I miss you.....

I miss Dr. Dreamy's office. I mean, today, as far as work goes was by no means a bad day. Not at all. My patients were nice, they had clean mouths...what more could I want? But I miss having a receptionist who does not throw away all latex in the office because it could give her an allergy attack. It's a skin allergy woman...don't touch it, no attack. I miss having people who want to help and contribute to the team atmosphere instead of sitting and playing solitaire while I do all the work. I miss working for a cute doctor that I like to stare creepily at (ok I don't do that...or maybe I do). I really wish I could get a job with them....wish wish wish wish.
In other grown up news, I went and gave my notice at the dental office that gave me first job today. It was not as hard as I thought it would be! It actually went pretty smoothily. So in 2 weeks, I start at my new place (not Dr. Dreamy's) and there will be teamwork.

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