growing up sucks...

J: hmmm......maybe not your best plan

K: nah, i'm not full of good plans nowadays
I'm no longer able to come up with devious plans...it's kinda sad

J: me neither...i think it is our age
it has dulled our wit and evil abilities

K: I think so too...remember when we could come up with plans to kill classmates/teachers and take over the world?
I don't think I could do that if I tried...

J: i know! so creative. now i struggle just to come up with a list of people i would want to kill
sad..but true

K: I personally prefer being slightly evil over this...unimaginative state I'm in now

J: it is because we are not using hte skill
dont use it...you lose it

K: I guess so....does that mean if we start again, we can regain it?

J: probably, but people may not be as forgiving since we are adults now and all

K: true....it's kinda scary if a grown up says they want to murder you

J: exactly

have you ever thought just maybe....


Hot Dog!

So I went to Jack's Cosmic Dog today...it was decent but no Wiener Works. I'd like to go back and customize my dog a little more...less chili, more cheese and more slaw, less onions and maybe try regular mustard instead of spicy. The fries were really good though and I forgot to get a Root Beer float...so I think another trip is going to be necessary before I can make a final decision.
I also would like to go on a hot dog tour...I'll get a hot dog with ketchup every hot dog place I visit. When you add in all the other toppings, there are too many variables. Perhaps I can go across the country doing this tasting.
Other than a hot dog...well I got a good laugh watching a friend trying to hang some shelves. And yes, I just watched...it wouldn't have been nearly as amusing if I actually helped. It would have been nice to play some Skipbo or Phase 10...maybe even Farkle...but alas, I don't have anyone to play with here.

More daydreaming

Kristin's Fantasy World: I'm at a cookout with my family (either mine or the Wilkie's will work) or some of my most favorite friends. The sun is shining. The air is warm and the breeze blowing through the trees provides a nice relief. The smell of delicious food is all around me. Hot dogs as they start to burn on the grill. Potato salad. If I'm with the Wilkie's, Mr. Wilkie has made some delicious chicken salad croissants...I don't even mind the pickles in them because they are so tasty. Deviled Eggs used to be on the table but I ate them all. There are lots of potato chips, somebody even brought Salt & Vinegar! Games are being played all around: Blongo ball in the front yard. Kickball in the cul-de-sac. When darkness falls, there will even be a round of hide-and-seek. The day has just begun but I can tell it's going to be a great one...
Reality: It's cloudy out. I'm by myself. There is no food in my house. If I'm lucky, my friend MIGHT go get a hot dog with me. There will be no games...unless I play solitaire or do a crossword on my computer. I'm going to spend as much of the day as I can in Kristin's Fantasy World...


Cue Daydream....

I was talking with a friend last night about if I really expected something to happen. Expecting something and wanting something are two very different things. You know on Scrubs when JD gets that starry look in his eyes and you know one of those awesome fantasy scenes is coming? I do those too. Sometimes they are weird and random, like with a unicorn coming and letting me go for a ride through the sky. Other times...well they are always weird and random and I'll just say include faux-hawks and some sweeping. Just once I wish that Kristin's Fantasy World would line up with Reality...but then if that happened it might not make Kristin's Fantasy World such an exciting place to be!


To Jump or Not To Jump...

Imagine it's a hot summer day. The sun is shining, there's not a cloud in the sky and you are laying by the pool, looking all skinny and tan in your bikini. "Hmmmmm, I think I'm hot. I'd love to jump in the pool.," You think to yourself. So you saunter over to the pool and dip a toe in. Boy, it feels good: cold and refreshing. You know if you jump in though, it's going to be really really cold.
Do you jump in anyways and hope that despite the initial shock, your body will get used to the temperature and it will feel good?
Or do you stand there and wait for someone to come along and shove you in? After all, if it is freezing cold and you don't get used to it, at least you weren't stupid enough to jump in the water on your own. And if it feels good, then you thank the person and enjoy the water.
Or do you stand there in the sweltering heat because you are too afraid it MIGHT be cold, but maybe it won't be and you're missing out on a refreshing swim in the pool?

Here goes.....

