I'm Ready For You!

NaBloPoMo I'm so ready! I wish it was midnight already so I could post...but I don't want to waste a good one so I will wait.


Me! Me! Not You!

So I went by BB to check out a bigger tv and thought it was a safe, neutral zone in which to see BBB (Best Buy Boy). I went straight to the tv section and was looking around. As I was leaving, I ran into BBB. So he decides to show off his own knowledge of the tv. His advice was: none! He had no advice. This tv is better. It just is. So I started chatting with him about how I need a new tv and don't really want to spend a ton of money. Think I may wait until holiday sales...blah blah, the usual. I casually slip in "Unless of course, you wanted to buy the tv for me..." He bites! kinda...more nibbles. He said we could talk about that later. Then he says something about it depends if he buys a new tv or new ink. He wants some new ink (gross). He's got 3...thinking about getting more (not attracting me here...). I am not sure this is going to be worth it...


Let Me Rethink this...

Ok, I know I should not be thinking this BUT: Is it wrong to date Stupid because he gets a discount and can possibly get me a cheaper tv? I think I could put up with him for a little while...I mean, I'll just always be really busy and not able to hang out much or return his texts.
I'm thinking if he gets 30% or more...it's worth it..probably...right?


why why why???

Why do I have to date dumb boys? Seriously...let's take a quick look at this boy: 25, works at Best Buy (at least he's a manager), cannot hold a conversation (seriously...better conversations could be had with my dog. She would respond more intelligently, I promise.), lives with his dad...actually moved out of state, moved back in with his dad, and they just recently moved again...together.
He's cute...but dumb as a rock.
Our latest conversation:
Stupid: Hey it is Stupid
Me: Hey
Stupid: So what's going on?
*no response from me for 101 minutes*
Stupid: What's going on?
Me: Not much. Was working out. (not really...was at my ninja class, will tell more on that during NaBloPoMo!)
Stupid: Not bad yeah so how have you been?
Me: Good. You?
Stupid: Good.
Stupid: So you still at your old place?
Me: No I moved.
Stupid: You still in Charleston?
Me: yeah
Stupid: Well maybe we can hang out again
Me: Sure

Stupid stupid stupid me! Why did I say sure? I do not want to hang out with this boy. I'd rather slam my head against a wall then try to talk to the wall. Anyways, lucky me, then later receives a text pic from Stupid, just in case I'd forgotten what he looked like. No buddy, I remember but unfortunately I also remember how dumb you were.


I did it!

I did it! I killed my very first roach! I am terrified of them...for those of you unfamiliar with the pterodactyls we have down here - they are ginormous! Seriously. They could probably rival a small sparrow. I was really really scared and it took about 10 minutes of shoe throwing and jumping around but I finally manned up and smashed him. Unfortunately I am too scared to pick the remaining half of his body up...think I can get the movers to do it for me tomorrow?


I should be doing anything but surfing the internet. I have lots and lots of packing/unpacking/moving to be doing. Instead, I'm playing Scrabble and Pathwords on Facebook.


All By Myself...Don't want to be...

Well I do want to be all by myself but I don't want to be moving all by myself. But that is what is happening. I can't seem to find anyone willing to help me move my stuff...so somehow or other I'm going to do it alone. We'll see how tonight goes but I"m hoping to get all the small stuff done between tonight and tomorrow night.


Shaping our future

One of my patients came in today, 13 minutes late...but who's counting? I asked her if she was coming from work and she said she was. I asked what she did.
Her: "I'm a middle school teacher."
Me: "Oh. What do you teach?"
Her: "Music"
Me: "Oh. That's nice. Where do you teach at?"
Her: "Johns Island and West Ashley"
Me: "Oh. Do you go to one school a couple days and the other the other days?"
Her: "No. I be at Johns Island in the morning. I be at West Ashley in the afternoons."
Me: "Oh...at least you don't teach English" (ok...thought that last part to myself)

Question: Who be hiring these teachers with bad grammar? Want to know what's even worse about the situation? She has her masters! Didn't she have to be writing papers in school?


Big Butts & Broken Hearts

Wouldn't that make a great country song? I started it out:

He called her perfect, love comes in any size
Five years later, too many donuts gone to her thighs
He looked away, found a new girl to fill her part
Now she's left with a big butt and a broken heart

I'm putting myself on a diet. I have been eating a monstrous amount these past few days, er...weeks...ok, months. I'm a hungry girl! Twice within a week, the wait staff has made fun of me and put all the plates for the table in front of me. I mean, ok...once, funny. Twice? I'm going to punch you.
So I'm setting a goal: By November 30th, I'm going to lose 5 pounds. That's not an impossible goal. I could probably do it just by cutting out sodas. But, I like sodas...so I'm not giving them up all together. Just limiting myself to 2 a week. I'm also going to discover a good time to go to the gym. I don't think I'll be good at waking up early to go and when I get home from work I'm exhausted and don't want to go. I'm not sure when that means I'm going to create a gym time, but I'm going to find a time...some time.


