Yum Yum Yum

So I started PizzaQuest '09 today. Went to Mia Pomodori and LOVED it! So you walk in to this remodeled house that is now a restaurant and encounter no tables, just a drink cooler and a counter. The only seating is the patio out back. We ordered a margherita pizza and a bottle of red wine. The owner was more than helpful with the wine selection, stating which was her favorite but all were good (they only had 4 options). We decided to go with her recommendation and got the Rimbaldi Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, she was right! It was delicious!
The seating outside was a little on the dark side, with no lighting, only mosquito candles (need those in SC!). But once your eyes adjusted, the candlelight provided a nice ambiance.
The pizza arrived, looking as delicious as the website led me to believe. The crust looked like it should have been floppy and soggy but it was crispy and did not require the fork & knife that the owner/server brought out. It was nice that both owners (Paul & Tiffany) were on site and more than happy to answer any and all questions that we had. My friend even asked if the wine was available at Total Wine, and Tiffany said that in her experience, she was able to get the bottle cheaper than Total Wine and if we wanted a case or even a half case, to just ask her and she'd be happy to order it for us.
All in all...I'd give it about an 8. Delicious pizza, good wine, good service, good atmosphere - not an overly huge selection, but they had the basics and what more could you want!



I just had the HOTTEST guy in my chair! I mean, really. I was in love the second I looked at him. He had the longest prettiest eyelashes, dark brown eyes, tall, muscular but not in a gross overly muscle-y way. Oh and did I mentioned he was married? Oh wait...not a good thing? Yeah so he's off limits. He told me he was from Ohio so if that's what they look like in Ohio then I'm moving up there!



Mouth Carolina Dentistry

referring to anything as a "super-chic mullet" Mullets are never super-chic. They are sloppy, messy, greasy (even if freshly washed) and gross.


Stop it already!

So I had a patient today ask me if I was 20 years old. Wow! Thanks! But no...just a teensy bit older than that. So when she found out I am 27, she asked if I was married. Nope. Did I have kids? Nope, none of those either. So I have a boyfriend? Nope. I have a special friend who will one day become my boyfriend? Nope...But there is a boy that I like? OH MY GOSH! No! Stop! I politely explained that I just graduated fairly recently, am new to the work force and am just enjoying working and adjusting to that, I was not looking for anyone to date/marry/procreate with. She just could not wrap her head around that.


8 weeks. 8 pizzas. Who will win?

So my 6 day work week is finally over. It got a little long in the middle there and was very tiring! But, I made it through and am really going to enjoy the 2 extra paychecks!
So the local City Paper put out an article covering the best pizza places in Charleston. Anyone who has spent more than a week (or an hour) with me knows that I LOVE pizza. So far, my favorite pizza place is Monza but I'm always looking for new and delicious cheesy pieces of heaven. So I'm off to try all the great pizza places over the next few weeks. Will Monza remain my favorite or will a new contender claim a victory?
Andolini's Pizza
Mia Pomodori
Al Di La
Mellow Mushroom


But I want it!

Scenario: Drive thru window at Hardee's at 9:00pm. Starving. Near death.

Drive-thru window person: Welcome to Hardee's. Would you like to try our *mumblemumblemumble*?
Me: Ummmm...no. Ummm...do you guys have a chicken strip combo?
Drive-thru window person: Yes
Me: Oh...ok. Ummm...do you guys have a Roast beef sandwich combo?
Drive-thru window person: No
Me: Oh. Ummm...do you guys have a roast beef sandwich?
Drive-thru window person: (clearly annoyed at this point) No
Me: Oh. Ummm...I guess I'll take that chicken strip combo then.


If I had a gun....

I am so done with this conversation. I keep saying "mmhmm" but yet it goes on and on. Each time I think it's winding up, it starts over. If I had a gun, I might really shoot myself just to make it end. In the foot...but "oops, I just shot myself in the foot. Gotta go!" is a pretty good excuse to get off the phone without sounding rude.


How did I miss it???

Oh no! I missed it. Now I have to wait a whole year for this day to roll back around. Yesterday was National Real Hair Day. And. I. Missed. It.

