PU! ER! TO! Rico!

I'm leaving in 3 days for Puerto Rico...well, 4 but it's close enough to Tuesday that I can say 3! I am so so so so so so so so so excited. I've been walking around work singing PU! ER! TO! Rico! *fist pump* all day. Pretty sure my coworkers want to trip me.
You'll be able to find me at the free form pool...
I'm not really sure what that means, unless it just means not oval or circular because if there are walls to the pool...then it has a form. Right? And if there are no walls...well...that's an ocean. Which I'll be a half block from.

I also am going to try my hand at some slots because it's the only gambling I know how to do. But I'm only going to spend like $20 doing that because I'll go broke quickly trying to master slots.

So everybody say it with me: PU! ER! TO! Rico!


he's so cute!

Alright, so the above guy is Justin Bieber...and yes I know, he's like 12. But, seriously, he is so adorable. If I were 15...I'd totally be in love with him. I'm 27 and not a fan of jail time...but isn't he so cute?


cheating death one noodle at a time...

Here I am, eating my lunch, sitting at the computer wondering how many calories I should be taking in a day. Also, how many extra calories should I be consuming if I want to keep up my "Gain 40 lbs" resolution. Anyways, so I'm surfing away and shoveling away...and uh oh! A noodle gets stuck, halfway up my nose and halfway down my throat. It was fettuccine...long, stringy, tricky things. I keep trying to swallow but my nose won't let it go. I try blowing my nose but my throat won't let it go. I was really worried it might get stuck there and start growing mold or fungus or something if I didn't get it out. Good news is, my body took over and made me puke...think I'll be passing on eating fettuccine for awhile.



Alright so I came home, all ready to eat something at home and now I'm really pissed off. Don't worry about what I'm mad about, it's not important. What is important is that only fried food can fix it. But I can't go out for it! What am I to do? Stupid people making me stupid mad. I hate you.


Ah! Another week begins...

I wanted to start this week out right. I had A LOT of difficulty motivating myself to get out of bed today. It's seriously cold here. Way too cold to be out of bed.
Once I finally peeled myself from the sheets...it took 4 attempts...I made it to the gym and had a decent workout. I ran a little over 2 miles so that was good. Next time, I'll try to do it a little bit faster.
I was even able to resist the food court at the mall...I wanted to stop but I didn't want to start the week off with 1 meal out already...so I tucked my head in and kept walking. Take that french fries!


It's A New Day!!

Sweet...I got the laptop working! I can now sit on my couch and blog while watching tv. Watching Ratatouille right now and that is one fat rat!

Week 1: check

Today concludes the first full week of January and I'm happy to report I have stuck to my resolutions so far.
1)I went to the gym 4 times this week...and ran today with my cheerleaders. There were 3 out of the 4 times that I really really didn't want to go but I pushed through it. I may not have stayed for as long as I should have and all I did this week was cardio but hey, baby steps, right?
2) I ate out less than 3 times this week. Ok, well...technically I ate out A LOT this week. But, I, myself, paid to eat out less than 3 times this week. So it's an improvement. I was driving home today and I really really wanted to stop and get some fast food. French fries, greasiness, bubbliness...all of it, pile it in! But instead, I sucked it up and drove straight through to my house...where I heated up some cheesy, gooey lasagna. Perhaps not much healthier but it is cheaper!
On to week 2!


I will punch you.

Gosh I am really irritable. I hope it's not really from fast food withdrawal. How am I ever going to quit if it makes me act like this? I would really punch somebody for some french fries though. If the fries were from Bojangles...I might even stab you.



First off: I get to take a nap. I know, it's not even noon yet...how could I need a nap? But it's freezing cold here and my bed is the only place I want to be. Well, there or IHOP.

Secondly: Favorite quote of the day: "Yeah if I had an LCD screen, I could watch Law & Order all day instead of playing solitaire." - receptionist who obviously doesn't realize you would still need a cable connection to watch tv on the LCD computer screen. She also doesn't realize she's at work and could do work instead of playing solitaire all day. She also thought the white stuff on her car was snow.