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So I started PizzaQuest '09 today. Went to Mia Pomodori and LOVED it! So you walk in to this remodeled house that is now a restaurant and encounter no tables, just a drink cooler and a counter. The only seating is the patio out back. We ordered a margherita pizza and a bottle of red wine. The owner was more than helpful with the wine selection, stating which was her favorite but all were good (they only had 4 options). We decided to go with her recommendation and got the Rimbaldi Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, she was right! It was delicious!
The seating outside was a little on the dark side, with no lighting, only mosquito candles (need those in SC!). But once your eyes adjusted, the candlelight provided a nice ambiance.
The pizza arrived, looking as delicious as the website led me to believe. The crust looked like it should have been floppy and soggy but it was crispy and did not require the fork & knife that the owner/server brought out. It was nice that both owners (Paul & Tiffany) were on site and more than happy to answer any and all questions that we had. My friend even asked if the wine was available at Total Wine, and Tiffany said that in her experience, she was able to get the bottle cheaper than Total Wine and if we wanted a case or even a half case, to just ask her and she'd be happy to order it for us.
All in all...I'd give it about an 8. Delicious pizza, good wine, good service, good atmosphere - not an overly huge selection, but they had the basics and what more could you want!

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Heto said...

Sounds delicious! Glad you had a good time!