fries smacks you in the face. I always have such high hopes. The guy at the counter was chatty in an annoying sort of way. After a wait of what seemed like forever, I finally got my order - a burger for Old Dude (no he's not old...that's just what I call everyone), a hot dog...ketchup only! for me, and 2 orders of fries. I couldn't decide between the cajun and regular - cajun was definitely the better choice!
Now here's where it all went wrong. On my way over to Old Dude's house (I know...I need to think of a better nickname but Bald Dude is already taken and don't need any reminders of THAT one!) I got pulled over. I think I have lost all of my charm. I don't understand it. I used to be able to get out of tickets all the time...now, nope, nothing! Go ahead and write me a couple of tickets each time, please! Anyways I was a little (or a lot) pissy about the ticket so I wasn't exactly starving when I got over there. The hot dog was ok...it was cut in half (length wise) which was kinda weird and the ketchup was on the bun, not on top of the dog. Plus there wasn't enough. I did like that it was a regular hot dog bun...and the hot dog was juicy and had good flavor. Perfectly Franks is definitely better (plus a cooler atmosphere...Five Guys is so chain-like!) but Five Guys is better than Cosmic Jack's. I don't think they'll hold up against the other places but maybe I'll be surprised. The fries were mediocre but they were cold due to the police officer taking his sweet time writing me the ticket. I even offered him some fries...but NOOOO...he was too busy writing tickets to eat. Butthole.

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