My trip to STL

I came out to STL this weekend to spend Ed's birthday with him. It was an EARLY morning, since I had to wake up at 4:30 to make my flight...ugh! He should know I like him since I don't wake up that early for just anyone. The flights were good, other than an overly chatty woman in front of me in the security line. Seriously woman, don't chat up a stranger before 6 am! I got out to STL, took a nap...we went and got mexican. I entered a contest in the nearly empty restaurant to win Cardinal's tickets and I won!! So for Ed's birthday we went to a Cardinal's game. It was lots of fun...except for the 3000 ft climb up to our seats! The Cardinals won, and Mathers made his ML debut while we were there. He's my favorite Cardinal...he made an awesome catch (a couple other good but not so important plays) and even got a hit on his first night...good job buddy!
The walk home was not so fun...it started pouring rain and we had a 12 block walk to go....and I was in flip flops. I never seem to be well prepared in this city. First no jacket while it's snowing, now bad shoes. Luckily for me I had just seen a special on the evening news saying that going barefoot is not unsanitary or dangerous...so I ignored all the "britney going in the gas station bathroom barefoot" alerts that were going off and scrapped the shoes. Then it was back to bed! More on the rest of the trip when I get back...


The Perfect Day

So Monday was the perfect day! Other than the fact that I had to work half of it...I got over to Ed's and walked down to the beach to lay out and not burn (exciting!!!) for a couple hours with a margarita. Then he came down and we went out on the kayak...it was really pretty, a nice breeze, not too hot, not too cold. The only thing that could have made it better was some pants (I was in a rush so did not put shorts on over my bathing suit)...I got to sit and relax while Ed paddled along. I pointed out some dolphins whenever I saw them. They came really close to the boat a couple times! Then we went out to the sandbar to watch the sun set and saw a real shark! It was a little scary...but it was only like 2 1/2 feet. I wanted Ed to jump in the water so the shark would come back, but my powers of persuasion are not that good. We also saw 2 Canadian geese! I thought they were swans, seeing as how they were mainly white...but whatever, swans, geese...we saw them.
Later that night, we went for sushi at Tsunami...it was delicious and we definitely overate, as we always do. Then it was home to fall asleep...what a perfect perfect day.


5 more days of freedom

Alas...I'm not a very good blogger. I only got 1 post up and then took a hiatus. I was anti-social for all those wondering and that's all I'd like to say. Since the last time...went to Savannah, got creeped out by my mother. Got told that someone was in love with me (not Ed...some creepy drunk guy at the bar)....found a REALLY good drink at the Chinese bistro across the street from my house, Azian twist (yes spelled with a Z...guess that's trendy). It's Coconut Rum and Lychee....yuuuuummmmy! Tastes like coconut and pear juice. Delicious! Also had blueberry beer...tasted like blueberry pancakes, also delicious.
David Cook won American Idol...could have guessed that. Kristi Yamahoweveryouspellhername won Dancing with the Stars...could have guessed that, though Jason Taylor was HOT on it! hmmm....that's about all in the life of Kristin.


Jackie O and JFK

So according to the book I've been reading Ed and I are like Jackie O and JFK. Minus the whole JFK being shot part....In case anyone's wondering the book is "The Secret Language of Relationships" (totally not mine...found it laying around Ed's house, though I sure hope it's not his!). Jackie O is a classy lady...much better than being compared to say...(I know you're thinking Britney Spears but I'm not going there!) Madonna.