Cry Baby Cry...Make Your Mother Sigh

Wow - rough day at "the box" (that's what the crossfit gym is called. Not sure why.) yesterday. There was a test going on to see if you could qualify to get into a class for the big bad crossfitters. Was I trying to qualify? No. Did I think there was any possible way I could make it? Heck no! But I did want to see where I was at with things so I could have a good starting point.
Unfortunately everyone was running around like crazy. The coach assigned a girl to work with me but she was also trying to qualify for this class so didn't have time to lead me around and show me what to do. As I backed slowly towards the door with tears in my eyes due to being overwhelmed and frustrated, the coach saw me and came over to help. I know, I'm now 30 years old. I should not be crying over a workout. But there was so much happening and I wanted so badly to jump in like I belonged there and I just had no idea where to start! I tried hard not to cry but eh. It happened. He explained that he knew it was chaotic but if I ever got frustrated or confused or overwhelmed to just come find a coach right away. I like him much better than the girl coach that was there. I'm pretty sure she saw me....eh, maybe she didn't. He gave me some options for what to do and set me on my way. After that and after completing the workout I felt better. Still a little lost but much less overwhelmed.
The good things about yesterday is that I learned how to do a front squat - performed with no weights so just a 33# bar. I also completed a hard workout of the day.
First goal for myself: Learn to do a pullup. Even just 1 single pullup all by itself. I'm going to start staying after class and doing 5 pullups each class, slowly doing it with less and less assistance. I'll get there.

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