5 more days of freedom

Alas...I'm not a very good blogger. I only got 1 post up and then took a hiatus. I was anti-social for all those wondering and that's all I'd like to say. Since the last time...went to Savannah, got creeped out by my mother. Got told that someone was in love with me (not Ed...some creepy drunk guy at the bar)....found a REALLY good drink at the Chinese bistro across the street from my house, Azian twist (yes spelled with a Z...guess that's trendy). It's Coconut Rum and Lychee....yuuuuummmmy! Tastes like coconut and pear juice. Delicious! Also had blueberry beer...tasted like blueberry pancakes, also delicious.
David Cook won American Idol...could have guessed that. Kristi Yamahoweveryouspellhername won Dancing with the Stars...could have guessed that, though Jason Taylor was HOT on it! hmmm....that's about all in the life of Kristin.

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