Dance Your A** Off

No, I haven't been watching that show. I've been dancing...C2 has a video game called Dance Central on the Xbox Kinect...so I've been able to do a ton of dancing today. I burned lots of calories plus I've been catching up on Secret Life of The American Teenager. It's really good...but now I need to go get ready for speed dating. I'm guessing I can't go all sweaty and in workout shorts and a tee. I mean, they do give a free makeover beforehand...think they'll sponge bathe me beforehand?


Hips Don't Lie

You know that Shakira song, "Hips Don't Lie"? Well, it's true. My hips are not lying when they say ooooowwww! I did a lot of walking today and I'm all achy again. My hips and my feet. Ooooooowwww!
Anyways, I got stopped by another crazy today. Do I attract crazies? Maybe so. I was waiting on the bus, just minding my own business and this guy appears out of nowhere, right up in my face and had me almost trapped in the bus shelter. He says "I want to tell you this story." I cut him off and said "I...I...I...I can't, I have to..." and then I ran off. I would like the crazies to leave me alone. Maybe I just look too nice? Hmmm....I'll wear my mean face from now on.


What A Day!

I woke up realllllll early today to go for a 4 mile walk but Chase said it was too cold to walk. Instead we laid on the couch and watched Revenge. I'm loving this couch! Next up? A nap! It couldn't be a complete day without a nap....when I finally woke up, I got ready and went out to find myself a job and guess what? I found a bunch of temp work. If all goes according to plan, I will be working 3.5 days a week beginning January with a few days in December. That's exciting....not enough money to live on my own but enough to pay off my credit card (a goal!!!) and to save up for a deposit on an apartment.
It's going to be a busy week though. I've got a working interview tomorrow, followed by speed dating Wednesday, Pops for Champagne Thursday, a potential day-time date on Friday, a working interview on Saturday. Whew...I'm tired already! Well I'm off to bed since I have to wake up bright and early tomorrow. I've got to be at the interview at 7:30 and should probably be un-grumpy by then.


It Was A Good Try NaBloPoMo

Well I didn't blog yesterday. It's not that I forgot but by the time I remembered, I was out and thought it might be rude to bust out my phone and blog. Then when I got home, I fell asleep. My bad NaBloPoMo. Things were going so well!
Anyways, I'm back in Chicago now. We're due for a possible wintery mix today, with rain or snow showers in the afternoon. Then, on Tuesday, up to 1 inch of snow! Snow! This is so exciting! Snow! And my mama sent me my new rain boots and they got here just in time for the snow. I can go traipsing about in my shiny new red rain boots.
I also have a potential date later on today. I know, how am I landing all these dates? I don't really know! Me? A girl from SC who got NO dates back home! Me? This one sounds like it's going to be great....except the guy tends to be kinda boring. He was the one from Howl at the Moon who danced and was super fun. But as soon as we left a fun environment, he became lame. Today's date includes: Fiddler on the Roof (a Broadway in Chicago performance), the Christmas lights on Michigan Avenue and dinner. The lights are a weather permitting deal though. Learned that lesson last night, on a date with a different guy. Well, I think it was a date, I'm not sure. We went to see the lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo but it was rainy and not the best weather for it.


Back to Chicago

Well I flew back into Chicago tonight. It's still hard to believe I live here. It's been almost a month and it's been awesome! That's all I really have to say tonight. I'm tired.



So here it is, thanksgiving and I've spent the day with family. First of all, my family is so nice. I'm fortunate for that. Sadly though, how horrible is it that I could walk past my family in the street, bump shoulders w them & I still wouldn't recognize them??! There are 2 cousins here that I haven't seen in 4 years, then 7 years before that....and nope, wouldn't know em. Then there is the aunt & uncle in connecticut that I don't even remember the last time I saw them! They could walk in right now & I'd think they were robbers. Then throw in the cousin in denver that I used my powers of deduction to figure out who he was....and I feel horrible!
Now those are all on my dad's side. My mom's side gets further out before I get lost on who's who. But it's a smaller family tree so that's a pretty good excuse.
I should get to know my family. Or at least be able to recognize them if I pass them on the street.


Oh blogger, I should blog

I have very little to say though. I had such a lazy day: woke up at noon, ate lunch, sat around, showered, ate dinner, ate pie, tried to ignore my dad, twalked firefighter dude (i think he's lost interest.) And now I'm going to bed.


