Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was your body

So today was Day 1. It was almost not Day 1 because I tried to get super lazy and not work out...but after some not so gentle convincing I decided to suck it up and go for it. Today was Chest and Back X plus Ab Ripper X. It was really hard and I thought about only doing the Chest/Back workout but stuck through it. Day 1 completed...here's hoping my laziness doesn't take over tomorrow!

So funny but totally awkward story from this past weekend: There are these two random steps that lead to nowhere on the curb on a street downtown. So I was standing on the top of these steps and Bald Dude (now called BD) was standing at the bottom of them...I was staring down at him, he gazing up at me (pretty sure he was enthralled by my beauty...just sayin). A horse carriage tour comes down the street and as they pass by us a lady yells out "Ask her! Ask her!" I swear I thought my jaw hit the curb! It was beyond awkward...so I just ducked my head and walked off! Not sure if BD heard her or not...not sure how he could have missed it but he didn't say anything and I sure as heck was not going to bring it up!

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