Here Comes the...NO!

For some reason, my patients decided to give me unsolicited, unnecessary advice - don't get married anytime soon. You are young, enjoy your life, be single...blah blah along those lines. Now I am not saying this is bad advice but I didn't ask for it. I didn't mention I was dating anyone. Just randomly they said these things. It didn't happen just once either...twice. Weird. I checked to see if there was maybe a sign on my back or something but I didn't see one. And no, I am not thinking of getting married anytime soon.
P90X is not going so well either...it's day 3, 9 pm and I have not done my workout...not looking like it's going to happen although I have been thinking about it since I got off work at 4.


Day 2

I made it thru Day 2 of P90X. 88 more to go. Although I'm thinking I should rename it P30X because I don't see myself actually sticking to it for a full 3 months. My new goal is to make it thru the first week. Today was plyometrics - it was definitely a workout!! I was able to finish the DVD but I did have to modify some of the squats since my legs were ON FIRE. My chest is super sore from yesterday and I didn't realize it until I went to do a cat stretch that my abs super hurt as well. I hate to think about how I'm going to feel tomorrow...I wonder if you can call out of work sore?

There's Your Trouble

I have figured out my trouble. I am excellent at saboteuring things! Myself really is the main thing I sabotage. I find stupid things to be jealous about - that I KNOW I should not be jealous about and am just being crazy. But it turns out I'm really good at being crazy...it's so much easier! So I also found that I fall hard and fast! When I like someone (BD...ugh, so do NOT want to like him this much!) I just really really like them really really quickly. Like, I am NOT saying I'm in love with him...I barely know him. I'm crazy but not that crazy! But I do really like BD and am attempting to sabotage whatever is going on between us just to keep him away from me. He has thwarted my attempts that I couldn't stop myself so we'll see where it goes. I am trying not to get my hopes up only to crush them myself...


Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was your body

So today was Day 1. It was almost not Day 1 because I tried to get super lazy and not work out...but after some not so gentle convincing I decided to suck it up and go for it. Today was Chest and Back X plus Ab Ripper X. It was really hard and I thought about only doing the Chest/Back workout but stuck through it. Day 1 completed...here's hoping my laziness doesn't take over tomorrow!

So funny but totally awkward story from this past weekend: There are these two random steps that lead to nowhere on the curb on a street downtown. So I was standing on the top of these steps and Bald Dude (now called BD) was standing at the bottom of them...I was staring down at him, he gazing up at me (pretty sure he was enthralled by my beauty...just sayin). A horse carriage tour comes down the street and as they pass by us a lady yells out "Ask her! Ask her!" I swear I thought my jaw hit the curb! It was beyond awkward...so I just ducked my head and walked off! Not sure if BD heard her or not...not sure how he could have missed it but he didn't say anything and I sure as heck was not going to bring it up!


Kung-Fu Kick!

I had to give up my ninja class, which I am a little upset about. Well...I guess I didn't have to but I'm cheap and it's the principle behind it! The gym started charging $40 monthly for the class PLUS the gym membership fee. It is the only class they charge for and I think it is a ridiculous amount. I mean, yes, I know it's cheaper than if I took the classes at a martial arts studio but this is the gym! So I said thanks but no thanks, I just won't take them anymore.
Instead I had planned on being able to maintain/improve on my own - between running and P90X. So far my attempts have been pretty bad. I made it through 1 out of 90 days on P90X...yes, that's right. I fell off the wagon on Day 2. Running...well...I ran 3.1 miles 2 weeks ago. Yeahhhh...that's not going so well either. I will blame the last 2 weeks on being sick and trying to get my house cleaned for a friend coming in town. Tomorrow starts a new week - a week that will include exercising!

*Oh! Side note - I kicked butt on my electricity bill this past month! $54!! Yesss!!!*



Brush ' em! Brush 'em! Brush 'em!

I get very sad when I see young people with extreme cases of gingivitis come through the office. I like helping them and getting them into a healthier state of mouth but when the gums bleed spontaneously it makes me sad. I like healthy mouths because I know that a healthy mouth can make someone happier, much more confident and it means they have fresh clean breath that I can't smell from 6 feet away!


Good News/Bad News

I bet you thought I forgot about this Good News/Bad News...but I did not! So here we go:
Good News: I only have to wake up 2 more days this week and then it's the weekend!
Bad News: It is 11:15 pm and I have to be awake in about 7 hours. I have been staying up far too late this week with absolutely no good reason behind it.

Fight! Fight! Yell...Cry

I hate fighting with people. I really try to do anything I can to avoid it but sometimes things just spin out of control. There I am having a conversation and one wrong thing gets said and suddenly neither one of us can say anything right. Eh...I hate days like this.


I'm late! I'm late!

Dear Everly,
Can you sense when I am running behind schedule? Do you like to torture me by taking 20 minutes to pee when I am super busy? I would really like to be starting my second load of laundry right now...but because you wanted to walk all over the place and sniff everything before deciding on the perfect urination spot I will not get to finish my laundry tonight.
Not thanks,


burrito por favor!

So I've started to realize how cynical I really am when it comes to guys and their intentions. I met this guy...long story short: He came up to me while I was finishing up dinner with the Wilkie's and gave me his phone number, said to call him if interested. I was intrigued because he was really really cute (like WAY cuter than who normally would try to pick me up!)...and it's not every day I get a phone number while eating a burrito! We met for a really great first date the next night (probably one of the best first dates I've ever been on but that's a story for another post!), met up again Sunday before I left Fayetteville and have talked every day since then. He wants to come down here and see me again - it will have been 2 weeks since the original meeting. Now when I think about this dude and what he says...I like the idea behind it and he does actually seem to like me. But then, I get in my head and I'm so sure that it's all a lie and he's only trying to get somewhere with me so he can toss me aside and move on. How did I get so jaded?