Corry, PA

Well I'm in Corry for Thanksgiving. I got in around 5:00, had dinner, watched my aunt talk on her cell phone on speaker phone as though its a regular phone, and I'm about ready for bed! And I know, I should have told her I could hear both ends so she didn't have to repeat it to me....but she seemed so excited that I just let her tell me.



That is what I kept saying/groaning/whining to myself as I walked around today. I had a job interview and I figured I might as well hand out some more resumes while I was dressed appropriately. I didn't mean to walk all the way there but it was nice out and before I knew it, I was kinda close. That was 3 miles. Then I somehow ended up walking back. That's another 3. So now, not only do I still feel all snotty and tired & slightly feverish but my feet hurt too! uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh....miserable.



I don't feel well. I think I'm getting sick, which supersucks since it's so close to Thanksgiving. That and I have a job interview tomorrow. I hope I don't sneeze boogers all over her. I don't think I"ll get the job if I do. I used my Neti-pot earlier, which made it a little easier to breathe but not much. I also drank some hot tea and took it easy today. However, my jaw is aching, which is not a good sign. Hopefully it's because I've had to be a mouth breather today and not a sign of aching joints....ugggghhhh. Off to bed now!


Christmas time!

This is me. On my way to the christmas parade with c2.

nooooo!!! again...

Ok, this is awkward. I keep forgetting about blogging. It's not that I don't have anything to talk about, it's just that I've been so busy. Then when I got home last night, I was so tired and had meant to blog earlier in the day and I didn't so then I didn't remember to blog when I got home. I guess that means I did forget. Crap.
Well, let me tell you about last night: I went out with the guy from Thursday night to dinner. I thought it was just a networking/being nice to help me find a job type deal but then it really came off as a double date type thing. I'm not sure if that's exactly what it was but it was really awkward. I'm fairly sure he was hitting on the waitress. He asked her if she had a boyfriend. I can't say I blame him, she was really nice & energetic and seemed like a lot of fun to be around. But still...anyways, the dinner was pretty awkward. He was nice but there was definitely...hmmm...he was a lot more fun when he was dancing. There was no dancing there so he was pretty lame. Nice though.
Oh but the food? I hadn't had Swedish food before...it was really really yummy! I had a trout encrusted with almonds & flash fried. It had a roasted red pepper sauce and was served with spinach and scalloped potatoes. Oh and we had baked brie with honey and apples as an appetizer. Delicious! Dessert was a pear poached in citrus wine and covered in a chocolate sauce. It was yummy!



I'm late. I know. I'm sorry! It's not exactly my fault. I mean it is my fault but I didn't know I'd have so much fun. Let me tell you how my day went:
I got a phone call from Jessica, my long lost friend from Fayetteville that I caught back up with in Charleston then lost touch with again when she moved to Alaska. She's in Chicago. We went to lunch w/her & her 3 kids. I also met her husband. He's a huge improvement over the last one.
I walked around and handed resumes out. Not as many as planned & not in the neighborhood planned but the phone call from Jessica was unexpected so I wanted to see her while she was in town. Since I was going to be downtown anyways, I figured I'd stay down there until I met with the meetup group for happy hour. I guess I could have blogged from my phone while I had hot chocolate to waste time but it didn't occur to me.
Then I went to happy hour at Howl At The Moon. I knew NO ONE! But, I decided to be friendly and started chatting it up with a girl named Andy, super nice but I think she didn't like me. She kept trying to cut in on me talking to this dude but she was quasi dating his friend. Plus, I didn't really mind her cutting in, I don't know this dude. He was nice but I wasn't going to get all jealous. Whatevs. However, Howl At The Moon was SO fun! I mean, I expected I'd enjoy it but it was so much fun. I was there for 7 hours! 7 hours! That's a really long time. But me and the cut-in dude were having fun & dancing like white people (I think those were his real dance moves...) so time just flew by. Now it's super late and I must go to bed. I guess this means I failed NaBloPoMo but I think it was for a good reason. Plus, I wasn't very likely to win a prize anyways. I'll still blog everyday the rest of the month though. Nighty night! ***and no mother, I'm not drunk. ****


Another good one!

Well, good news - I beat Plants vs Zombies last night so I shouldn't have anymore 3am nights. Bad news? I slept way too late yet again. However, I had a really productive day (in my mind anyways). I had a phone interview which then turned into a real interview set for Monday. It's to work the recall list all day...which sounds pretty lame but it's a job. I sold myself pretty well. Then, I plotted out where to drop off my hygiene resume in the Lincoln Park area. I also printed out 30 copies of my resume to be handed out at above offices. I printed it up in a nice little Excel spreadsheet. Yeah, I look pretty organized. To me at least.
I also walked down the Southport corridor which was pretty awesome. I stopped and talked to Uncle Dan about layering & socks. I found some boots for Evie, only $65!! But they are so cute, they look just like little hiking boots! But they are for dogs!
Then I walked the almost 2 miles back home...which means I walked close to 4 miles again today. I decided it was ok to skip running since I walked my butt off 2 days in a row!



