Deja Vu

What is up with grown men smoking pot? The Slashie (who is not actually a slashie but I liked the story better when I thought he was one) smokes pot - but only in California because it's legal there (really?) and it's not good here. Seriously? This would have been a repeat of Voldemort all over again so it will not be happening. No need to go thru all that for no reason. Lame!


You Can't Put The Egg Back In The Chicken

There was a feather in my milk today. Totally gross! I was thinking that somehow a feather got in while they were milking the chicken. Then I realized milk doesn't come from chickens. How did a chicken feather get in my cow's milk???? So gross.


He's a slashie!

So the Wait-er turns out to also be an actor...or something like that. In a brief convo with him, he said his full time job is on Army Wives. Now I took that to mean he thinks being an extra on Army Wives is a full time job...but apparently some of the recurring role actors live in Charleston. Who knows, I don't watch the show so he could tell me he was the lead actor and I wouldn't know any better. But since the last time a random guy came up to me worked out so well...I'm not putting much stock in this one!


I'm not sure if I'm a genius or if I just bought a really easy crossword puzzle book...but I have not been stumped yet!

So You Think You Can Dance?

I went to a wedding last night - I was acting the part of the nanny for my friend. Her husband was unable to attend and she didn't want to go alone with her 3 kids. So I got roped into going and entertaining the kids. The kids LOVE to dance, especially Boy (6 yrs old) and so as soon as the dance floor was opened to everyone, he wanted to go out there. Girl (8 yrs old) also joined him but quickly realized they were the only ones out there. So then came the question: "Miss Kristin, will you come dance with us?" How could I say no? I figured since I knew absolutely no one at the wedding that, sure I would go be the only adult on the dance floor. So out I went and I pretty much stayed out there for the next 3 hours though I did escape occasionally to get more "adult juice".
All my stellar dance skills paid off though. As we were packing up to leave, one of the guys who was serving the dinner came up and asked for my number. Had the worst pickup line EVER (well, maybe not ever but it was pretty bad) of "You look like you like to dance. Well I do too, but I could really use a dance partner." I got confused and thought he meant right then. I was confused because he was getting paid to dance? What exactly was his job again....? He cleared things up and said he meant later. So numbers exchanged and I headed home, eager to crawl in my bed and get some sleep. I must have been extra confused (it happens) because Waiter (who is not a wait-er) called twice last night. Apparently when he said "later", he meant later that same night...not later in the week. Over eager, much?


Mine! Mine! All Mine!

I do not like to share. Everyone who really knows me is well aware of it. I don't try to hide it because it's just a part of me - always has been and probably always will be. I am feeling extra selfish and unsharing right about now.


I'm Melting!

No, seriously, I might be melting. It's that hot. According to the weather it is 91 outside but with the heat index it's 101. First off...the weather channel is full of butt-faced liars. It feels like 137 outside! Trust me...I know. Secondly, it's only June! I can't imagine (nor do I want to imagine) how it will feel in August. Ugh! It was so hot out I couldn't put my sunglasses on because they were burning my face.


mmmm Meat....

I had the perfect day planned out - lay on the couch all day long and refuse to shower or perform any acts of personal hygiene. But then A came over to see if I was up for doing anything. So I showered (and flossed since my finger is healed) and we headed off for a day of shopping. I spent far too much money in Bath & Body Works (but how can you not in that store!?!?!) but am totally stocked up as far as body wash and lotion goes. Then we went for some lunch at Sesame. Guac - amazing! Chilled potato & cheddar soup - scrumptious! But the burgers....*gurgle* I decided to go for the sliders so I could sample 3 different kinds. I can't believe I used to not like burgers because they are really just the perfect food! I feel bad for Past Me because she didn't get to eat burgers. Present & Future Me is such a lucky girl! Back to the sliders...I got to try 3:
1) The Park Circle - cheddar, BBQ sauce, tomato & coleslaw. This was my least fave of the three. I think I would have liked it better with chicken instead of beef and minus the coleslaw...but then I'd just have a BBQ chicken sandwich and that is always tasty.
2) The Arizona - pepper jack cheese & grilled zucchinni. Just a hint of spicy but the zucchinni balanced it out.
3) The Memphis - bacon, peanut butter & banana. Yeah, all that on top of a burger! How could you not be excited? I know, I know. It sounds weird but it was so so so so good! The peanut butter & banana flavor was not very strong but it did lend a nice sweet taste that mingled with the saltiness of the bacon. It was like a party in my mouth and I was so glad I had been invited!

Of course, since it's the weekend, I topped all this off with a Coke. Now I'm off to lay around and let all the fat sink into my bones so I'll look extra good in my swimsuit tomorrow!



I would like to take a moment to remember a dear dear friend of mine who died the other day. I can't think of words sweet enough to honor you - just know that I'll miss you and no one could ever take your place. I'll miss you Dell.

Hank Porter (yeah, that's you HP) - at least try to measure up. I mean, you are no Dell...but maybe someday soon you'll earn a place in my heart as well.



Someone is pure evil. No, I'm not talking about me. Someone left THIS as one of my comments: Anonymous said...


June 8, 2010 8:36 AM

You, Anonymous, are evil! Here I have been doing really well with eating much better and you tempt me with delicious golden spicy french fries, smooth & syrupy cherry soda (or sweet tea) and biscuits! Biscuits, anonymous! Biscuits! You are a mean, mean, evil spirited person...