Chefin' it up

So I decided to put my cooking skills to use last night. I was pretty impressed although I wish I had cored a little more out of the tomatoes and that the stuffing got crispier. But, overall...not bad. The menu was:
jalapeno pear glazed pork tenderloin (actually turned out just spicy enough to add a kick, but not so bad you had to gulp a bucket of water...and not sweet at all)
brown rice (which apparently was very delicious, though I explained...it's just rice, water, salt...nothing special)
Stuffed tomatoes (very delicious!)

Next week will be a new and different culinary creation...I just don't know what yet. Any suggestions? I'm thinking fish is going to be my key ingredient.

(and no, I do not consider myself a chef....but apparently, my rice cooking and frozen pizza skills qualify me as such.)

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