growing up sucks...

J: hmmm......maybe not your best plan

K: nah, i'm not full of good plans nowadays
I'm no longer able to come up with devious plans...it's kinda sad

J: me neither...i think it is our age
it has dulled our wit and evil abilities

K: I think so too...remember when we could come up with plans to kill classmates/teachers and take over the world?
I don't think I could do that if I tried...

J: i know! so creative. now i struggle just to come up with a list of people i would want to kill
sad..but true

K: I personally prefer being slightly evil over this...unimaginative state I'm in now

J: it is because we are not using hte skill
dont use it...you lose it

K: I guess so....does that mean if we start again, we can regain it?

J: probably, but people may not be as forgiving since we are adults now and all

K: true....it's kinda scary if a grown up says they want to murder you

J: exactly

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