Days 4-now

Well I've actually stuck with this whole Paleo thing....but I haven't blogged about it. I did have a cheat day on Thursday...and another one yesterday but Sunday starts a new week so I'm safe, right? I think so. I've taken my fish oil daily. I've worked out 3x last week and will do so again this week. Sleep? Well we know that's not a problem.
I did find out that we can do "whatever we want" for the next 30 days and so I don't really want to learn (or at least document what I learned) something new every day. I mean, I'm learning stuff. But sometimes it's dumb things - like if I have a glass of wine or two I'm a much better parallel parker than when I'm sober. I think I'm less nervous that way. But I think that's not what I'm supposed to be learning. Eh, whatever.

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