Does it ever warm up here in Chicago? I'm beginning to think no...it doesn't help that I accidently forgot my jacket in NC over the weekend so am having to stick to a hoodie until it gets here.
Things have been going well with the dude - we hung out the other night and are going out for sushi tonight. We'll see if he still likes me when he sees me devour some raw fish.
So while I was NC I got this weird text from someone saying hi, amongst some other things...but I don't know who it was! I either deleted their number at some point or it got erased when my phone crashed. I asked who it was but they didn't answer me...now it's killing me! Who is the random person?
Also, I'm working on planning a trip down to SC to see my cheerleaders last competition. I promised them I'd try my hardest to make it and now it looks like I'll be able to...except someone is being an uber-witch about me going. She is pretty much refusing to ride in a car with me for 3 hours. I mean, I get that she doesn't like me anymore (not exactly sure why...would love to know) but aren't we adults? Can't we at least be civil to each other? I'm not asking her to be my best friend again...and so far as I know, all I did was move. I didn't do anything super horrible like hit on her husband or steal all her money! Yes, it messed things up but you'd think my best friend would recognize that I was unhappy and needed something different. Just knowing the tension and hatred that will be emanating from her makes me almost want to cancel my trip...

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