Pumped Up Kicks

I bought a new pair of work shoes today. We're required to wear black or grey shoes, although my current pair is black with sparkly purple toes and they've been ok. The only thing is they start to hurt my feet. I'm not sure if it's the floors (not much cushioning) or if it's the shoes but I've had my eye on a pair of shoes for a while and was waiting on them to go on sale. They're Pumas. Pumas NEVER go on sale. Well, hardly ever. And if it's a really good sale, my size always sells out before I can get to a computer. So when I got an email this morning saying 25% off for Mother's Day, I realized my mother would want me to have a new pair of shoes!
I have 2 other pairs of these shoes, but in different colors. I always get compliments on how cool/cute my shoes area. My other pairs are an electric blue & pink, or purple & a pinkish orange. They are pretty cool. I didn't realize it when I bought them but they are running shoes and are actually pretty comfortable to run in. There is not a ton of support but that's ok with me. They have a really thin sole and are basically just mesh covering the rest of your foot.
Aren't these just the coolest shoes you've ever seen? And they are all mine!


Hello, I'm Jaded!

I should wear a name tag that says My Name is Jaded. Because that's what I am. My friend Jess asked if I wanted to go to a match.com happy hour thing that she got invited to. She knows most of my dating history and as a fellow single girl, she's usually willing to help if she can. I replied with a cheery "sure, that sounds fun. I might be a little late since I have to work but I'll get there as close to 6 as I can." Things seemed settled - happy hour/potential love interests, here we come!
Then she asked how things were with B. I told her I hadn't heard from him in a few days and I thought he had lost interest. It sucked because I liked him but I pretty much expected it to happen. It always does. She was like "whoa, did you try to get in touch with him?" Of course the answer to that is no! I could have called or text him but he made it very clear at the beginning of the week that he was going to be busy. Clearly that meant too busy to call or text. And if he's too busy for me...well, I can pretend to be too busy for him! She paused as though she though I were being silly (which I am) and said "well, maybe he really is busy this week" to which I replied with a "yeah but he could have taken 2 seconds to send a hi text...if he was thinking about me and really that interested, he would have been in touch. And he wasn't. So he isn't." I explained to her that really, it was ok. B was a really nice guy and he was sweet and great but sweet/great guys don't stay around. Not for me at least. I was ok with it, it was a fact of life and I had gotten used to it. I was tired of putting myself out there and getting stomped on...so I just wasn't willing to invest myself by making a phone call or sending a text. Maybe if I knew he was interested...but at this point, it's early..not too late to duck & roll out of the way of the mack truck heading for my heart.
I think Jess is regretting asking me to this Happy Hour event now. Not that I can blame her. She made me promise not to be a Debbie Downer, to which I obliged. I explained I was ok with guys buying me drinks and chatting. It's the whole dating/relationship aspect I wasn't wanting, but the likelihood of that happening at a dating happy hour - none!


Feelin Like Booty

Yuck. I don't feel good. I've been feeling pukey and gross the past 2 days...there has been something going around here because I've had a few patients who have come in with a cold or something. I hope I didn't manage to catch it but it seems as though I did.
I usually have a pretty solid stomach at work but today was not good. There is a cuspidor (spit sink) in my operatory which I strongly discourage people from using but my first patient this morning would not listen. And what was even worse was he wasn't even rinsing with water and spitting diluted blood out. It was just straight up, super bloody spit. And when I say super bloody it was so gross. This guy couldn't have been flossing EVER and wasn't doing that good of a job with a toothbrush. If you don't want it to be such a bloody mess when you're in the dentist, it might be a good idea to do at least a mediocre job with homecare....Also, if you don't want me to puke, maybe you shouldn't be so gross.
Gosh, if I haven't turned away a few readers with this post, I don't know what will!! :)


Dinner Party

I hosted a small get together at the house tonight. I invited a few friends over and tried my hand at mexican food. My guacamole got pretty good reviews. I also made mexican potatoes & chile rellanos, as well as tacos. Oh and you can't forget the margaritas!! Everyone said it was very good, but you know me, I am clearly going to be a little more critical than the average person.
My guacamole was too chunky. I didn't have a masher and did the best I could with a fork. My potatoes were good...but would have liked a little more flavor. Therefore the chile rellanos they were stuffed in were lacking in flavor as well.
I tried though. It was almost a dinner party (see 30x30) and at least an attempt at chile rellanos (also 30x30). There will be another attempt when I'm ready to brave this again.
I did invite The Guy's friend over to my party...he was nice. He was very gracious for being invited over...I hope I made a good first impression. After all, if the friends like me, The Guy should like me even more!!



Yikes! I just reread the other day's post and I sound really self-centered and stuck up. And really really full of myself. I didn't quite mean to come off that way...it's just a strange sensation and I was just sharing. It's just weird because I think I'm cute...but I'm definitely not "hot" and so to be called pretty (to me, same thing as hot) is just odd.
Anyways, in order to fix that, I've been eating tons and tons, thereby gaining back all the weight I lost over Lent. I'll fix that overinflated ego of mine!



