Don't judge me!!!

Don't worry, I'm bring judgmental enough for everyone. As much as I don't want to post these for people to see, I need to be held accountable for the food/exercise choices I've made over the past ten years. Now here's the conundrum.....am I going to stay like this? Or get myself back to where I know I can be?

Days 4-now

Well I've actually stuck with this whole Paleo thing....but I haven't blogged about it. I did have a cheat day on Thursday...and another one yesterday but Sunday starts a new week so I'm safe, right? I think so. I've taken my fish oil daily. I've worked out 3x last week and will do so again this week. Sleep? Well we know that's not a problem.
I did find out that we can do "whatever we want" for the next 30 days and so I don't really want to learn (or at least document what I learned) something new every day. I mean, I'm learning stuff. But sometimes it's dumb things - like if I have a glass of wine or two I'm a much better parallel parker than when I'm sober. I think I'm less nervous that way. But I think that's not what I'm supposed to be learning. Eh, whatever.


Day 3

Food: Breakfast - 3 egg omelet with tricolor bell peppers and mushrooms - got full about halfway through, or maybe just tired of eating eggs so I will eat the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow. Had a kiwi afterwards to give my palate something sweet.
          Lunch - salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms & a ribeye. No dressing. 2 Strawberries for dessert.
          Dinner - Steamed salmon, carrots and onions
Snack: cucumbers and strawberries (not together) tonight was trivia night....not nearly as fun when you can't drink!!
Water Intake: 60 oz
Sleep: 9 hours - delightful!
What I learned today: Going to learn how to do a squat clean & a split jerk. Those are crossfitting terms. I don't really know what they mean just yet....
Fish Oil: Taken
Stretched: groin/hamstrings/shoulders/wrists
Workout: See above, what I'm learning.

Almost done moving. Decided to blog instead of carry stuff down to my car. But it's at least packed up. Then comes unpacking. Yuck.


Day 2

Food: Breakfast - 3 hardboiled eggs
           snack- rasp & blueberries. Lunch - grilled chicken, spinach, accidently 1 green bean. I should think before I eat but I'm a shoveler. Strawberries.
Snack: strawberries
           Dinner - ribeye w thyme, salt & pepper, tri color bell peppers cooked in organic butter.
Water intake: 66 oz
Fish Oil: taken
Stretched: full body
Workout: 400m run, 12 banded pullups, 8 handstand pushups, 40 jumps onto 45 lb weight....x4.
What I learned today: I need to learn to parallel park. I do not appreciate when people give me "the look" my dad used to give me growing up. Now it just makes me angry instead of me bursting into tears.

I feel good. Had a couple chip cravings today but nothing I couldn't handle!!


Day 1

Ok I'll update this as the day goes on but here is how things started out:

Sleep: 8.5 hours
Food: Breakfast - 3 egg omelet with onion and garlic, 1 granny smith apple, 16 oz water
           Lunch - Italian sausage on bun with Dijon, grilled onions, tomatoes, giardianaire. Pork taco sausage on bun with queso asadero, elote relish. Fries. A coke. Clearly a cheat meal. Thanks Hot Doug!!
           Dinner - Canned sardines and a carrot. Hadn't unpacked kitchen and it was already 9 pm.
Water intake: approx 48 oz total
What I Learned: learned lots today. I don't need to eat two hot dogs, how to put together ikea dresser. Appropriate paleo foods. Not having an elevator super sucks.
Fish Oil: 1 capsule....thankfully it's odorless!!
Stretched: neck
Workout: no


Ready & Rearing to go!

I've been working on moving all day today. New place is nice! I was hoping to stay there tonight but after working on the bed frame for almost 4 hours and then I was almost done but couldn't find scissors - I gave up! I'll stay there tomorrow night.
The Paleo Challenge also begins tomorrow so it's going to be a big day! I'll keep you all updated. I'm sure you're dying to know how I'm going to fare! I will admit that I'm going to start out with a cheat meal - Brother will be in town and we're supposed to go out for hot dogs for lunch. But I'll have a good breakfast and dinner!! And drink lots of water. No Coke...except at lunch!



I've had to take a few days off from Crossfit. I somehow managed to contract pink eye and I look creepy/am contagious. Either way I'm hiding out until this goes away. I've been discussing nutrition and wow -I'm so far off base. I will say I've always had a pretty bad diet but things have gone from bad to worse recently. I think with getting ready to move I've just been delaying the grocery store and so my dinner's have been anywhere from chocolate milk (yes, that's it) to chocolate milk and oreos. Yeah. I need work.
Here is the challenge that is currently lurking about. It's being put out to all the members and I'm looking forward/dreading it.

Here are some of the things that I am thinking about but going to need a point system of some kind and every thing (even water) intake has to be documented:
3 meals a day (at least) (paleo zone = best, paleo or zone, gluten free)
2 Cheat meals a week (What ever this is for you… it can be a pizza, it can be a gluten free cheat, it can be a piece of fruit)
Sleep: minimum of 6 hours a day
Learn 1 thing new a day (in your life or career)
Take fish oil every day
Workout 3-5 times a week
Stretch or rehab something every day
As you see this is very scalable across the board and there is some “life happens” wiggle room.
You guys/gals throw out some ideas on points and other things that we should measure. I was thinking we can go with posting a picture of everyone who wants in. If you bail or miss more than 4 points in a day you get a “FAIL” written across your picture. Then at the end all the losers do 50 burpees for the top 5 as they sit and laugh. If you call someone out on their log and it is not up to date 30 burpees on the spot, no exception.

