not a Jesus coin!

One of the patients at the office today was walking out and kept saying "God bless. God bless." I didn't think anything of it and continued on with what I was doing. Then he spied me. He exclaimed, "Oh I don't want you to feel left out!" Then he started rummaging. I'm thinking...oh crappers. Here comes a Jesus coin. (you know, something that people give you, because it's supposed to convince you that now that you have this coin, you can finally know Jesus. But instead, it gets shoved in your pocket until you "accidently" throw it away.)

Side note: I'm not saying that it's stupid for people to be concerned about you suffering eternal damnation but giving me a Jesus coin isn't going to make me turn around and start going to church. But thank you for being concerned with my soul. End side note.

But then he gave me a real coin!

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Heto said...

!!! All I ever got were fliers telling me how I could find eternal salvation. I'd much rather have a coin. At least I could get a candy bar!