Since we are in the month of November, I figure it's a good time to discuss what I'm thankful for. (At least on days when I don't have anything else to blog about) Today, I'll tell you what I'm thankful for in regards to my leaving SC. I have a tendency to focus on the negative (NO????!!! Not ME!) so I would not like to think about the 2 supposed "best friends" who don't even speak to me anymore. Nor about the boyfriend that I thought well, I thought we would at least still be speaking & that we actually had something good. None of these are related, 1 was due to a move down the street, 2 was due to me moving to chicago, and 3 was...well, I don't really know the reason for the 3rd. But enough of the negative.
I am thankful for:
- an easy drive with good weather & good traffic.
- a smooth transition
- my friends in SC who made me feel very loved and as though they were sad to see me go. Not limited to but including -
Britney & K2 for including me in the cheer practices until the end & making sure I knew I was wanted there. Also for going out to just chat more than we ever did prior to my deciding to move.
Chrissy for being there for me, despite my breakdown in Outback. I'll miss our movie & dinner nights! And game nights with her kids, that was fun.
Malinda & Debbie for letting me get in one last meal at Wild Olive. And my awesome mix tape.
The staff at Dr. B's...I'll miss them super much!
Ashley & Katherine for making sure they got in as much face time as they could while I was still around.
Shanna for making me come over & have a glass of wine with her, despite my wanting to stay holed up in my house.
Everyone in SC who made things easier (but also so much harder!) to leave, thank you! When I first decided to leave, things got pretty rough & I wasn't sure I'd make it the whole 2 months but y'all all stepped up to the plate & made the last month amazing! I'll miss everyone very much and you are all welcome to come visit me anytime you want!

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Ed said...

:) Glad you made it safe. Go have some fun