There's Your Trouble

I have figured out my trouble. I am excellent at saboteuring things! Myself really is the main thing I sabotage. I find stupid things to be jealous about - that I KNOW I should not be jealous about and am just being crazy. But it turns out I'm really good at being crazy...it's so much easier! So I also found that I fall hard and fast! When I like someone (BD...ugh, so do NOT want to like him this much!) I just really really like them really really quickly. Like, I am NOT saying I'm in love with him...I barely know him. I'm crazy but not that crazy! But I do really like BD and am attempting to sabotage whatever is going on between us just to keep him away from me. He has thwarted my attempts that I couldn't stop myself so we'll see where it goes. I am trying not to get my hopes up only to crush them myself...

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