pizza pizza!

So week 2 of PizzaQuest '09 has gone by and I tried Andolini's. Now I've been to Andolini's before but never ordered a whole pizza because they are ginormous and as much as I like pizza, I just can't handle it! Now, to be fair to all the pizza places, PizzaQuest '09 will go like this:
1) The same type of pizza must be ordered at all places. Because I started with a margherita pizza, something similar must be tried at all places.
2) The top 3 places will then be revisited and a pizza of my choosing will be tried.

ok...so those are the only rules.
So my friend Beth (who was not a completely willing participant) and I ordered a cheese pizza and it was huge! Bigger than I remembered, definitely not a pizza for just 2 people. Now Andolini's has a college-y atmosphere: you order at the counter, grab a seat, they bring you a pizza. Vinyl booths with duct tape covering the holes. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, with the outdoor being a covered patio and heated! (year round: sometimes by the big giant sun in the sky, sometimes by space heaters) I was very surprised to learn they do have a wine selection. Not a very big selection, but I had no idea they even had it! They also have a beer selection but nothing too impressive.
We settled into our duct-taped booth with a coke and a water and waited for our pizza. The staff was polite but not overly friendly. Our giant pie arrived and some of those yummy cheese bubbles on top. Beth was not impressed, saying that the cheese bubbles were a waste of good pizza space, but I like them. My crust was soggy and I couldn't pick up the slice without it flopping. Beth's was a little too crispy, so there was some uneven heating going on in their oven. They were very generous with the cheese, which was nice, but a little stingy with their sauce.
From my previous Andolini's experience, I can say that if you want a cheap, decent cheese pizza, Andolini's is a good place to go. If you want toppings on it, move on to bigger and better pizza joints!

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