Where do you want to live?

So...here's my theory: And before I confuse anyone since I seem to be good at that...I'm not moving.

I want to live in a house...so if I'm building a house I should start with a good solid foundation. After the foundation is laid, you put up the frame, then you know...whatever else goes into building the rest of the house. This whole process of building a house takes time...but you have to live somewhere until the house is being built, right? I mean, it's not wrong to go live somewhere in the process of building...so you find a shack. It's pretty weak but it's not meant to last a long time...a big wind could come blow it over...but that's ok...your house is almost built. So I'm going to live in a shack....but build a big strong house for when the shack tumbles...and surely it will...pretty quickly too.