11.11.11, 11:11

Well, I missed 11:11. But it's almost 11:11 Central Time so we'll just pretend like I'm in Chicago right now.
I hate Kevin & Heather's neighbors. They are like elephants. And play music very loud at 3am. I hate them. I laid in bed thinking of possible death scenarios until I fell asleep.
Les Mis was good, though the stage didn't move under their feet. But, as Heather pointed out, it's just Toledo. I liked the songs and our seats gave us a great view - kudos to Heather for picking out good ones! I drank a Valjean before the show and even got to use the men's restroom during intermission. No, I wasn't drunk. or confused. The line for the women's was really long so some lady (I think an usher...) ushered me into the men's room. There were other women in there. But also a urinal. I didn't use the urinal.
Happy 11.11.11 at 11:11 (Chicago-time)

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