Phone is fixed! It meant restoring it to factory settings, which meant losing a few unsaved phone numbers and my Tiny Tower...but it meant a working phone. It didn't cost me $1 million dollars like I was expecting either. It was free, aside from the whole losing Tiny Tower thing. That cost dearly. I was at 56 floors and 100 bitizens! Not anymore. I'm at 3 floors, 5 bitizens. Big deduction.
I had a great day off though. I got my underarms waxed (so needed!), had a good lunch and got my haircut. However, I have one big problem. I know this is going to sound horrible and self centered but I really need people here to stop commenting on how pretty I am. I mean, it's nice to hear but awkward when I have my shirt off and getting my underarms waxed. Also, it's starting to go to my head. Now I don't want anyone to be like "dang, that girl is ugly. Did her daddy beat her with the ugly stick?"...but I'd also like to be able to go to the bathroom without someone stopping me. It's awkward and unneccessary.

What a Day

I don't think I'm going to like today. I woke up to a really good dream at 6am and realized I was wide awake. Nevermind that it's 6am and I'm off work today. I thought I'd go ahead and wake up. I rolled over to check my cell phone and had a text from a friend so I responded....and had no cell phone service. My phone repeatedly says it is searching for a signal and so I think (based on a 7am phone call that lost it's signal before I could answer) it is sending said text over and over. and over. and over. I'm pretty sure my friend hates me right now. I know I would. It's too early for phone malfunctions.
Fortunately I'm off work today so I can go over to Verizon. Hopefully it's an easy fix because I have no intention on buying a new phone today. If it's not...well....hmmm...can I really go 3 months without a cell phone? That's when I'm eligible for my next "free" phone. I say "free" because there are very few (*none) phones that I would want that you can get for the $150 allotment they give you.
Yikes...what a start to the day. So much for productivity.


This is a toothbrush.

I think I need to come up with a picture book for my patients. It would go like this:
This is a toothbrush. (insert picture of toothbrush)
This is a mouth. (insert picture of mouth)
This is where you stick the toothbrush. (insert picture of toothbrush in mouth)
No silly, you want to use the end with the bristles! (insert picture of toothbrush with handle end in mouth. Person looks confused. Insert picture of toothbrush with bristle end in mouth. Person smiles and looks confident.)
This is how you use the brush. (Insert a moving picture, like in the Cracker Jack box, where brush moves back and forth)
This is floss. (Picture of floss)
This is how you use it. You should use it more than every 3 months when you see me. It's beyond gross that you have had food sitting there since then. It's rotting & fermenting between your teeth. (Insert picture of rotting food that appears to smell very badly.)
You should be able to keep your own teeth clean for 3 months. There is no reason for you to need to see me on a monthly basis. (Insert picture of me, looking sad, mad and grossed out all at once)
(Insert picture of monkey brushing his teeth.) If he can do it, you can too.


Sunday, where are you???

I do not want to work tomorrow...I usually don't mind working Saturdays but I have absolutely no desire to go in tomorrow. It should be a pretty easy day. Saturdays usually are. Afterwards, I'm going to dinner with my friend Jane so we can catch up, it's been a couple weeks since we've been able to hang out so that should be fun. Then I'm going to see a cover band, 16 Candles with another friend at night. But what I'd really like to do? Sleep. Sleep in, take naps & go to bed early. I feel like I haven't been able to catch up on my sleep since getting back from NC.



Does it ever warm up here in Chicago? I'm beginning to think no...it doesn't help that I accidently forgot my jacket in NC over the weekend so am having to stick to a hoodie until it gets here.
Things have been going well with the dude - we hung out the other night and are going out for sushi tonight. We'll see if he still likes me when he sees me devour some raw fish.
So while I was NC I got this weird text from someone saying hi, amongst some other things...but I don't know who it was! I either deleted their number at some point or it got erased when my phone crashed. I asked who it was but they didn't answer me...now it's killing me! Who is the random person?
Also, I'm working on planning a trip down to SC to see my cheerleaders last competition. I promised them I'd try my hardest to make it and now it looks like I'll be able to...except someone is being an uber-witch about me going. She is pretty much refusing to ride in a car with me for 3 hours. I mean, I get that she doesn't like me anymore (not exactly sure why...would love to know) but aren't we adults? Can't we at least be civil to each other? I'm not asking her to be my best friend again...and so far as I know, all I did was move. I didn't do anything super horrible like hit on her husband or steal all her money! Yes, it messed things up but you'd think my best friend would recognize that I was unhappy and needed something different. Just knowing the tension and hatred that will be emanating from her makes me almost want to cancel my trip...



So my date the other night was really good - I had high hopes for it anyways. We went to a play called The North Plan - it was pretty funny. Then we tried to go to a wine bar but the one we headed towards was closed...so we went to Hamburger Mary's (the food smelled soooo good!) and had a couple drinks, then it was home by midnight. And don't worry - my outfit looked adorable!
We're going out again tomorrow night, this time for fondue. Apparently the night I met him I mentioned that I wasn't eating carbs for Lent (that's come up a lot...it's on my mind a lot!) so he searched for an Atkin's restaurant where I could actually eat something. Since such a restaurant doesn't exist, at least not in Chicago, we're going to fondue. Soooo...I have to withstand the bread. Other than that I can eat everything else. Oh and no chocolate fondue. Unfortunately those are my 2 favorite things!!!
I'm a little suspicious though - he seems a little too, well, functional. He's really cute, dresses pretty well, is nice...and hasn't tried to get in my pants. I know it's only been 1 date...but compared to others...he's a winner! I'm waiting for whatever is wrong with him to show itself though...