I know I'm not suppsoed to think this...but being unemployed is pretty awesome so far. Today is my first official day - I got to sleep in until 9:30. I bummed around for a few & then was about to take a shower but realized that Hoda & Kathy were on. Of course, I turned on the tv! What's so exciting about this is that it is the Halloween episode & everyone is in costume. Hoda & Kathy are dressed up as Fergie's kids. Matt is Wills, Ann is Kate. Natalie was Pippa. But what's Will without his Harry?



So 8 more days until I go. I've got everything sold but 1 computer tower....I still need a few things picked up but I'm much further along than I was earlier this week which is a huge relief!
However, slight hiccup (and could look like quite the slight!). My phone stopped sending texts, which was a problem considering that was my main source of communication. I took it to the store & since my 1 year manufacturers warranty was up, they won't replace the phone. The only options were: a)continue typing texts & hitting send but not having them received or b)do a hard reset on the phone, which meant losing everything. Supposedly my contacts were supposed to be saved to my gmail account...but they weren't there when I tried to sync them. This probably means I do not have your phone number and/or email address. Sooo...I'm not ignoring you*** now that I'm about to up & leave. I just don't know how to get in touch with you.
***Unless I am ignoring you.


Here's My Beef

Dear Wendy's,
Remember when you used to be good? Yeah? Me too. I miss that. I came to see you today. I wish I'd gone to Bojangles instead. I had a coupon for a free "$0.99 Super Value Menu Item" with the purchase of a combo. Now did I need all that food? No. No really, the answer is still no. But I did it anyways. Well, Wendy, you crushed that dream. You don't have chili on the Super Value Menu. Remember when you only charged $0.99 for your chili? No? I do. It was good. It was affordable. Now you want $1.59. It's not that good. I decided to go for the Monterey Ranch chicken sandwich instead. Except wait...that wasn't $0.99 either. What is this Super Value Menu? Why isn't everything $0.99??? This sure seems to me that you put all your cheap-o gross food on this "super" value menu. Is that what you did? My only choices that the coupon qualified for were: french fries (don't need 2 orders), a frosty (can't eat that for a meal), or spicy chicken nuggets (not regular, those are $1.59). RI-DIC-U-LOUS!

Oh and remember your fries? They were soo good! Why did you switch? Fresh cut fries? No they aren't! They are made up of the same regular fake stuff as your old fries, they just look a little different and you used sea salt. Not good Wendy. Not good at all.

Oh and please stop serving me wilted lettuce. I don't like it.


PS: You should update your website. It says the Monterey Ranch chicken sandwich is only $0.99. Just sayin'. One of you Wendy's is a liar.


29, 28, 27...

Down to 27 days! The fact that I'm actually leaving is starting to sink in & I'm starting to get a little bit nervous. Not about the move so much but about getting everything sold in time, dealing with the cold (it's 71 here today & I'm in a fleece & workout pants...but still flippiefloppies!), and living in a teeny tiny space. I thought I'd do some research to see what kind of places I could find to rent and I've definitely got some work cut out for me!
I found a place that says they'll drive you around & find you a place to live...it doesn't appear there is a fee but I find that hard to believe. I'll hold off on calling them. Craigslist seems to be my best bet, unless I want to live in a heated cardboard box. So, if you haven't started registering for your fabulous new apartment, go ahead and hop on that train because I'll be needing to stay there!
I'm off to Saint Louis this weekend - a much dreaded trip but one that is non refundable so I'm going regardless. Bets on how awkward this is going to be?? I'll put $20 on VERY!