I almost forgot to blog. Good day, window shopped along michigan ave, went in ginormous macy's...9 stories! I got lost a few times! playing pvz and lost track of time. almost forgot to eat dinner. pvz is so addictive. waking up tomorrow before 9am. not playing pvz. will find something fun to do, then underground wonder bar at night to see lonie walker & her big bad ass company band. no really, that's their name. ok out of time! almost midnight!



I bet you will look at the time stamp and think I forgot to blog. That would be incorrect. Chase surprised me with a Plant vs Zombies game (been wanting it for soooo long!) and I've been playing that all night. I keep saying to myself "I need to stop playing and blog" or "I need to stop playing and go to bed" or "I need to stop playing and pee"...but it all seems so trivial when there are zombies attacking my house and trying to eat my brains. I really am done for the night...mostly!



Since we are in the month of November, I figure it's a good time to discuss what I'm thankful for. (At least on days when I don't have anything else to blog about) Today, I'll tell you what I'm thankful for in regards to my leaving SC. I have a tendency to focus on the negative (NO????!!! Not ME!) so I would not like to think about the 2 supposed "best friends" who don't even speak to me anymore. Nor about the boyfriend that I thought well, I thought we would at least still be speaking & that we actually had something good. None of these are related, 1 was due to a move down the street, 2 was due to me moving to chicago, and 3 was...well, I don't really know the reason for the 3rd. But enough of the negative.
I am thankful for:
- an easy drive with good weather & good traffic.
- a smooth transition
- my friends in SC who made me feel very loved and as though they were sad to see me go. Not limited to but including -
Britney & K2 for including me in the cheer practices until the end & making sure I knew I was wanted there. Also for going out to just chat more than we ever did prior to my deciding to move.
Chrissy for being there for me, despite my breakdown in Outback. I'll miss our movie & dinner nights! And game nights with her kids, that was fun.
Malinda & Debbie for letting me get in one last meal at Wild Olive. And my awesome mix tape.
The staff at Dr. B's...I'll miss them super much!
Ashley & Katherine for making sure they got in as much face time as they could while I was still around.
Shanna for making me come over & have a glass of wine with her, despite my wanting to stay holed up in my house.
Everyone in SC who made things easier (but also so much harder!) to leave, thank you! When I first decided to leave, things got pretty rough & I wasn't sure I'd make it the whole 2 months but y'all all stepped up to the plate & made the last month amazing! I'll miss everyone very much and you are all welcome to come visit me anytime you want!


30 by 30 List

Well, as some of you may know, and others may not - I started a list of 30 things I'd like to accomplish before I turn 30. I'm 29 now. I started this list when I was 28. I've got about 9 months until the big deadline hits. Here is my list:
1. Run a 10k in less than an hour. (nowhere close to this one yet)
2. Skydive.
3. Go on a week's vacation. (Done in July, went to the Outer Banks)
4. Go skiing. (Thanksgiving???)
5. Pay off credit card. (working on it...slowly)
6. Stay at a bed & breakfast.
7. Pay off a student loan. (hate student loans!)
8. Move to a new house or new city. (COMPLETED! 10/31/11)
9. Complete Rosetta Stone - Spanish. (have it...haven't worked on it.)
10. Get orthodontics, an implant (tooth, not boobs) or Lasik.
12. Buy a piece of grown up furniture. (Real wood, no assembly required.)
13. Learn the history of the city I'm living in.
14. Go to speed dating.
15. Go to Schlitterbahn. (coolest water park ever!)
16. Get a standing tuck by myself.
17. Pay for the car behind me at the drive-thru.
18. Host a dinner party. (for 6 or more, at least 3 courses.)
19. Learn to shoot a gun. (COMPLETED! 5/19/11. AWESOME!)
20. See a Broadway play. (COMPLETED! LES MIS 11/10/11. SO FUN!)
21. Get my underarms waxed.
22. Go camping. (real camping. in a tent. in the woods.)
23. Buy a cute guy a drink.
24. Buy a fashion scarf, wear it 5x. (Bought, worn once 4/16/11.)
25. See a dermatoligist.
26. Learn to make good chile rellanos.
27. Get bangs. (Holly Golightly-esque from Breakfast at Tiffanys?? too short??)
28. Take a flower arranging class.
29. Learn to shag. (know the basics, would like to learn more advanced...prob won't be too easy in Chicago!)
30. Get my nose pierced. (COMPLETED! 3/18/11)


