Not sure why I thought to look this up...


Totally will have to keep this in mind for a school project...


movie night...er...weekend

Since I knew I was going to be super busy this weekend dog sitting, I rented a couple movies. Here are the verdicts:

27 DRESSES: ok...def not my favorite, but cute and allowed me to play online without missing much of the movie.
BLADES OF GLORY: Not as good as I was hoping...funny parts but glad the dogs were barking during part of the movie.
THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL: the book was much better. It seemed like the movie focused more on Anne than Mary. I think someone told me that when I got the book but I checked out the movie anyways. ***Side note: watching a Family Feud marathon right now and the category is something that gets harder as it gets colder. Someone said toothpaste. Stupid. Oh no...had to go back and add that one of the answers was nipples. Creepy.*** I also thought they left out some important parts, like having a monster baby and since in the movie Anne and her brother did not sleep together, no chance to make a monster baby. Not that I wanted to WATCH that part...but still feel like it may be important to the plot. I'd like to think that they wouldn't decapitate someone just based on hearsay that something happened. Oh! And at the end of the movie they said that the movie was purely fictional and not based on any individual or likeness, you know that whole warning so people can't sue and say that that's their story. But at the end of the book they said that due to some research they were able to write the book. Plus Anne Boleyn and King Henry's child was the future Queen Elizabeth. So even if loosely based on fact, there is still a little fact and they should have said it was a fictional story based on fact.

In other news: 3 dogs barking is really annoying! But 3 dogs snuggling with you is really cute...Oh and 2 of the dogs are really little so when they jump up, it doesn't phase you...but Evie sees it and thinks she can jump up too. My sweet little puppy...who got her eye scratched out by one of the little ones :(


Drinking before the dog park...or just plain country?

So I was at the dog park earlier letting Evie run around like the crazy puppy she is and these two girls walk in. They caught my attention because one was yelling at her dog "No Boone!" and swatting at him. I thought it was pretty mean since the dog appeared to be just standing there. Maybe she wanted him to move, who knows.
Anyways...one dog runs up to one of the girls and she says "Aw, you're cute what's your name?" Then she waits for the dog to respond. To her surprise...it did not. So she tries to look at the tag. Then Evie runs over...same thing "Aw, what's your name? Your little white socks are so cute?"...again, no response, so she checks the tag. She proceeds to go to each and every dog (about 8 of them) to ask each one their name and say hello.
Meanwhile...girl number 2 is around a couple of the dogs so she takes off running and says "come on guys!" The dogs stare like she might be insane. Of course shortly after that...Evie decides this girl is fun and runs after her. Weird little puppy of mine.
My conclusion: These girls either were drinking A LOT before coming out...doing drugs (and lots of them) or just really really country. Like Turkey, NC country...or Coosawhatchie SC country...I tried to see if they were slurring...but couldn't tell if they were or if that was just the accent. Guess I will never know.



How am I supposed to make it thru 1 more day of class this week? It's sooooo close to break that I have spring fever...in the middle of summer. And! I have a test tomorrow. That makes 3 tests this week PLUS the first day of patient treatment. And to top it all off I have to wait 8 whole days to go see Ed...can't it just be July 3 already?
Oh! And I had an absolutely brilliant idea, hopefully I can pull it off. I think Ed and I should meet up in Ohio over the break to: go to Cedar Point so I can finish off those rides. (Maybe Ed won't be such a wus like my brother and actually go on roller coasters...many props to Heather for being brave! Even if she wasn't brave enough to go on the scary straight up/straight down coaster. ) ANNNNDD...Jeanette should be popping Sofia (or is it Sophia) or Jeremiah out one of those days we'd be there so I could see the new baby! Now if only I can convince Ed that it is such a great idea...


If I had a shotgun...

The birds outside my window would no longer chirp ALL morning long...


At least my dog isn't this bad...

Gerbil blamed for teen's car crash
by Sandy Maple Jun 19th 2008 10:03AM

Categories: Health & safety, In the news, Weird but true

Whenever I travel with my dog in the car, I make sure she is safely secured in the backseat. Not only does this help protect her should I be involved in an accident, it ensures that she can't get all crazy while I'm driving and cause an accident. She's the kind of dog that would totally do that. In fact, a lot of dogs would do that, but this is the first I've ever heard of a gerbil causing a car accident.

