Here's My Beef

Dear Wendy's,
Remember when you used to be good? Yeah? Me too. I miss that. I came to see you today. I wish I'd gone to Bojangles instead. I had a coupon for a free "$0.99 Super Value Menu Item" with the purchase of a combo. Now did I need all that food? No. No really, the answer is still no. But I did it anyways. Well, Wendy, you crushed that dream. You don't have chili on the Super Value Menu. Remember when you only charged $0.99 for your chili? No? I do. It was good. It was affordable. Now you want $1.59. It's not that good. I decided to go for the Monterey Ranch chicken sandwich instead. Except wait...that wasn't $0.99 either. What is this Super Value Menu? Why isn't everything $0.99??? This sure seems to me that you put all your cheap-o gross food on this "super" value menu. Is that what you did? My only choices that the coupon qualified for were: french fries (don't need 2 orders), a frosty (can't eat that for a meal), or spicy chicken nuggets (not regular, those are $1.59). RI-DIC-U-LOUS!

Oh and remember your fries? They were soo good! Why did you switch? Fresh cut fries? No they aren't! They are made up of the same regular fake stuff as your old fries, they just look a little different and you used sea salt. Not good Wendy. Not good at all.

Oh and please stop serving me wilted lettuce. I don't like it.


PS: You should update your website. It says the Monterey Ranch chicken sandwich is only $0.99. Just sayin'. One of you Wendy's is a liar.

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