Here goes nothing...

I had my first interview today. I dropped a resume off and the doctor said if I could wait a few minutes, he could go ahead and talk to me. I said "actually, I'm in a hurry. Peace out sucka" Ok...that's not what really happened. I said sure I'd be happy to wait. I chatted with him for a few minutes and he seemed genuinely interested in hiring me. Then came the question of my license...ugh! Why, oh why do these things take so long??? He said I'd be a great fit for the office and he was very interested but he thought they would hire someone sooner than the 3 weeks before I optimistically hope to have my license. NOOOO!!! But, it's ok. It means that there are jobs (or at least 1...make that there was 1 job) out there and I am hire-able (even if I have pink hair). It was an encouraging day.

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