What A Day!

I woke up realllllll early today to go for a 4 mile walk but Chase said it was too cold to walk. Instead we laid on the couch and watched Revenge. I'm loving this couch! Next up? A nap! It couldn't be a complete day without a nap....when I finally woke up, I got ready and went out to find myself a job and guess what? I found a bunch of temp work. If all goes according to plan, I will be working 3.5 days a week beginning January with a few days in December. That's exciting....not enough money to live on my own but enough to pay off my credit card (a goal!!!) and to save up for a deposit on an apartment.
It's going to be a busy week though. I've got a working interview tomorrow, followed by speed dating Wednesday, Pops for Champagne Thursday, a potential day-time date on Friday, a working interview on Saturday. Whew...I'm tired already! Well I'm off to bed since I have to wake up bright and early tomorrow. I've got to be at the interview at 7:30 and should probably be un-grumpy by then.

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