Since Operation Thundercat is a no go because I am such a coward....I'm going to at least stand up for myself. Maybe then I can build up some courage. I woke up this morning to find: a dirty pot and cutting board. An empty cereal box and cheese wrappers. Apple peels all over the sink. A bowl of uneaten spaghetti next to the sink. A full glass of wine (white wine too...sheesh, doesn't even go with spaghetti) next to the bowl of spaghetti. Half of the cabinet doors left open. So it's time. Something's getting said. I am not cleaning up his mess anymore nor do I plan on getting bugs because someone wants to leave food laying around and be dirty. It's on! Wish me luck....because I'm terrified!


What must my roommate think???

- "You already sound crazy. You're the crazy one. I'm the mean one."
- "No, the other day I realized I'm the meanest person ever. Does this mean I'm crazy and mean?"
- "Yes because I'm not mean."
- "Great. Well run it by him and don't make me sound like the crazy chick. Let me know what he says."
- "K. I gotta go get my milkshake."

So super excited!

So I have 2 job interviews lined up. One I'm more stoked about than the other...but I'm going to both and will see how things play out. Interview #1 is out in Knightsville and would be a 30-45 minute commute. I don't know if it's FT or PT yet.
Interview #2 is the one I'm more excited about. It's in Hilton Head, about an hour and half commute BUT it would be for 3 consecutive days so hopefully I could find a room to rent for cheap since I would only be there for a few days a week. Then I could come back to Charleston and find a job to work just 1 day a week here. The pay would be better in Hilton Head than it would be here...but we'll see. I don't want to get my hopes up too much but it would be awesome to land that job. I've been doing that a lot lately...getting hopes up about things that I WANT to happen but may or may not happen...need to stop! I'm going to be crushed if everything crashes! Need to just take things one day at a time and stop my imagination from running wild!



Apparently it is another one of those years where I'll have a crapload of weddings to go to. I hate those kind of years! Oh well...hopefully this means I can go out shopping for yet another dress!


I hate when you go to the mall and you have to pretend to play deaf and blind in order to avoid the guys with the lotion who want to massage your hands. I mean, seriously, it's not enough to avoid eye contact with them...they run into your line of sight. If you just look the other direction, they yell until you acknowledge them. Guys...I know your job sucks but if I wanted you rubbing my hands, I'd come talk to you. Don't interrupt my phone call. Don't run in front of me. And definitely don't throw your lotion at me when I play deaf and blind and try to ignore you.


Barney & Robin

So on tomorrow night's HIMYM Barney is supposedly going to tell Robin how he feels about her. I don't know how I feel about that! On one hand, I really like the idea of Barney and Robin together. They are both awesome people and together would be even better. But on the other hand, that's scary territory! I mean, it will change the whole group dynamic. What if she's not interested? If she shoots him down, it will be awkward for both of them. If one of them left the show because it made things too awkward, well that would be horrible! What if she is interested? It's still going to change things! I mean, does this mean that Barney and Robin are going to be holding hands or kissing or whatever on the show? That's an odd change. But then again, Lily and Marshall are totally in favor of the union. So that would just make it possibly weird for Ted....but maybe he'll be happy for them too. But what if he's not happy for them? How would he fit into the situation? If Barney is dating Robin does that mean he'll stop being so...Barney-ish? That's what makes him so lovable! If Barney stopped being Barney then Robin might not be interested in him anymore, but if he keeps being Barney will she really want to date him?
Is it ever a good idea to develop feelings for a friend? Better, is it ever a good idea to voice those feelings? If you keep it inside, you just end up torturing yourself. But if you let it out, you risk changing everything. So what do you do? And yes...I really do have far too much time on my hands to over analyze a tv show to this extent. But what else am I supposed to do with my days?

good times

I was the only girl who could ever complete their obstacle course (pretty sure I was the only girl who wanted to complete it, I was an odd kid). I remember army-crawling through the creek and into the drain pipe that went under the road. Immanuel yelling at me. Running through the neighborhood in oversized Army pants and my red sports bra. Justin not letting me slow down. Climbing over giant drain pipes in a construction area. I was trying so hard to earn their approval and I did. Then they let me run people through it and it was so fun being mean and yelling at them, knowing they had to listen because they wanted to hang out with us. Somebody, probably Immanuel, put some sort of firecracker in Chance's pocket and lit it...he made him stand there even though Chance was totally about to pee on himself.


Geez I'm lazy

I gotta say I'm not a fan of not having a job and not being in school...I need something to fill my days! All my stupid friends have stupid jobs...
I have options: I could go to the gym...but it's so far away! I could clean...but I'm not quite that bored.
This is only the first week too. I have 3-4 more weeks until I get my license. I really hope I find a job to start immediately after that. I'm going out of my mind!