Other news:

Fatal Food Dispute: A 62-year-old man was stabbed to death May 25 at his Melvindale, Mich., home during an argument with his 42-year-old adult daughter over dinner rolls. The daughter, Ava Maria Gordon, was arrested as a suspect in the death.

Sword Fight Death: Christopher O. Rondeau, 39, shown in 2002, was arrested on a preliminary charge of attempted murder April 9 in connection with a sword fight that left his grandmother dead. Police said Franziska Stegbauer, 77, was fatally stabbed when she tried to intervene in a fight between Rondeau and another relative.

Odd Agreement: Ex-cultist Ria Ramkissoon pleaded guilty March 30 in the starvation death of her 1-year-old son, Javon Thompson. Officials said cult members stopped feeding the boy when he refused to say "Amen" after a meal. In an unusual deal, prosecutors agreed to drop the charges if the boy comes back to life.

Eye-Gouging Inmate: Authorities said Jan. 9 that a Texas death row inmate gouged out his only good eye and ate it, leaving him blind. Andre Thomas, who has a history of mental problems, plucked out his right eye before his 2004 conviction on murdering an infant. Here, he is seen following the first incident.

not a Jesus coin!

One of the patients at the office today was walking out and kept saying "God bless. God bless." I didn't think anything of it and continued on with what I was doing. Then he spied me. He exclaimed, "Oh I don't want you to feel left out!" Then he started rummaging. I'm thinking...oh crappers. Here comes a Jesus coin. (you know, something that people give you, because it's supposed to convince you that now that you have this coin, you can finally know Jesus. But instead, it gets shoved in your pocket until you "accidently" throw it away.)

Side note: I'm not saying that it's stupid for people to be concerned about you suffering eternal damnation but giving me a Jesus coin isn't going to make me turn around and start going to church. But thank you for being concerned with my soul. End side note.

But then he gave me a real coin!


pole beans & collard greens

So I'm reading this book. It's about healthy eating, the effect of being overweight on your body, blah blah...stuff like that. There is a part in there about inflammation. They say that if one part of your body is inflammed (chronically, don't think it works the same if you have, say, a sprained ankle) then it's a pretty good indicator that there is inflammation going on elsewhere in your body. So, isn't that kinda like fleas? You don't just have one. I'm not sure why that example is what popped into my head...but inflammation is like fleas. So if your gums are inflamed (for all you non-flossers out there!) then it's a pretty good sign that your arteries could be inflamed as well. Which is why they say that a healthy mouth = a healthy body. Or that oral health is a good indicator of your overall health. So start flossing!

In other healthy eating news, I went to this complete unknown diner in Sumerton to meet Jeanette, Chris, and Lil J for dinner. The website said amazing sweet tea...ok, true. The waitress said amazing onion rings...not true. My biggest complaint? If it is a Southern food restaurant, you should not have to add salt! I had to add salt to everything! I don't normally add salt...but it was necessary tonight. The banana pudding was pretty darn good though!



So the fish fry w/Dr. Joe went ok tonight. He did not hit on me, which was very exciting. Maybe he was just showing off for his friends? I did realize he's kinda a dick though. I mean, if someone says "Thank you"...you respond, right? You say "You're welcome....mmmmhmmm...no problem....my pleasure..." something! Nope...."thank you" "bye"
Now it's time for an exciting evening consisting of me and my book. :)


I'm very excited about something...but I don't want to tell anyone what I'm very excited about but I'm nervous and excited and apprehensive and ready to find out more!

What I am not excited about is that Dr. Joe just called and asked if I wanted to go swimming before we went to the fish fry. In the pool or the ocean, he's always up for swimming. I just don't know what to think but what I am thinking is going on is not good. So so so so so not interested!


*smack smack*

So, maybe I'm an AC nazi....but I told my roomie a few weeks ago that it shouldn't go below 78. I'm tired of having an almost $300 electric bill because he wants to keep it freezing cold in here. Now, I know...we live in the South, it's the middle of summer, it's a little bit warm and humid outside. PUT ON SOME SHORTS! Seriously, stop wearing jeans in the house, turn on your fan...you will survive. Now the last time the air got turned down to 72, he said he didn't do it. Well.....I didn't do it, and he didn't do it. Perhaps Evie? (That's my dog....my super powered robot dog, apparently)
So I see the following as my options since I've already spoken to him about it: a)Punch him (won't accomplish anything but I'll feel a lot better!)
b)Suck it up and just be pissy about paying too much
c)Tell him he has to pay 2/3 of the electric bill if he wants to keep the air below 75.