11.11.11, 11:11

Well, I missed 11:11. But it's almost 11:11 Central Time so we'll just pretend like I'm in Chicago right now.
I hate Kevin & Heather's neighbors. They are like elephants. And play music very loud at 3am. I hate them. I laid in bed thinking of possible death scenarios until I fell asleep.
Les Mis was good, though the stage didn't move under their feet. But, as Heather pointed out, it's just Toledo. I liked the songs and our seats gave us a great view - kudos to Heather for picking out good ones! I drank a Valjean before the show and even got to use the men's restroom during intermission. No, I wasn't drunk. or confused. The line for the women's was really long so some lady (I think an usher...) ushered me into the men's room. There were other women in there. But also a urinal. I didn't use the urinal.
Happy 11.11.11 at 11:11 (Chicago-time)



I had a very hard time getting off the couch this morning. It was very warm underneath my blankets and I could tell it was not very warm outside of my blankets. Heather didn't warm me in enough time that it was going to be cold with a wintery mix. Rumor is there's snow outside. If I missed the first snowfall of the year in Chicago...grrr...
We're waiting on a pizza (oh! It's here!), then we're going to Les Mis. This will be my first off-broadway show, so I'm very excited. I heard the stage moves under their feet. I hope I can stay awake through the whole show!


What's Your Deal?

I came to a couple realizations today:
1. I'm never driving again.
2. I'm very out of shape.
3. I miss Robert but he won't speak to me (don't ask why, I don't actually know the reason).
4. I love Piatto Pronto.
5. I'm very tired.

I know I was going to tell y'all about the 30 by 30 list but I think I'm too tired to type all of that so you'll have to wait...until...I don't know when.


Oh no

I ALMOST FORGOT TO BLOG! I did nothing today - well...I didn't do nothing. I played on the computer, watched Breakfast at Tiffany's, washed sheets, bought the Mexi-mart out of baking soda. Checked out the guy behind the counter at the Mexi-mart. I'll be going back there. Don't lecture me. I know he works at the Mexi-mart! But he's cute...I'm just gonna look.
Then, C-squared got home (that's Chase & Clint) and Chase decided he needed help with his job. Finding songs about outer space. Don't bombard me with ideas. It'll be too late by the time you read this. I found 1 good song...everything else got rejected. But I can't help it that Britney Spears doesn't write about outer space.
Oh & since I'm leaving for Toledo tomorrow, I'm willing to bet I won't have a lot to say then (sorry Heather), so tomorrow I'll tell you about my 30 by 30 list.
Finally, I want cake. I'm hoping Heather got the hint earlier when I said "I want some cake. I was going to make some today but didn't feel like it. I hope I get cake soon." and realizes that I would like some cake when I come into town. You know, like a "Hurray! Les Miserables Cake!"


*SCREAM* (in an excited way)

What a productive day today has been! I slept in a little bit, but not too late, woke up & took a shower after making sure I was out of Magda's way. She's the maid. I played on the computer for a bit and walked with Chase down to the Crafty Beaver. Get your mind out of the gutter. It's a hardware store! We came back to the house & I left for the Field Museum. I only got a little bit lost getting there. I met Victor, the firefighter guy from Friday night, and we wandered the museum. I learned that I do not really enjoy natural history, I do want to be mummified upon my death - not before!!!, and that Victor does not correctly know Chicago history. No really, he told me that the new Macy's on State Street used to be Carson Pirie Scott (or whatever that store is). Nevermind the big plaques on the side of the building that say Marshall Fields. Or that Chase was just telling me earlier about the Macy's. Or that I had heard about Marshall Fields turned Macy's at some other point in my life. But, he tried to give me an inaccurate tour, which I suppose was nice.
As though that weren't a productive enough day, I got home (rode the bus, so crowded but smelled better than the el) and went to Target. Chase & Clint hung the most awesome giant tv in my room. Ok, maybe not giant but it is big, especially compared to what I used to have. Then, they hung a wobbly shelf so I can watch cable & netflix in my room. The shelf says it can hold up to 18 pounds but I made a promise not to test that weight limit.
As though that weren't enough, I GOT CURTAINS IN MY ROOM! I no longer have to choose between getting dressed in the bathroom or having the guys at the tow yard next door potentially see my nakedness. I don't think I have to say which one I went with...but I am on the 3rd floor, they probably couldn't see anything anyways unless they were on the roof.
AS THOUGH THAT WEREN'T ENOUGH!!! I know, how much can you possibly fit in 1 day? we got the closet cleaned out & I got more hangars so I can hang the rest of my clothes, put stuff on the top of the closet & on the floor. Plus, Chase said they might get an entertainment center so if they do, I can have the cube thingie that the tv sits on right now. Which is what I was leaning towards anyways...but this one is free, even better!!!
I'm supposed to be hanging clothes now. But I'm tired from the rest of my day...so maybe I'll do that tomorrow.