I think I can manage most of this.
The learning 1 new thing everyday? Well, I'm sure I could learn some strange stuff but it'll be something new so clearly it would count.
The cheat meals? Oh I"ll be great at those although limiting it to only 2? Yikes! I'm already thinking of all the good things I can eat!
The sleeping thing? I got that easy! You may or may not know it but I'm kind of an expert sleeper. Just woke up from a 2 hour nap!
Fish oil? Bleck, gross...but I can manage it.
Working out: Just bumped my membership up to 3x a week and I enjoy it so far so I feel like I can do that pretty easy. Some soreness but that's ok. It'll be worth it!
Stretch: Meh...I'm supposed to be doing that for my chiropractor and am not good at remembering it. Maybe if I'm supposed to do it for 2 groups of people it'll be easier? Probably not. Meh.
So the only thing I'm not so sure about? This paleo/paleo zone/gluten free. I can do this. I know I can. I made it 40 days with no carbs with no cheat days. But paleo is so hard! It's supposed to be organic/free range/expensive meat, eggs, seafood as your priority. Vegetables are next - again organic is ideal but organic meat is more important than organic produce. Fruits are next followed by healthy fats. Coke is not a healthy fat. Nor is fried anything. At least I'm not attempting this near a Bojangles.
I'm still reading up on Paleo but that's about all I know so far. Eh...I'm sure I'll keep this all updated on here. Look forward to my misery.


You Want Me To Wha?!?!?!

Today's new skill: A power snatch hang....er...something like that. Basically I had to throw a barbell with weights on it over my head and catch it. Yeah, it went about how it sounds like it would. I was supposed to learn to do double unders too but with no jump rope, double unders are pretty much impossible. A double under is when you jump rope but the jump rope passes under your feet twice with only one jump. Yeah - I don't expect them to go very well.
Today's PR: 40#


Cry Baby Cry...Make Your Mother Sigh

Wow - rough day at "the box" (that's what the crossfit gym is called. Not sure why.) yesterday. There was a test going on to see if you could qualify to get into a class for the big bad crossfitters. Was I trying to qualify? No. Did I think there was any possible way I could make it? Heck no! But I did want to see where I was at with things so I could have a good starting point.
Unfortunately everyone was running around like crazy. The coach assigned a girl to work with me but she was also trying to qualify for this class so didn't have time to lead me around and show me what to do. As I backed slowly towards the door with tears in my eyes due to being overwhelmed and frustrated, the coach saw me and came over to help. I know, I'm now 30 years old. I should not be crying over a workout. But there was so much happening and I wanted so badly to jump in like I belonged there and I just had no idea where to start! I tried hard not to cry but eh. It happened. He explained that he knew it was chaotic but if I ever got frustrated or confused or overwhelmed to just come find a coach right away. I like him much better than the girl coach that was there. I'm pretty sure she saw me....eh, maybe she didn't. He gave me some options for what to do and set me on my way. After that and after completing the workout I felt better. Still a little lost but much less overwhelmed.
The good things about yesterday is that I learned how to do a front squat - performed with no weights so just a 33# bar. I also completed a hard workout of the day.
First goal for myself: Learn to do a pullup. Even just 1 single pullup all by itself. I'm going to start staying after class and doing 5 pullups each class, slowly doing it with less and less assistance. I'll get there.


I'm Baaaaaacckk!

I'm back. I decided it was time to do something about my uncontrollably increasing weight. After some thought, discussion and self motivation, I decided to try crossfit. I tried out a few gyms but decided that CrossFit Chicago would be the best fit. Mostly it just looked the least ghetto. I was also looking at attractiveness level of the coaches because the best way to get me to work out is to give me some sexy men to look at. Sexy women are ok too - it gives me something to aspire towards!
I've been at it for 2 weeks now. I'm starting small - only working out 2x weekly. Partially because it leaves me incredibly sore and I wasn't sure I could manage a third workout. Partially because it's really expensive and I can't bring myself to pay that much. However, in comparison to the other gyms I tried - it was much less expensive!
Now for those of you who don't know what CrossFit is, it is a workout that is constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity and scalable to your fitness level. That means scaled WAAAAYYY down for me!! Some examples of things I've been doing: weightlifting, rowing, running, situps, pushups, handstand pushups, squats, etc.
To motivate myself, I'll be posting before pictures on here shortly, with followup pictures to, well, follow. I'll also post my personal records for weightlifting so I can try to keep track of them. Here's what I have so far:
Deadlift: 75 pounds
Strict press: 40 pounds
Bench press: 53 pounds
Back squat: 63 pounds

I'm expecting those numbers to go up fairly quickly but I'm also working on improving my form so I don't end up injuring myself.