See....I'm nice. I said below 78 at first, but if it's too hot, he can come speak to me and say "I'm hot." I will compromise and say 75. But NOOOO....he just does his own thing then denies it.



So I went to a baseball game w/Dr. Joe tonight....seemed like a good idea, it had been awhile since we hung out and like 6 months since we dated (briefly). He broke things off with me because I seemed like more of a friend than anything else. Cool deal, he was more of a distraction from Voldemort than anything else and he was better than nothing. So, we go to the baseball game. Timon hooked us up with free tickets. So Dr. Joe felt like since I provided the tickets, he should provide me with dinner. I explained I didn't pay for them, but he insisted...so I let him. Then the awkwardness started. He asked how I liked my jobs. If I wanted to go home with him. How my dog was. Then he said I should come meet his dog. I said I would in a few days (going to a fish fry) and he said, no I should tonight. I said "ohhhh...I have to get up really early." To add to the awkwardness, his friends all thought we were out together. Together, together, not just hanging out together. At the end of the night, he said he was just kidding...but I couldn't tell if he really was just kidding (sure hope so!) or saying he was just kidding because I kept brushing him off.
Ohhhh....and his friends were there with a guy I might just be in love with. He looked kinda like David Boreanz (sp?)dark hair/dark eyes, hottest combo EVER! ...but is it acceptable to say "Hey Dr. Joe, I know you may or may not have been hitting on me the other night but who was that guy with your friends?"

Chefin' it up

So I decided to put my cooking skills to use last night. I was pretty impressed although I wish I had cored a little more out of the tomatoes and that the stuffing got crispier. But, overall...not bad. The menu was:
jalapeno pear glazed pork tenderloin (actually turned out just spicy enough to add a kick, but not so bad you had to gulp a bucket of water...and not sweet at all)
brown rice (which apparently was very delicious, though I explained...it's just rice, water, salt...nothing special)
Stuffed tomatoes (very delicious!)

Next week will be a new and different culinary creation...I just don't know what yet. Any suggestions? I'm thinking fish is going to be my key ingredient.

(and no, I do not consider myself a chef....but apparently, my rice cooking and frozen pizza skills qualify me as such.)


I miss you.....

I miss Dr. Dreamy's office. I mean, today, as far as work goes was by no means a bad day. Not at all. My patients were nice, they had clean mouths...what more could I want? But I miss having a receptionist who does not throw away all latex in the office because it could give her an allergy attack. It's a skin allergy woman...don't touch it, no attack. I miss having people who want to help and contribute to the team atmosphere instead of sitting and playing solitaire while I do all the work. I miss working for a cute doctor that I like to stare creepily at (ok I don't do that...or maybe I do). I really wish I could get a job with them....wish wish wish wish.
In other grown up news, I went and gave my notice at the dental office that gave me first job today. It was not as hard as I thought it would be! It actually went pretty smoothily. So in 2 weeks, I start at my new place (not Dr. Dreamy's) and there will be teamwork.


hurray hurray!

I just finished a 3-day work spree at my dream job...oh I wish one of their hygienist would leave! I know that he is a dream employer (and dreamy!) so they wouldn't leave because they are unhappy there. So my only hopes are: injury, pregnancy or moving. I hate wishing that someone would get injured (the reason that I got to work with them the past 3 days), so I'm hoping and praying that L (unmarried, unattached and unlikely) will get pregnant and then won't come back afterwards! K is married (I know...she should be the one to get prego if anyone would) so maybe her husband will get transferred and will have to move. I can only continue to hope...but a good sign is that Dr. Dreamy asked if I would be with them the rest of the week, but sadly I had to say no I wouldn't. Stupid permanent jobs...they get in the way of my dream job! I'm totally on a dream job high right now!