Modern Family Marathon Day

I have done almost nothing today. I did manage to take a shower. And fold laundry. That's it. I also looked online & applied for some dental hygiene jobs. I found a job for an HR recruiter for hygienists & assistants. I think that would be fun. I always wonder why in the world people would possibly hire person X because clearly, they are horrible! If I got that job, I would not have to hire person X! It's going to take a complete redo of my resume though so I didn't apply for that one. Yet. Maybe later.
I would highly recommend buying stock in BandAids. I will go through a million of them living in Chicago. So much walking, so many blisters, so many bandaids.
I did find out about this super cool pizza place, Great Lake, that I would like to try. It only seats 14 & you can have a few hours wait but the owners will actually call your cell phone when your table is ready, so you can peruse the neighborhood. Plus, they use all local ingredients. The menu often only has 3-4 pizzas at a time, so hopefully they'll have good ones when I get around to going!


Fashion Influence

I've been catching up on Modern Family. I know that I'm 29 and I should not be dressing like a teenager. But I LOVE how Haley dresses. She's 16 in the show...but she's so fashionable and cute! I would like to figure out how to put outfits together that look like her.

Why, of course you aren't a serial killer!

So maybe the patient who told me I have to learn to not be so trusting was right. I went to a "Nuts & Bolts" singles mixer last night. It was actually more fun than I was expecting & definitely something outside of my comfort level. I went around talking to people & even ran into someone I knew! I know...it's been 3 days, how do I know someone? But it was one of the girls that I met while volunteering. I said "Hey! You're the girl from the thing, right?" She said yes.
Anyways, overall it was a fun night. I met an older Irish gentlemen. All the Irish people I've met (2, to be exact) have been very sarcastic. This one said he was a Calvin Klein underwear model. He started listing the perks of his job...he forgot to mention that he doesn't have to wear pants all day. That's a perk for him, not the people around him. I think he was kidding though.
I kept running into this 1 other guy, Victor. He caught my eye when he first walked in as one of the better looking guys there. We ran into each other a few times, made a couple "matches" with our nuts/bolts. He said he thought it was really funny that people got so focused on making "matches" that they would forget to talk to the people attached to the nut/bolt. I could definitely see that. I asked him what the prizes were - lemonheads. No, seriously, lemonheads. There were a few other things, starbucks gift card, a dozen roses to carry around the rest of the night. I had to laugh when I realized what the prizes were so I quit trying to make matches and stuck around talking to this guy. (He did actually win the grand prize, a weekend getaway to Kewaunee, WI. No, he didn't invite me. No, I wouldn't have gone).
After the mixer wrapped up, we decided to go try someplace else. We went to a cafe across the street & grabbed a piece of pie. After that, he recommended going to a bar near my house - Hopleaf. I really liked that bar when I went earlier this week, so I agreed. It was maybe 2 miles down the road so he offered to drive, since he had his car. I GOT IN HIS CAR! After I got in, I thought to myself "Well, crap. I hope he's not a serial killer. What if he tampered with his door handle & I can't get out? What if we don't go where he said we would? I'm going to die." But clearly since I'm writing this I didn't die. Perhaps I am a little too trusting though...things to learn in the city!



