pole beans & collard greens

So I'm reading this book. It's about healthy eating, the effect of being overweight on your body, blah blah...stuff like that. There is a part in there about inflammation. They say that if one part of your body is inflammed (chronically, don't think it works the same if you have, say, a sprained ankle) then it's a pretty good indicator that there is inflammation going on elsewhere in your body. So, isn't that kinda like fleas? You don't just have one. I'm not sure why that example is what popped into my head...but inflammation is like fleas. So if your gums are inflamed (for all you non-flossers out there!) then it's a pretty good sign that your arteries could be inflamed as well. Which is why they say that a healthy mouth = a healthy body. Or that oral health is a good indicator of your overall health. So start flossing!

In other healthy eating news, I went to this complete unknown diner in Sumerton to meet Jeanette, Chris, and Lil J for dinner. The website said amazing sweet tea...ok, true. The waitress said amazing onion rings...not true. My biggest complaint? If it is a Southern food restaurant, you should not have to add salt! I had to add salt to everything! I don't normally add salt...but it was necessary tonight. The banana pudding was pretty darn good though!

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