So full!

Pizza Quest '09 has continued. Went to D' Allesandro's today with 2 friends. So I know that this place is off St. Phillip's Street and it's a pizza place...so that would lead me to believe it is by the college but wrong! It's at the opposite end, used to be seedy but now undergoing gentrification so it's getting nicer down there. Right when you feel you must have missed it, this little beacon of light shines down on 229 letting you know you are in the right place.
We got there at 7:30 on a Thursday night (tonight actually) and it was packed! I got lucky and snagged the last table. For the next hour, the tables stayed full. It had a great college atmosphere: scruffy (but clean) guys working in the kitchen, local artists' hanging on the wall (their work, not the people themselves), cafeteria style table/bench combos. I think it maybe would fit about 35 people in there. The wait staff was super nice and super informative. When I asked about a beer they had on tap, he offered to bring me a sample.
While waiting for our third friend, the feasting began. We started things off with some cheesy garlic bread - definitely my weakness! There were big, tasty chunks of garlic with just melted cheese on toasty bread, served with a side of tomato sauce. YUMMM! The menu had a wide variety of pizzas but we settled on the Margherita and a Big Cheesy (a delicious blend of Mozzarella, ricotta, provolone, feta, parmesan, garlic, and oregano - but unimportant now since the judging is only on the Margherita). The crust was nice and crispy after being cooked in their rotating oven. The fresh mozzarella was melted to perfection and there was a plethora of basil. The one thing I did not like was that the tomato was cut into big hunks. Something about them just didn't taste right.
Despite being so crowded, the wait staff did not try to rush us off after eating. The pizza was very inexpensive, at a measly $12 for a 12" pizza. The beer was also reasonably priced at only $3.25. Also a plus: lots of cute guys there! Interestingly enough, the scene changed at about 9:15 from a mostly college kids crowd to a...hmmm...politically correct way to put this?....locals from before all the rich people moved into the neighborhood crowd. Not bad, but nice to know!
So far, I rank D'Allesandro's at #2 on my list.


pizza pizza!

So week 2 of PizzaQuest '09 has gone by and I tried Andolini's. Now I've been to Andolini's before but never ordered a whole pizza because they are ginormous and as much as I like pizza, I just can't handle it! Now, to be fair to all the pizza places, PizzaQuest '09 will go like this:
1) The same type of pizza must be ordered at all places. Because I started with a margherita pizza, something similar must be tried at all places.
2) The top 3 places will then be revisited and a pizza of my choosing will be tried.

ok...so those are the only rules.
So my friend Beth (who was not a completely willing participant) and I ordered a cheese pizza and it was huge! Bigger than I remembered, definitely not a pizza for just 2 people. Now Andolini's has a college-y atmosphere: you order at the counter, grab a seat, they bring you a pizza. Vinyl booths with duct tape covering the holes. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, with the outdoor being a covered patio and heated! (year round: sometimes by the big giant sun in the sky, sometimes by space heaters) I was very surprised to learn they do have a wine selection. Not a very big selection, but I had no idea they even had it! They also have a beer selection but nothing too impressive.
We settled into our duct-taped booth with a coke and a water and waited for our pizza. The staff was polite but not overly friendly. Our giant pie arrived and some of those yummy cheese bubbles on top. Beth was not impressed, saying that the cheese bubbles were a waste of good pizza space, but I like them. My crust was soggy and I couldn't pick up the slice without it flopping. Beth's was a little too crispy, so there was some uneven heating going on in their oven. They were very generous with the cheese, which was nice, but a little stingy with their sauce.
From my previous Andolini's experience, I can say that if you want a cheap, decent cheese pizza, Andolini's is a good place to go. If you want toppings on it, move on to bigger and better pizza joints!


So nice!

You know how sometimes you get in those moods where you want to be around people (that you actually like) but you really don't want to talk to anyone. I'm so glad I have a friend who understands that and realizes that some days, I just don't want to be sociable. Minimum conversation. It was so nice, definitely destressed me. Thanks buddy!

PS. It makes me miss my other buddy, Boulder, that could understand that. People who get that talking is not always necessary are so hard to come across.