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Gerbil blamed for teen's car crash
by Sandy Maple Jun 19th 2008 10:03AM

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Whenever I travel with my dog in the car, I make sure she is safely secured in the backseat. Not only does this help protect her should I be involved in an accident, it ensures that she can't get all crazy while I'm driving and cause an accident. She's the kind of dog that would totally do that. In fact, a lot of dogs would do that, but this is the first I've ever heard of a gerbil causing a car accident.

The accident happened in Springville, Utah when a 17-year-old girl veered off the road trying to wrangle her gerbil, who had escaped from its cage. The teen's car hit a truck that was on the side of the road getting a battery jump from another truck. The impact pushed the first truck into the second truck, pinning the legs of a woman who was standing between them. Her leg was broken as was the leg of her co-worker, who had stopped to help her. The teen and the gerbil were unhurt.

I guess this story wouldn't really be all that noteworthy but for the fact that the girl wasn't even cited for the accident. Trying to capture her gerbil while driving showed extremely poor judgment and resulted in two people being injured. I wonder how those two with the broken legs feel about this lack of accountability.

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