I should learn to listen....

I should learn to listen. When MB tells me "Run away Noodle (that's what she calls me). This is a horrible idea, don't do it." I should listen...but I don't. Instead I blaze my own path and later tell MB that she is right.
Fortunately she does the same thing. I told her "MB that is not just a booty call." And, as usual, I was right...it wasn't, he was totally looking for more. She should have listened to me.
Instead we tell each other the right thing to do and ignore each other, over and over again...when will we learn?


And the answer is....nobody!

So we were supposed to go out tonight. We were going to play a little game called "Who wants to be Kristin's Wedding Date?" Then Brian said he couldn't go, he'd forgotten he had plans to go out of town. Well...that's ok, I was only including him to be polite. Then Chris said he was in a bad mood and didn't want to go out...well that just leaves Katie and I'm not taking her to the wedding. Instead of going out with Katie and putting up with guys falling all over themselves for her (I just was not in the mood for that one tonight), I decided to go for a drive. Do some thinking. (now before the frantic phone calls start, I'm fine, thanks for your concern. I just wanted to think. If I wanted a phone call about everything I put on here...I'd call you. But instead I just want to type. And no. This is not about the lack of wedding date, that thought did not actually cross my mind while I was out and about) I got to I-95 and realized I should probably turn around. I really did not want to turn around. Is it normal to want to run away from your life once in a while?


Here goes nothing...

I had my first interview today. I dropped a resume off and the doctor said if I could wait a few minutes, he could go ahead and talk to me. I said "actually, I'm in a hurry. Peace out sucka" Ok...that's not what really happened. I said sure I'd be happy to wait. I chatted with him for a few minutes and he seemed genuinely interested in hiring me. Then came the question of my license...ugh! Why, oh why do these things take so long??? He said I'd be a great fit for the office and he was very interested but he thought they would hire someone sooner than the 3 weeks before I optimistically hope to have my license. NOOOO!!! But, it's ok. It means that there are jobs (or at least 1...make that there was 1 job) out there and I am hire-able (even if I have pink hair). It was an encouraging day.


what in the heck???

I do not know what in the heck Noam just made to drink but it smells like butt...mixed with coffee, then left to sit for 3 days.

tough times

I'm having a hard time here: Should I take a nap or go do morning cardio (which makes it sound like there's an afternoon cardio. I think there's supposed to be but usually there is not) and eat some breakfast?


moving on...up?

So I took my boards today. I was very nervous afterwards and felt like I did not have enough time. That is definitely a turnaround from a month ago, when I was so confident after attempt #1. The results will come in on Monday. I think I'll know how I truly feel about moving up to DC when I see those results. I've pretty much decided that if I pass, I am going to go up there. If I don't...well, I'm trying not to think about that! Will I be happy when I see the results? Or will my heart go down?
Here are my thoughts on the DC move thus far:

-it is a lot of money
-if Ed moves back to Charleston (likely), I won't have to run into him...I know it is a very poor reason for moving but they are my reasons and I get to pick them
-it snows in the DC area, and snow is pretty.
-I would be closer to my mom and family.
-Mary Beth is up that way and I miss the heck out of her!
-I'm not really happy in my living situation at the moment and this is an easy way to change it without having to evict anyone/break any leases.
-I don't have to deal with the fact that my hypothetical situation isn't going to happen and can live in denial. (again...crappy reason but it is mine!)

-It is not Charleston. I have been here for 8 years. I love it here. I love being able to wear flip flops 9-10 months out of the year. I love that I can go to the beach 7 months out of the year. I would have to start all over, getting to know a strange city: new hairdresser, new eyebrow person, new Mexican restaurant, new everything!
-It snows in DC and snow means cold. I don't like cold.
-I'd be missing out on my hypothetical situation (which I find very unlikely to happen and it seems to be on it's way out anyways)
-I'd be further from the Wilkie's and my pops.
-traffic sucks up that way!
-I'd miss my friends...I have some really good friends down here that I would truly and honestly miss. And yes, I know that good friends will stick with me no matter where I live but it definitely makes things easier when you can hang out with them and are not just dependent upon email/phone/text.

So my list of pros and cons are pretty much equal as far as the number of items on each list. Some things weigh more than others....I just don't know which list wins out. I guess I'll know for sure on Monday.