I went to Ikea today. I wanted to see if I could find an inexpensive dresser to store tee shirts & whatnot in. I got there and it was huge! There were 3 stories! I walked in to...nothing. There was an escalator and a wall. I chose the escalator. It escalated me upstairs to another wall. There were bins of $5 and under things so I stopped to look. Upon closer examination, it wasn't actually another wall. There was stuff behind the wall. A lot of stuff. So much stuff. I didn't know where to begin, but I knew I was hungry so I thought I'd start with lunch & take in the vastness of this building. I got a ton of food for so cheap! I tried the cheese ravioli with steamed veggies & a parmesan cream sauce. I didn't ask for chicken but the lady behind the counter didnt' seem to speak English so she gave it to me anyways.
After lunch, it was time to buckle down & do what I came there for. I went in search of bedroom furniture. I didn't love any of it. I mean, it was nice but there was only 1 piece that would fit with the traditional decor of Chase's house. I didn't love that piece. Then I began to think that maybe I'd get one of those cube thingies and put baskets in there. I still might do that but I'm not sure. I can get cheaper cube thingies at Target but I like the storage bins better at Ikea. I'm going to look on Craigslist to see if I can find something I like better.
Oh, right...I almost forgot. At lunch, I tried to steal someone's tray. It was an empty tray but she was standing beside this cart that had empty trays on it. I went to grab for one & she said I'm using that. I must have looked pretty confused because she pointed out where the much bigger stack of empty trays were. I had walked right past them but she was pushing a cart that held multiple trays of food. It was crazy.


Things I Learned in Chicago Today

Well, today was my first rainy, windy day in the big city. Here's what I learned:
1. Don't fix your hair. It's going to get blown around anyways.
2. Invest in a hat. It'll mess your hair up but will at least keep your hair contained & out of your face.
3. Umbrellas are stupid.
4. Hoods on jackets/sweatshirts are a very good idea.
5. If it's raining out, don't wear long pants. Mine are a good length...except when it rains. Ankle length pants would have been so much better!
6. My shoes don't actually fit. I thought they did but everytime I wear them, I end up with blisters.
7. My hips are not made for walking.
8. A day full of walking & standing around makes me very very tired.
9. I should keep Kleenex or a handkercheif in my purse at all times. I will have a runny nose from it being cold/numb for the next 6 months.
10. I do not like the smell of other people when wet.
11. I should avoid the L between 4-6 pm if at all possible.

Overall, it was a good day but definitely a learning experience. I volunteered handing out runner packets at Union Station today and got a shirt that says "will run for chocolate". I also met 2 really nice girls, 1 of whom is going to email me a list of things to do/places to go in Chicago.



So I had plans on going out & enjoying this gorgeous weather that Chicago has been having. But I got out of bed today and wow, it's so sad that I'm sore from walking. My feet ache, as well as my hips. This must be a sign that I really am getting old. I may go out for a short walk just to stretch things out a bit. Right now though, I'm trying to decide if I want to eat off-brand Cinnamon Life or BooBerries for breakfast. One of those was my buy, the other was C..I'll let you guess which was which. Oh and at Target last night, they had the most amazing thing! Well, it was pretty simple actually but it amazed me. The cashier scanned the paper towels and he untaped this strip of Target symbols. I thought it was just for proof that we bought them...but then he taped it the wrong way. IT WAS A HANDLE! Sometimes, I feel like a bit of a country bumpkin in this town...but they just have so many cool things!
Also, I'm having a harder time than I expected trying to adjust to not having Evie around. I was out yesterday and kept thinking I should get home to check on her. Then this morning, I kept expecting to hear her whine so I would know it was time to take her out. She'd be having a lot of fun here, especially with all the walking I will be doing. I don't think I can take her on the el though...so our walks would be much shorter!
Finally, has anyone heard of Instagram? It's an IPhone app and it's like Twitter but with pictures instead of tweets. I think it'd be fun, especially while exploring Chicago. Of course, I don't have an Iphone...but supposedly the Droid version is called Instaroid (sounds like a disease, like hemmorhoids but faster). From what I read about Instaroid, it's exactly the same as Instagram & I can even follow Instagram users. I'm not sure if Instagram users can follow me. Anyone know anything about this? I'm also looking at Instapics. It's $1.99...so I'm less likely to buy that one!
& In case you're wondering, the BooBerries won!


Why, hello NaBloPoMo!

Well today has been my first official full day in Chicago. It's been great. I slept in, unpacked my car, met a neighbor, ate an italian beef sandwich & walked more today than I have in a really really long time. I kinda figured out the El...I at least know what stop I need to get off at to get home. I also sorta started figuring out the bus lines. There is a bus that runs up & down Clark St all day and stops right in front of the house! I'll be trying that one out on Friday.
I'm catching up on an episode of How I Met Your Mother and then it's off to the grocery store. Oh and I need to unpack all my stuff but that seems like such an intimidating task.
NaBloPoMo - I'm looking forward to exploring Chicago with you!