The accident happened in Springville, Utah when a 17-year-old girl veered off the road trying to wrangle her gerbil, who had escaped from its cage. The teen's car hit a truck that was on the side of the road getting a battery jump from another truck. The impact pushed the first truck into the second truck, pinning the legs of a woman who was standing between them. Her leg was broken as was the leg of her co-worker, who had stopped to help her. The teen and the gerbil were unhurt.

I guess this story wouldn't really be all that noteworthy but for the fact that the girl wasn't even cited for the accident. Trying to capture her gerbil while driving showed extremely poor judgment and resulted in two people being injured. I wonder how those two with the broken legs feel about this lack of accountability.


A sigh of relief...

So I kinda/sorta studied for the test I just took and it was sooo easy! Last night I thought going out to play trivia was a better idea than completely prepping for the test and it paid off! Yippee! I'll get the grade later on today but I'm banking on an A :)


Seriously Ms. Vottsman????

**** Names have been changed here to protect the identity, in case she gets wind of this blog entry ****

Seriously Ms. (said with an attitude in case you didn't know) Vottsman, keeping us after class for an hour???? I think that you just plan a little too much in your daily lesson plans if it can't be accomplished within the 4 hours of class. Keep in mind now, that we started 15 minutes early too! Maybe you should cut out just one of these stupid bitewing series (that's 21 x-rays guys!! 21! I hate having 1 taken...why would I want 21 done??? I think she just likes to torture people.) out of your daily torture plans and we could get out, oh I don't know, ON TIME!
So I'm taking x-rays and she just flusters everyone so much that we ALL get out of whack and start making stupid mistakes. I forgot to aim the PID (that's the part the x-rays come out of for all you that don't know) at the patient's face...just left it along the wall, what a lovely x-ray that would make. Grr!
Oh and then to top it ALL off...she comes and pours half a can of tomato juice onto my x-rays so I can see what saliva would be like and how I need to wipe the x-rays clean. First off, NO ONE HAS THAT MUCH SPIT! Second...there aren't little pieces of pulp in spit. Thirdly, woman don't pour your juice on my stuff!!!
6 more weeks of this crap and then THIS class is over...next semester...more of Ms. Vottsman. :(
The good news is that next semester it will start to get cold again and then she'll wear her silk, button-down, shoulder-padded shirts from the 1990's and I can text Katie to make fun of her again!!!



I lost 3 pounds since Monday!


A couple quick notes...

That little possessed Snuggle bear is so darn cute!

Also...body fat % was 24.8 today at the gym. And so the work is on to get that down to "good"...


poor puppy...

Evie is going back in her crate as of this afternoon. I feel bad but she is misbehaving too much to stay out...Yesterday she ripped up my roommates blanket and a pair of my underwear. So I bought her a fluffy crate bed (it'll be lucky to last 2 days but I'm overly hopeful that she won't destroy it).
In other news...I'm going back to St. Louis soon! July 3...1 month away.


My brother is weird...

noooo!!! I just typed a WHOLE long blog and it wouldn't save it...unfortunately it is lost forever. I'm afraid no one will hear the whole story about how my brother is weird and his goat-kill stare (well, he can't do it...he's not that talented). Ok...it's a good weird story so maybe I'll tell it after Tae-bo!


My dog is a monster!

So my previously well behaved dog suddenly turned into a terror. As I'm sitting here typing, she is burrowing her nose under my arm....I'm thinking she wants attention. I will admit to not being the best dog owner for the past couple weeks. With Ed moving and all, I may have been paying more attention to him than to Evie. I didn't completely forget about her...she would go with me to his house, or go on walks with us. She went with us to watch the sunset...but I didn't sit and pet her or train her. Anyways...so this weekend while I was in St. Louis, Noam (that's the roommate) said he would take care of her, but he was going to only be stop by and let her out...he would be elsewhere. I was a little worried as to what she would do, but as far as I can tell she was well behaved. Today though! She ate my underwear...a pair I had just recently gotten too! And carried those and my tee shirt out to the living room...luckily I beat Noam home so that was an awkward moment avoided. She's also been ripping apart the cover to my duvet...grrr! We went to the dog park today though for her to run around (oh yeah, forgot that she ran outside today and ran WAYYYY down the street and did NOT come back. I had to chase her down and make her sit and then drag her back). I was hoping it would wear her out...we're playing fetch now so it did not work. We will sit and watch tv/do homework later on though (lots of fun for her I can assume)...hopefully with a little attention, she will turn back into my sweet little angel puppy that she was before!