It's Gonna Be A Good Day

Here is the view that always makes me smile as I come around the curve. That morning smile always lets me know that it will be a good day. So much hope, so many big things in this view. (also so much traffic...)



Yesterday's post inspired me to get a move on some (by some I mean one) of my goals. I'm wearing my fashion scarf today. I watched the video my mom sent me with all the different ways to wear a scarf and I decided to go with the "infinity" look today. I like it! That makes 2x out of 5 with the fashion scarf and I plan on wearing it again on Sunday. It'll add some pizzazz to my outfit then!


Update on the 30x30 list

The deadline swiftly approaches! I only have 5 more months to complete all this....ugh! So much to do! So little time!
As of 2/5/2012:
1. Run a 10k in less than an hour. (can run 1 10min mile and follow it up with a 2nd slower mile...a ways to go!)
2. Skydive.
3. Go on a week's vacation. (Done in July, went to the Outer Banks)
4. Go skiing. (Didn't happen Thanksgiving, hasn't been much snow, hoping maybe sometime before mid March, I can go to Wisconsin for a weekend.)
5. Pay off credit card. (almost there! Will get this finished off when I get my next paycheck.)
6. Stay at a bed & breakfast.
7. Pay off a student loan. (hate student loans!)
8. Move to a new house or new city. (COMPLETED! 10/31/11)
9. Complete Rosetta Stone - Spanish. (have it...haven't worked on it.)
10. Get orthodontics, an implant (tooth, not boobs) or Lasik.
12. Buy a piece of grown up furniture. (Real wood, no assembly required.)
13. Learn the history of the city I'm living in. (I bought a book, Chicago: A Biography, still working on reading it. It's boring!)
14. Go to speed dating. (Completed. Did not enjoy it. It was like 10 bad dates all crammed into one evening. Very discouraging.)15. Go to Schlitterbahn. (coolest water park ever!)
16. Get a standing tuck by myself.
17. Pay for the car behind me at the drive-thru.
18. Host a dinner party. (for 6 or more, at least 3 courses.)
19. Learn to shoot a gun. (COMPLETED! 5/19/11. AWESOME!)
20. See a Broadway play. (COMPLETED! LES MIS 11/10/11. SO FUN!)
21. Get my underarms waxed. (Hurt so bad!!! The first time. Came home and put frozen veggie bags under my arms. Second time? Piece of cake and so smooth!)
22. Go camping. (real camping. in a tent. in the woods.)
23. Buy a cute guy a drink.
24. Buy a fashion scarf, wear it 5x. (Bought, worn once 4/16/11.)
25. See a dermatoligist.
26. Learn to make good chile rellanos.
27. Get bangs. (Holly Golightly-esque from Breakfast at Tiffanys?? too short??)
28. Take a flower arranging class.
29. Learn to shag. (know the basics, would like to learn more advanced...prob won't be too easy in Chicago!)
30. Get my nose pierced. (COMPLETED! 3/18/11)