Yo Quiero Taco Bell

I made a deal with my nutrition guy - when I get to under 19% body fat that I can go get Taco Bell. And I can go get it once a week so long as I can maintain under 19% body fat!! Well guess who just eeked in under that? This kid right here! 18.5%! I am excited....but I didn't go to Taco Bell tonight. Mostly because I also made a deal with him that if I cheated, I'd do 100 burpees the same day of the cheat meal. And those 100 burpees are not fun at all. I'd be able to go eat Taco Bell penalty free...but have dinner plans for Saturday night at my favorite Italian place. That meal would equal burpees. (I'm allowed a cheat meal penalty free for every 5 days I can get through eating clean) I'm trying to remember to eat good food when I cheat...not Taco Bell.

I just wrapped up a nutrition challenge and got an invitation to start another. I should do it. It keeps me motivated and honest. It keeps me eating clean. I made it (mostly) through the last 6 weeks with eating good. I had good results with the last one but know I can see better results if I will just stick with it. The rumor is I got 2nd place - only to lose to a girl who lost 20 pounds and 5% body fat. (I lost 8 lbs and about 1.5% body fat)....the consequences this time are much more severe though. Before and after pictures in skimpy shorts and a sports bra - to be posted on the gym blog along with my reasoning why I wasn't as successful as the winner. (Is Taco Bell enough of an answer for that?) I'm on the fence. I should do it...but it's an 8 week challenge. Holidays. Egg custard. Stuffing. Yumminess.


Ready to Whine

Here I was, all set to whine about how horrid my day was and how unfair my job is being...but I'm not going to do that.

I heard this song and it completely distracted me from my worries. I'm most definitely not in this place right now...but the song is so pretty and it just instantly transports me there. So instead of whining, I'm going to share this song with you - I love this girl's voice.  (Sure hope this link works!!)

Every Time I Fall in Love - Clare Bowens



I need to get better at blogging...

*sigh* I've gotten really bad at updating this thing. But NaBloPoMo starts Friday and I've participated (I think) every year! I shouldn't skip this one. So I'm going to get better at updating.
What's new in my life?
1) I'm moving back to NC. That's the big thing. It's not exactly common knowledge but I'm not exactly hiding it either. I don't have an exact departure date. It will be March 31 or April 30 or something like that. I'm excited about it. I'll fill you in more throughout November, I'm sure.
2) I'm still doing crossfit. I feel like I may have finally gotten somewhere with figuring out how to eat somewhat healthy...just in time to move back to the land of biscuits and fried chicken. So maybe I haven't figured this stuff out. But I'm getting stronger and am not very actively working on getting a pullup.
3) Work is work. It monopolizes my life. It stinks. Is this what being a grownup is like? I don't like it, if that's the case.
4) I met a boy. I am absolutely dead set against liking this boy. It is horrible timing. I will not like him. I still see him from time to time. But only so I can further determine that I will not like him. (Do you believe this? Because if I say it enough, I'm sure I will.)
5) I'm going to need a new car in the near future. This saddens me beyond belief. I love my car. She's mine. I'm hers. How will we get by without each other?

Alright folks, that's it for my life! See you Friday and every day thereafter!



I took myself out to dinner tonight. Why? Because I wanted to. Because I deserved to. But mostly because I had 2 hours to waste on that side of town. I decided to take myself out to the only steakhouse I've been to in Chicago - David Burke's Primehouse. They have a 40 day dry aged ribeye that makes me want to punch someone. It's that good. Throughout the entire dinner, I felt like I was hanging out in a field in the countryside of Spain (Spanish wine, that's why Spain), licking a cow. The dinner? Amazing. I felt like I couldn't eat another bite and then I got to the bone. The flavor changed! It was earthier and cow-ier. I had to keep going! I left dinner, smiling and quite content, despite the high cost of dinner.
I decided to walk a bit while heading back to the car -and it was so relaxing. You know how after a really really good date, you just smile and feel like the world is such a good place and you just want to hug somebody? Well, that's how I felt tonight. After I hung out with myself. I walked around feeling so light-hearted and like the city was such an amazing place to be. It's been a long time since I felt that way and I realized - this has nothing to do with a boy. This has nothing to do with a new place. This has nothing to do with anything. This feeling has to do with me. And that makes me smile even more. (But maybe this is just the beef-nebriation kicking in.)