Merry Christmas!

As my gift to all of you, I'm giving you the chance to hear my absolute favorite Christmas song ever. EVER! It's really hard to locate it and apparently this guy has a little too much extra time...and it's dedicated to his mom, which is a little weird based on the song....but whatever! So close your eyes and enjoy. Seriously...don't look at this guy. He's kinda creepy.

and if you really really love it and want to go in search of it, it's Xmas Blues by Big Tyme.


Bah Humbug!

So I was working at my retail job tonight. The mall closes at 8 on Sundays for the holiday season. At 8:07 (the gate was still open, waiting for people to leave) 2 women wander in. At 8:15 they asked what time we closed. I politely explained 8. They asked what time it was. I lied and said, I'm not really sure. The one woman looked at her watch and said "Oh it's 8:16." *giggle giggle* "you guys are closed already." They proceeded to stay in the store until 8:48 pm! They did not hurry. They took their sweet time. Then as they are finally moseying on up to the register, the one says "Did we miss any sales?" NO! GET OUT OF THE STORE SO I CAN GO HOME!

That Kind of Day

Today is definitely a lay in bed all day and watch a marathon of How I Met Your Mother kind of day....and I can't wait!


I'll take one please!

This is like The View....but better!!!

Christmas time!



stringy meat

Me: Have you been experiencing any pain, discomfort, or sensitivity?
Pt: No, but it does feel like there is some food stuck up there in the upper left.
Me: Ok, how long have you noticed it up there?
Pt: I don't know, maybe about 2 months or so. I think it may be some meat because it's stringy feeling...



So I had a message the other day from a mumbler but I could make out the words "Chloe from Peninsula Grill". I was thinking, I don't know anyone named Chloe and I did not call the Peninsula Grill (a super fancy but super delicious 4 star restaurant). For whatever reason, I returned the phone call - if for no other reason than to say I did not know why they were calling me. The girl who answered the phone said they were calling to confirm my reservation. Now the normal person's train of thought would probably go like this: "I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number. I don't have a reservation." My train of thought - not normal: "What if someone decided to ask me on a date and called a really super nice place and made reservations and this is their way of asking me out???" I awkwardly tell the person that I don't think I have a reservation but she can check. (seemed like the right thing to say...after all, she called me!) So she is looking through the list and comes back on and says "I'm sorry, it must have been a wrong number." ugh! bitches! you tricked me....



not fair! *said my whiniest voice*

So, we all know that my dream office has become my dreamcrusher office. They stomped on my heart and left me out on the cold, icy sidewalk to bleed to death. They really really let me down (in case that point has not been made yet). I got a phone call Tuesday. Do I want to come in and work the next day? NO! I don't! Well...I said no, I couldn't because I had to work at my real job. You know, that one I was going to quit so I could come work for you? Yeah...I'm still working there. Ok, I didn't say all that. I just said that first part about having to work. Apparently, new oh-so-dependable girl they hired in my place let them know the day before that she was obligated to work elsewhere. Nice hiring choice there.
They called again today! They need to me to work tomorrow. They know I'm off on Fridays. I couldn't say no. So what did I do? I said sure, let me rearrange my schedule for you because even though you don't want to hire me, I'll still do anything I can to make you happy. Ugh...story of my life. You don't want me all the time but you sure do want me around when it's convenient.