So I went to a baseball game w/Dr. Joe tonight....seemed like a good idea, it had been awhile since we hung out and like 6 months since we dated (briefly). He broke things off with me because I seemed like more of a friend than anything else. Cool deal, he was more of a distraction from Voldemort than anything else and he was better than nothing. So, we go to the baseball game. Timon hooked us up with free tickets. So Dr. Joe felt like since I provided the tickets, he should provide me with dinner. I explained I didn't pay for them, but he insisted...so I let him. Then the awkwardness started. He asked how I liked my jobs. If I wanted to go home with him. How my dog was. Then he said I should come meet his dog. I said I would in a few days (going to a fish fry) and he said, no I should tonight. I said "ohhhh...I have to get up really early." To add to the awkwardness, his friends all thought we were out together. Together, together, not just hanging out together. At the end of the night, he said he was just kidding...but I couldn't tell if he really was just kidding (sure hope so!) or saying he was just kidding because I kept brushing him off.
Ohhhh....and his friends were there with a guy I might just be in love with. He looked kinda like David Boreanz (sp?)dark hair/dark eyes, hottest combo EVER! ...but is it acceptable to say "Hey Dr. Joe, I know you may or may not have been hitting on me the other night but who was that guy with your friends?"

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